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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #62, 7/9/13

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 7/9/14

VENOM-Welcome To Hell (Neat)

DRAIZE-Enemy (Bad Teeth)
RESIST CONTROL-Submission Accomplished (Peterwalkee)
HOAX-Fagget (Katorga Works)
CREEM-Think Twice (Katorga Works)
BORN BAD-Authority Bullshit (Fashionable Idiots)
VIOLENT ARREST-Domino Theory (Boss Tuneage)

COLERA-Sao Paolo (Order& Progress)
RATOS DE PORAO-Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Peculio)
RAPED TEENAGERS-Bedovad (self-released)
G.I.S.M.-A.B.C. Weapons (Dogma)
DAMAGED HEAD-I Hate My Neighbourhood (Man In Decline)
GET RAD-I Want To Kill A Priest (Gilead Media)

HERO DISHONEST-Kaikki Hajoaa (Peterwalkee)
SOKEA PISTE-Pimeää Voimaa (Peterwalkee)
CRESS-Violate (Tribal War)
APPLACHIAN TERROR UNIT-Enslaved (Profane Existence)
AMEBIX-Curfew (Alternative Tentacles)

HÜSKER DÜ-30th anniversary tribute to Zen Arcade (SST)
Something I Learned Today
What’s Going On
Monday Will Never Be The Same

WHITE WARDS-Glass (Iron Lung)
STERILIZED-Days Of Rage (Toxic State)
SICK FIX-Vexed (A389)
BLOTTER-No Country For Old Kids (Katorga Works)
BREAKOUT-Fill Your Boots (demo)
UDUSIC-Gaslight (demo)

SPITTIN’ TEETH-2nd Generation (from “The Siren,” Posh Boy)
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS-Cheri Love Affair (Orange)
MICK FARREN & THE DEVIANTS-Outrageous Contagious (Stiff)
BROKEN IDOLS-Life Sux (demo)
AVENGERS-Uh-Oh (Water)

FACTUMS-Split Screen (Sacred Bones)
JEHOSAPHAT BLOW-I Wanna Smash Your Love (Donkeysick)
CHOP-SAKIS-Shoot To Kill (Little Deputy)
HEX DISPENSERS-Insomniack (Alien Snatch)
CHEMO KIDS-Get Out Of My Life (Pelado)
GASOLHEADS-Generation Not Mine (Dead Beat)

EFFIGIES-No Progress (Touch & Go)
DXA-New Right (demo)
HATED YOUTH-Hardcore Rules (Burrito)
INFEST-Machismo (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
NECROS-Conquest For Death (Touch & Go)
GUN CLUB-Devil In The Woods (from “Keats Rides A Harley,” Happy Squid)

SILVER SCREAMS-Infinite Mirror (Death By Designs)
FOREIGN OBJECTS-War of Words (Vinyl Rites)
DEAD WIFE-Txt Me (Psychic Handshake)
DAY CREEPER-Nervous Energy (Tic Tac Totally)

THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)
FIRE ENGINES-New Things In Cartons (Domino)
RESIDENTS-Constantinople (Ralph)


Sonic Overload 7/7/14

This week’s show starts off with a political theme, if you will—immigration. More specifically, I start things with a couple of news reports of right-wing anti-immigrant protesters forcing three buses of migrant Central American migrants—mainly women and children--to turn back from an immigration facility in Murietta, CA. It was an ugly and disgusting display by these cruel, heartless individuals. And right around Independence Day. If you look at the signs, it’s about more than just so-called illegal immigration. It’s continuing outrage in some quarters at the fact that a black man got elected President in 2008. I really find it difficult to feel any sort of pride for this country. Shame is more applicable...

Sonic Overload 7/7/14


POISON PLANET-Border Fences (ThirdxParty)

MOUTH SEWN SHUT-We’re All Immigrants (Rodent Popsicle)
DEAD STEELMILL-Estados Unidos Me Manda A La Chingada (from “Achtung Chicago,” Underdog)
SIN ORDEN-Minutemen (Emma Navajas)
LOS CRUDOS-Ilegal Y Que (Lengua Armada)
BROWN SUGAR-Deportation (Feral Kid)

LAUGHING STOCK-HomeSchool Shooting (demo)
RASH-Standards (demo)
PRAG-Moss Piget (demo)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Berlin Night Life (Doomtown)
BREAKOUT-Human Rut (demo)

CRESS-And Still War Continues/Things Exploding (multi-label)
STERILIZED-Chemical Dust (Video Disease)
WHITE WARDS-Paint Huffer (Iron Lung)
NUDES-Germs (Iron Lung)
HARABALL-Mallcop Dungeon (Fysisk Format)


URIAH HEEP-Easy Livin’ (Mercury)
HANGMEN-Faces (Monument)
MOTORAMA-All Right! (Dead Beat)
GOOD THROB-Mummy I’m Ugly (White Denim)
BAD DADDIES-Head On A Rail (Negative Fun)
PERFECT PUSSY-Advance Upon The Real (Captured Tracks)

