Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #96, 4/15/15

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VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers (Riot City)

LIGHTNING BOLT-Runaway Train (Thrill Jockey)
PSYCHIC BLOOD-War Paint (self-released)
GREYS-Guy Picciotto (Carpark)
MOMMY-Tiny Dancer (demo)
CRIME-Crime Wave (Kitten Charmer)

RUDIMENTARY PENI-Sacrifice (Corpus Christi)
PARTISANS-Partisans (No Future)
MISFITS-Attitude (Caroline)
CHAOS UK-No Security (Riot City)
DISORDER-Complete Disorder (Riot City)
KAAOS-Vakivallan Uhrit (Lost and Found)

DARK AGES-Walking Forward (Sorry State)
PERSPEX FLESH-Eight Legged Dreams (Static Shock)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-In Patient Out (Sorry State)
SOCIETY NURSE-Deathless (Iron Lung)
FAILURE FACE-King Of Shit (Give Praise)
KROMOSOM-The Future (Lengua Armada)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.-Poptones (Warner Bros.)
JESUS LIZARD-Nub (Touch and Go)
SWELL MAPS-Real Shocker (Alive)

BLANK SPELL-Night Mute (Cruel Noise)
VIDEO FILTH-Eyes (demo)
RUBBISH-All That’s Left (demo)
URBANOIA-Psykisk Terror (Solar Funeral)
CHARLES BRONSON-Second Hand Choke (Youth Attack)
PERRAS SALVAJES-Ciudad De Cicatrices (Bad Hair Life)

SOFT BOYS-I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp (Ryko)
TENEMENT-(Messy Endings) In Middle America (Cowabunga)
HEAT TAPE-Spend It (Red Scare)
MALE BONDING-All Things This Way (Sub Pop)
NO AGE-Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)

EATER-Fifteen (The Label)
RUBBER CITY REBELS-Young and Dumb (from L.A. In,” Rhino)
PRETENDERS-Tattooed Love Boys (Sire)
UNNATURAL AXE-They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Lawless)
TEENAGE HEAD-Wild One (Attic)

MINISTRY-I Prefer (Sire)
YOUNG GODS-TV Sky (Play It Again Sam)
ANNIHILATION TIME-Down The Street (It’s Alive)
BOULDER-The Invasion (Tee Pee)

DILS-You’re Not Blank (Dionysus)
CONTROLLERS-Do The Uganda (Dionysus)
CONSUMERS-Consumers (In The Red)
JEFF DAHL-No Place (Mystic)
FUTURES-Eclipse (625)
LA MISMA-Identifika O Xinitmento (Toxic State)

BOXED IN-World Stops Turning (Crime Scene)
FLAME-Flow (from “The Hottest Blood Of Youth,” Hamacko)

DOA-World War 3 (Friends)

Sonic Overload 4/13/15

Thought for the day and, yes, I’m being kind of vague but... never take your friends for granted and make sure you tell them you love them and that you’ll always be there for them. In the meantime, spring is finally here, the snow’s almost gone in our back yard and the garage has dried out. Even the Red Sox are off to a pretty good start. It at least helps to provide a bit of a respite from the heavier stuff in life...

Sonic Overload 4/13/15


RANDOMS-Let’s Get Rid Of New York (Dangerhouse)

PERSPEX FLESH-Euthanasia (Static Shock)
BROKEN PRAYER-Summer With Insomnia (Sorry State)
DARK AGES-Horizon (Sorry State)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Mos Maiorum (Hysteria)

YDI-Zombie Youth (Southern Lord)
AFU-High On The Hog (from “Nardcore,” Mystic)
UNKNOWN SOCIETY-You Hippy (from “Staring Down The Barrel”)
HUL-Ingen Respekt Til Konfirmander (Kick n’ Punch)
ANAL BABES-Jag Vil Dø (Big Ball)
BORED-We Hate Cops (demo)
SNOBS-No Words (My War)

DEATH OF SAMANTHA-Coca Cola & Licorice (Homestead)
IKARA COLT-At The Lodge (Fantastic Plastic)
GREEN MAGNET SCHOOL-Blind In My Mouth (from “Self Mutilation,” Hippy Knight)


