Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sonic Overload 2/16/15

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this fucking winter? Well, I hate this fucking winter. Below zero when I got up this morning, although my friend in southwest New York woke up to 25 below zero. That’s actual temperature, not wind chill.

Enough weather talk—too depressing. Today’s President’s Day and the last song, by Alice Cooper, commemorates that and not Election Day, as I said on the show. I’d probably argue that Alice would be a better president than anyone in recent memory even though he’s a Republican. Errr, maybe not...

Sonic Overload 2/16/15


NO JUSTICE-Political Scheme (Underestimated)

PROTESTER-Left To Rot (Trash King)
RED DEATH-Already In Hell (demo)
JÄVLA-Modern Panic (demo)
AJAX-Escape (Katorga Works)
HOAX-Lost Control (self-released)
TEAR IT UP-Don’t Call Me Tonight (DeadAlive)

RIZOMA-Japan Punk (self-released)
BAD FLAT-This Special Place (self-released)
OBSESSOR-Aftershock (Tankcrimes)
EYEHATEGOD-Agitation! Propaganda! (Housecore)

DIRECT ACTION-Hate Generation (from “Primitive Air-Raid,” Psyche-Industry)
YOUTH BRIGADE-Pay No Attention (Dischord)
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS-Corporate Jobbers (River On Fire)
F-MINUS-Spit At The Truth (Hellcat)
FLIPOUT AA-Flipout Song (625)
SNAKE CHARMER-Codex (from “Destroy Music, Start Your Own Band,” Hammer City/Schizophrenic)


BITOUSHA-Enjoyment As A Victim (ACS)
PEOPLE-Bollocks Brothers (Feminist)
ANTEENAGERS MC-Let’s Not Have A Party (Plastic Idol)
FLYKILLS-Cut Off Yr Head (demo)

RETOX-If You Get Caught (Epitaph)
DAVIDIANS-Night Terrors (Sorry State)
WEBCAM TEENS-Enough’s Enough (demo)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Wine Bag Lady(eez) (demo)
LEATHER DADDY-Get Out (demo)
CÜLO-On The Nod (Deranged)

GENERATION X-King Rocker (Chrysalis)
DR. FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol (United Artists)
SAINTS-Private Affair (Sire)


COFFIN BREAK-Kill The President (C/Z)
REALLY RED-Run ‘Em Out (Alternative Tentacles)
ANGRY RED PLANET-Fuckwad (self-released)
NEGATIVE TREND-No Alternative (Locals Only)
STISISM-Dancing With Bacteria (Mutha)

ACID EATER-Nothing Can Bring Me Down (Time Bomb)
SKELETON PARTY-Sequel (Punks Before Profits)
MAD MEN-Counterfeit Traitor (demo)
THE MEN-Cube (Sacred Bones)

SUICIDE-Ghost Rider (Red Star)
THATCHER ON ACID-Guess Who’s Running The Show (Allied)
DAN-Office Boys + Catz (Meantime)
SVDB-Chain Reaction (Mystic)
ASTA-KASK-PS614 (Kloakens Alterniva Antiproduktion)


LUNGFISH-Broadcast (Dischord)
BLIND SHAKE-Garbage On Glue (Goner)
LIFE FORM-Sad Sack (demo)
S.H.I.T.-Feeding Time (Hardware)
KREMLIN-Destruction Mindless (Grave Mistake)

NO LOVE-Bad Things (Sorry State)
VOIDS-My Rules (Dr. Strange)
ACTION PACT-People (Fall Out)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Self-Appointed Hero (Captain Oi)
GBH-Slit Your Own Throat (Clay)
VARUKERS-Protest and Survive (Anagram)

ALICE COOPER-Elected (Warner Bros.)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #88, 2/12/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/12/15

PAGANS-What’s This Shit Called Love (Crypt)

GAUNT-Valentine (Datapanik)
HUMPERS-Plastique Valentine (Epitaph)
DEAD BOYS-What Love Is (Sire)
DAMNED-Love Song (Chiswick)
LAUGHING HYENAS-Love’s My Only Crime (Touch & Go)

THE SYSTEM-Let’s Be Free (Skuld)
BLANK SPELL-Wearing Spit (demo)
STRANGER-Not Laughing (demo)
SOFTLINES-Walk Away (demo)
JAPANDROIDS-Younger Us (Polyvinyl)

HATED YOUTH-Hardcore Rules (Burrito)
Interview with Bob Suren, author of Crate Digger
F-No! (Burrito)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT-Invested (Give Praise)
GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT-Plastic Surgery (Bacon Towne)

RAPPA-Exploitation (demo)
WETBRAIN (Seattle)-Suppression Cell (demo)
WACO FUCK-Past Lives (Standards)
SHOPPERS-I (Drugged Conscience)
TEAM ROCKET-How Many Scene Points Do You Have? (demo)
WHITE FINGER-Love Letter (Finger)

NARCOLEPTICS-Trench Knife (Warthog Speak)
FAILURES-Cheer Up (Youth Attack/Clean Plate)
GREEN BERET-Invasion (Side Two)
MORTAL COMBAT-No Need To Argue (Thrash Stead Syndicate)
BLOOD RED-Till Duet Do Us Part (self-released)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Black Saturday (Schizophrenic)

COWBONES-I Do Not Want To Be Me (Ossatur)
CATBURGLARS-Banger (Criminal IQ)
VICIOUS IRENE-Piss Me Off (self-released)
LIVEFASTDIE-Can I Get Some More (Dead Beat)
RIZOMA-It Feels So Good To Kill My Neighbors While Listening To The Stooges (Fast & Loud)