REPLICA-Trust (Prank)
NIHILIST CUNT-Killing Spree (Suburban White Trash)
ANCIENT FILTH-Learn, Love, Create (self-released)
OBLIVIONATION-No Singalong (Antixtodo)
COMBAT ZONE-Barbaric (Side Two)
MISSIONARY-Missionary (Warthog Speak)

KLAN-Pushing Too Hard (Posh Boy)
MX-80 SOUND-Follow That Car (Ralph)
GENRAL FOODZ-Be So Funny (Destiny)
GROUND ZERO-Cybernetic War (GZ)


HITLER SS-Somebody Says The Punk Is Dead/No Solution (Compact Cassette)
BRIARD-The Life Of Nasty (Johanna)
SECRET SAVIOR-First Love (from “Bloodstains Across Buffalo,” Extra-Evidence)
RAYOS X-Soledad (Mata-La-Musica)
COMPUTER COUGAR-190 BPM (Gern Blandsten)

N/N-Trapos (Lengua Armada)
SAFETY WORD-Cheep Words, Lies and Spit (self-released)
INSURANCE RISK-Payback Time (Crucial Response)
VENKMAN-Throw Rocks At Cats (Cow Catcher)
SAD BOYS-Tiny Hands (Toxic State)
LEMONHEADS-Rabbit (Taang)
FUTURES-Broken Roll (self-released)
NITAD-Skriker Mot En Vagg (No Way)

COLIN NEWMAN-I’ve Waited Ages (Beggars Banquet)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Technically Disfigured (No Way)
IMPALERS-Apparaitions (540/Todo Destruido)
VAASKA-Sangre Y Sudor (Hardware)


THE WALL-Exchange (Captain Oi)
UNDERTONES-Hypnotised (Sire)
NEW MUSIK-This World Of Water (Epic)
PASTICHE-Talk Show (P-P)

FY FAN-Arbetslos Inte Dum I Huvudet (Feral Ward)
MÜLLTÜTE-Keine Angst (HeartFirst)
KREMLIN-Destruction Mindless (Grave Mistake)
BEYOND POSSESSION-What’s The Matter? (Fango)
MOX NIX-We Won’t Be Controlled (from “All For One... One For All,” GTA)
MISSION FOR CHRIST-Nancy Reagan (Ektro)

SLAMBOOK-Hollywood Ten (Lorem Ipsum)

Sonic Overload 6/30/14

Independence Day or, as most people call it, the Fourth of July, approaches and it’s time, once again, for Sonic Overload’s Salute to America. Some might perceive it as a middle-finger salute with some of the songs played on the show and, well, I won’t argue that point for some of the tracks. However, some of them are just observational songs, making note of what goes on in this country. I have to admit feeling disgust while recording the show and finding out that the Supreme Court just came down with a decision on the Hobby Lobby case. To make a very long story short (do your own research if you want), it means that companies can’t be required to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act. That it supposedly violates “religious freedom.” Along with the Citizens United, declaring that corporations are people, striking down part of the voting rights back and other reprehensible decisions, this is by far the worst Supreme Court of my lifetime.

But, hey, fire up the grill, throw back some brews and sing those patriotic songs. America, fuck yeah!! God bless America? Goddamn America!

Sonic Overload 6/30/14


BROTHER INFERIOR-Land Of The Free (Sensual Underground)

DARK AGES-Can America Survive, Pt. II (Sorry State)
UDI-Your America (Spider Cuddler)
AUS-ROTTEN-American Ethic (Tribal War)
BOILS-Third World USA (Creep)
BOTTLES AND SKULLS-American Dreams (Sickroom)

OBLIVIONATION-Crawl Or Be Crushed (Antixtodo)
COMBAT ZONE-Untamed (Side Two)
FLACCID-Wrong (Nothing Is Real)
MISSIONARY-American Strike (Warthog Speak)
ANXIETY HAMMER-Dark Places (demo)
MONGOLOID-Not Punk (from “Cream Of The Crop,” Best Before ’84)

GIZMOS-Amerika First (Gulcher)
PAGANS-Dead End America (Crypt)
COUNT VERTIGO-X Patriots (Cool)
ART OBJECT-USANRK (from “No One Left To Blame”)
EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES-American Society (Frontier)
GAUNT-USA (Thrill Jockey)


ECONOCHRIST-Fuck Your American Dream (Ebullition)
NEIGHBORS-Poor Country (self-released)
7 SECONDS-Fuck Your Amerika (from “Not So Quiet On The Western Front,” Alternative Tentacles)
MELEE-Fuck You To The Red, White & Blue (demo)
BAD CHOICE-Angry Americans (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
CULTURE KIDS-Good ‘Ol American Boys (Make A Mess)

HOT SNAKES-Automatic Midnight (Swami)
EX-CULT-Not A Threat (Goner)
GOOD THROB-Jealousy (White Denim)
FLYIN’ TRICHECOS-Rock-O-Rama (Mastermind)
DAWN OF HUMANS-Bung Life (Toxic State)
A.D. SKINNER-Your Mate (demo)