COLLUSION-Don’t Care (demo)
HYSTERICS-No Vision (M’lady’s Records)
VENKMAN-I Walk (Cow Catcher)
SPECIAL NEEDS-Infected (demo)
RED HEX-Shoulda Known (Negative Fun)
ENDLESS BUMMER-Ecstasy (In The Red)

PART 1-Graveyard Song/Tomb (Sacred Bones)
BÖRN-Sviõin Jörõ (Total Negativity)
SILENT ERA-Remind Me Why (demo)

WEIRDOS-Solitary Confinement (Dangerhouse)
ALLEY CATS-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse)
FEAR-New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones (Slash)
EVEN WORSE-Emptying The Madhouse (from “New York Thrash,” ROIR)


KRÖMOSOM-Vicious Cycle (Lengua Armada)
EXCLAIM-Critic Asshole (Six Two Five)
OUTO-Crazy Mom (Specialized Fact)
CHAOS CHANNEL-Good For Rubbish Box! (Juke Boxxx)
JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS-Intense Inside (Thrash On Life)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Ammosexual (from upcoming album)

GAY KISS-Shiver (Sorry State)
SADIST-Minotaur’s Maze (self-released)
BORN WRONG-Heretic (Schizophrenic)
HOLY MOUNTAIN-The Living Dead (No Idea)
FUNERAL ORATION-Slipping Out (Diehard)
LES THUGS-Your Kind Of Freedom (Alternative Tentacles)

THE ANNOYED-I Don’t Wanna Hear About It (demo)
VOID-Get Out Of My Way (Dischord)
GANG GREEN-Rabies (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
DECADENCE-Skin The Hippies (demo)
VIOLENT MINDS-Go To War (Parts Unknown)
WETBRAIN-Lady Die (Painkiller)
FASHION-Devoid.Cut (Yibbida Yibbida)


TUBES-White Punks On Dope (A&M)
DEVO-Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) (Warner Bros.)
THE CURE-It’s Not You (Fiction)

LAMPS-An Irrational Fear Of Sailors (In The Red)
DAILY VOID-Psychic Violence (Sacred Bones)
DIVORCED-I Wanna Die (Untapped Resources)
RED RED RED-Beyond (Big Neck)

ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #95, 4/8/15

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/8/15

AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Hardcore Del II (Kick n’ Punch)

SADIST-The Shadow Of The Swastika (self-released)
BLAZING EYE-No Outside (Overdose)
AMERICAN HATE-Chain Grading (Not Normal)
LOTUS FUCKER-Psalms Of The Planet/Berserk (SPHC)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-50 White Dudes With Machetes (from upcoming album)

SPITS-Flags (Recess)
PERSUADERS-I’m A Fool (Savage)
MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS-Fade Away (Siltbreeze)
DA MORONICS-Neutron Bomb (self-released)
DEAD HIPPIE-Living Dead (Pulse)
BANG GANG-Stupid People (Matako Mazuri)

GAY KISS-Failed City (Sorry State)
BROKEN PRAYER-White Children (Sorry State)
DARK AGES-Into Gray (Sorry State)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffer (Alternative Tentacles)

NEU!-After Eight (Astralwerks)
RED TRANSISTOR-Not Bite (Ecstatic Peace)
BRAINBOMBS-Burning Hell (Blackjack)
RECTAL HYGEINICS-Suffocating (Permanent)

RAD-Disposophobia (Sacramento)
DR. MORBAL-L.I.B.O.R. (demo)
BROWN SUGAR-Another Perfect Song (from “Welcome To 2013,” Best Before ’84)
BITS OF SHIT-Rock Sing (Homeless)
WEBCAM TEENS-Where You Stand (demo)
NARCOMAN-The Flame (Sorry State)

MOLLS-White Stains (Skids)
JOE JACKSON-Throw It Away (A&M)
OUTCASTS-Just Another Teenage Rebel (Captain Oi)
VICE CREEMS-01-01-212 (Tiger)

DEADSPOT-My Death (Letterbomb)
SELFISH-I Wanna Feel Some (Feral Ward)
ORGANISM-Humanity (Hardcore)
MORPHEME-Hakai Shodo (Prank)
BORN/DEAD-I Can’t Deal With It (Prank)