FU’S-My America (X-Claim)
POISON IDEA-Ugly American (Taang)
PEDESTRIANS-American Town (SouthKore)
MANIKIN-American (Super Secret)


MICE-Not Proud Of The USA (Scat)
NAKED RAYGUN-Home Of The Brave (Homestead)
MAN AFRAID-Stars and Stripes Forever (Half-Mast)
BRIEFS-We Americans (Dirtnap)
ANTISEEN-Ugly American (TKO)

REPLICA-Imagine Sisyphus (Prank)
STERILIZED-Days Of Terror (Warthog Speak)
EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT-Reasons Of War (from “Berlin Tristesse,” HeartFirst)
INSTITUTION-Krossar Dig (Havoc)
BOMBS AWAY-The Edge Of The World (self-released)
ANTIPRODUCT-Let Freedom Reign (Tribal War)

SCREAM-U-Suck-A/We’re Fed Up (Dischord)
HÜSKER DÜ-In A Free Land (Reflex)
TOXIC REASONS-God Bless America (T-Reason)
DILLINGER FOUR-The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale (Hopeless)


BLOODY HAMMER-God Bless America (demo)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Rise (self-released)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-Eel Goo (self-released)
CRUDDY-Pity Party (Basement Scream/Let’s Pretend)
FÖRMÖGENHET-Nej Tack, Jag Tal Inte Mjolk (Henke Bolla)
RED LIGHTS-Nothing Else To Do (demo)

THE FREEZE-American Town (Dr. Strange)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-American Dreams (Reflex)
MOOD OF DEFIANCE-American Love Song (from “Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record,” New Underground)
BIG BLACK-The Ugly American (Homestead)
DI-Living In The USA (Reject)

GRAND FUNK-We’re An American Band (Capitol)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #61, 6/25/14

Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM on Stench Radio.

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 6/25/14

THE FALL-Kicker Con­­spiracy (Rough Trade)

BLACK PANTIES-Caught Posing (Spotted Race)
GOOD THROB-You Ain’t Never (from “Welcome To 2013,” Not Normal)
NEGATIVE DEGREE-Passive Active (from “Welcome To 2013,” Not Normal)
SAFETY WORD-Hunting For You (self-released)
WICCANS-Silver Lining (self-released)
MIDNITE SNAXXX-October Nights (Raw Deluxe)

MISSIONARY-Double Vision (Warthog Speak)
HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK-Bereizketarik Ez (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
ST. RIPPER-Destroyer (self-released)
NIHILIST CUNT-The Ditch (Suburban White Trash)
NO SIDE-We Just Like HC Band (from “No Fate,” HG Fact)
RAYGUN-Onx Taa Vappa Maa? (Kamaset Levyt)

ZYANOSE-Dance Disorder (540)
DISORDER-Suicide Children (Anagram)
RATTUS-Jarjetonta Vihaa (Barbarian)
RIISTETYT-Elintilaa (Propaganda)
DIE KREUZEN-Hate Me (Touch & Go)
DYS-Wolfpack/Bible (Taang)

RULETA RUSA-Aqui No Es (Trabuc/Sorry State)
CRANKED UP!-Another Vietnam (Creep)
ORDER OF THE WHITE ROSE-Who Would Jesus Bomb? (Unitree)
OPPRESSED LOGIC-Bomb Iraq (Industrial Strength)

DRONES-Be My Baby (Anagram)
NICK LOWE-Heart Of The City (Stiff)
DOCTORS OF MADNESS-Doctors of Madness (United Artists)

STERILIZED-Heading For War (Warthog Speak)
KOWARD-Overbred (Total Fucker)
SPIKYNYKTER-Katastrofen (Refuse)
ACEPHALIX-Embodied In Skin (Prank)
PAINTBOX-Desert (HG Fact)

MINUTEMEN-Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing (SST)
UNSANE-Vandal-X (Matador)
RAPEMAN-Up Beat (Touch & Go)
CLOCKCLEANER-Black Baby (Manic Ride)
COLD SWEAT-Steps Of Churches (Manic Ride)
FAMILY CURSE-Last Days (Drawing Room)

SILICON TEENS-Judy In Disguise (Sire)
RAMONES-Go Mental (Sire)
NASTY FACTS-Drive My Car (Jimboco)
STIMULATORS-Loud Fast Rules (from “Back To Front, Vol. 1”)

WHITE LUNG-Face Down (Domino)
POOR LILY-Third Rail (self-released)
FLESH WORLD-A Trip To The Living Ice Age (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ICEAGE-You’re Nothing (Matador)

SOUND OF FAILURE-8848 (Cheap Art)
RASH-Hyena (demo)
RUDIMENTARY PENI-Vatican’t City Hearse (Southern)

ENGLISH BEAT-Too Nice To Talk To (IRS)