LEPER-Shoot Me Up With Violence (demo)
CRAMPS-Garbageman (Zonophone)
COWS-Walk Alone (Amphetamine Reptile)
THEE OH SEES-Dead Energy (Castle Face)

VIOLATORS-Gangland (No Future)
EXPELLED-Dreaming (Captain Oi)
THREATS-1980s (Doctor Strange)
GOONS-Closing Time In America/I’m Alright (American Punk)

WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Spike Your Hair With Beer (Total Fucker)
STUPID BABIES GO MAD-Dirty (Mess Around)

EDIE AND THE EGGS-Punks, Get Off The Grass (Egg)

Sonic Overload 4/7/15

A day late—there was the first Red Sox game, the Mob show and, oh yeah, dealing with a flooding garage. All of that and I still managed to pull the show together. Enjoy...

Sonic Overload 4/7/15


THE MOB-Another Day, Another Death (Broken)

AD SKINNER-Bad Taste (demo)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Static (self-released)
DAWN OF HUMANS-Energy (Toxic State)
NOTS-Static (Goner)
BLANK DOGS-Pieces (Troubleman Unlimited)

JAWBOX-Low Strung (Arctic Rodeo)
SAUNA YOUTH-Snapback (Faux Discx)
BLANK SPELL-Night Mute (demo)
BLIND SHAKE-Nobody Else (Goner)

SILVERFISH-Dolly Parton (Touch and Go)
DEAN DIRG-I’m An S-Mine (Six Feet Under)
FIX MY HEAD-Mission: Hipster (Inimical)
AJAX-Lapdog (from “Hardcore—Gimme Some,” Beach Impediment)
CRETINS-Tunnel Vision (Vinyl Conflict)
NEEDLES-Ugly World (Iron Lung)


DEAD BOYS-(I Don’t Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy (Sire)
X-RAY SPEX-Art-I-Ficial (Sanctuary)
HUBBLE BUBBLE-Look Around (Radio Heartbeat)

LOUDER-No Escape (Sorry State)
RHDP-Maltrato (Tension Head)
STOP WORRYING & LOVE THE BOMB-Quittin’ Again (Big Neck)
SHITTY LIMITS-Hard Wired (Sorry State)
SOCIAL CIRCLE-What’s So Great? (No Way)

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Memories Of Tomorrow (Frontier)
DISSENSION-Sole Survivor (Bad Idea)
FREE BEER-My $ Or My Car (Alternative Tentacles)
ILL REPUTE-Bad Reputation (It’s Alive/Indecision)
HYPNOTICS-Weird People (GTA)
X-Some Other Time (Slash)


FERAL BABIES-Teenage Extinction (Rigid)
TAR BABIES-Economy Pact (Bone-Air)
LONG PIGS-Convenience Addict (demo)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Gentle Place (demo)
TOZCOS-Ahogado (demo)
IN SCHOOL-Apocryphal Scum (demo)
OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)

THE LEFT-The Viet Cong Live Next Door (Bona Fide)
CELIBATE RIFLES-Sometimes (Rough Trade)
RADIO BIRDMAN-Non-Stop Girls (Sub Pop)
IMPEDIMENTS-Stoned To Bed (Happy Pants)

PERFECT PUSSY-Dig (Captured Tracks)
SOUND OF DISASTER-Framtid (Really Fast)
PESADILLA DISTOPIKA-La Muerte Me Agarra (Verdugo)
2ND CLASS CITIZENS-Misled (Explicit)
REFUSENIKS-Fair Trade (One Leaf)
SLEEPER CELL-Sleeper Cell (Cries Of Pain)


INMATES-Sushi 39.6 (Painkiller)
TRASHIES-Corndogs and Ranch (24/7)
THE SCAM-Forever That Way (Welfare)

BAD BRAINS-The Regulator (ROIR)
FRITES MODERN-HB (self-released)
SLIME-Stortebeker (Aggressive)

VOODOO QUEENS-Supermodel-Superficial (Too Pure)
SLEAFORD MODS-Jolly Fucker (Ipecac)
HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled (Fast)

REAL KIDS-Reggae Reggae (Red Star)