DAYGLO ABORTIONS-Religious Bumfucks (Beer City)
MINOR THREAT-Out Of Step (Dischord)
CHRIST ON A CRUTCH-Food For Thought (Over The Top)
MCRAD-Greed (Red)
THE FAITH-Slow Down (Dischord)
REALLY RED-Prostitution (Alternative Tentacles)

ARCTIC FLOWERS-Crusaders + Banshees (Inimical)
MODERN DELUSION-Lost In Fear (Doomtown)

NEW MODEL ARMY-Poison Street (Capitol)

Sonic Overload 2/9/15

And yet ANOTHER snowstorm. This is getting ridiculous. What’s more ridiculous was listening to one of the local weathermen talking on a radio show last night about how he didn’t believe there was man-made climate change but didn’t want to go into detail. I find it hard to fathom a meteorologist taking that stance, especially since some of them have botched things with the prognostication at times in recent weeks (it’s 8 inches... no, 10 inches... no, 16 inches).

Enough with that. I’m managing to keep ahead of it at least. Thanks to everyone who came down to my 55th birthday show at the Cambridge Elks the other night. If you live around here and skipped it, you really missed out—Dropdead, with Robert Williams from Siege doing a mini-Siege set in addition to their own devastating songs, plus Fuck You Pay Me’s Boston debut and Stranger’s strong goth-tinged punk. And, oh yeah, my old band Shattered Silence played as well and I got through the set without losing my voice or collapsing in a heap. Not bad for an old guy...

Sonic Overload 2/9/15


SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry (Polydor)

REALLY RED-Too Political? (Alternative Tentacles)
AGITATED-Beat The Race (Smog Veil)
MALIGNANT GROWTH-Tired Of Life (from “The Master Tape, Volume 2,” Affirmation)
BROKEN BONES-Seeing Thru My Eyes (Fall Out)
DISCHARGE-Always Restrictions (Clay)

LIFEFORM-Must Be Cool (demo)
PURA MANIA-Rey de Ratas (demo)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Wool (Scavenger of Death)
SOLID ATTITUDE-Smoking Sheets (Sweet Rot)

BARBED WIRE-Weapons Of War (from “Bullshit Detector #3,” Crass)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Memories of State (Feral Ward)
GUTTER GODS-Rut (Cool Death)
AMERICAN HATE-Chain Grading (Not Normal)


ICEAGE-You’re Nothing (Matador)
DEATH WISH KIDS-Traitor (Aerodome)
ESTRANGED-Statue In A Room (HG Fact)
STIFFS, INC.-Sad Song (Onion)

SAIGON-Annihilation (WW III)
FOREIGN BODIES-Cotton Balls (demo)
F.R.A.F.-Fuck The Rolling Stones (demo)
WHITE PAGES-Empty Calories & Male Curiosity (Can’t Stand Ya)
BILLY SYNTH AND THE TURN-UPS-I Dig Your Mind (from “Battle of the Garages,” Voxx)

RESIDENTS-Bach Is Dead (Ralph)
CRAMPS-Human Fly (IRS)
SCREAMERS-Thru The Flames (boot)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS-I Hate My Job (from “Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death,” Ward-9)
RED CROSS-Rich Brat (from “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself,” New Underground)


RETOX-Death Will Change Your Life (Epitaph)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-Straight (Dead Oceans)
LOW LIFE-Down At The Dogs (RIP Society/Disinfect)
IRON YOUTH-Elude (Video Disease)

GRABBIES-I Wanna Be Blind (Proud To Be Idiot)
STREET TRASH-What The Shit (Kapow)
INDIGESTI-Osservati Dall’inganno (TVOR)
AGNOSTIC FRONT-Your Mistake (Ratcage)
STOIC VIOLENCE-Chained (Video Diesase)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-We All Sink (Third Party/Nation of Finks)

SHARK PANTS-Later Alligator (Recess)
ABDUCTEE SD-It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To (Communichaos)
MANHANDLERS-Make Out Bandit (Criminal IQ)
KRUNCHIES-Not-So-Instant Karma (Criminal IQ)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Orientasi Profit Institusi (Bad Hair Life)


KILLDOZER-Hi There (Touch and Go)
SORRY-Not Today (Homestead)
CHUMPS-Cop Shot (Forge)
DAY CREEPER-Nervous Energy (Tic Tac Totally)
CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)

RELATIONSHIPS-I Don’t Know (demo)
NUBEES-Crosswalk (Existential Vacuum)
THUMBSUCKERS-Outside World (Eat The Life)
C.R.A.S.H.-Limits and Boundaries (Post Present Medium)
SHARDS-God’s A Cop (from “Dick’s Picks 4006,” self-released)
SOFT MOON-Far (Captured Tracks)

ADAM & THE ANTS-Press Darlings (Epic)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sonic Overload 2/2/15

Another Monday, another nasty snowstorm—about a foot this time and I had to take breaks from working on the show to go outside to plow. But it’s a joyous day—the New England Patriots have won Super Bowl XLIX and, yes, I’m pretty damned happy about it. So much that there’s audio of the end of the game at the top. But for those of you who hate the thought of football, I have a treat for you. Yesterday was also the first Sonic Overload Anti-Halftime show on Stench Radio. I remember when they’d have counter-programming for whatever shitty musical act was performing (Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz this year—ugh!) so I’m bringing it back. I’ve added it as a bonus to this week’s show.

Sonic Overload 2/2/15


INFA-RIOT-The Winner (Captain Oi)

DROPDEAD-Foundation (Armageddon)
SIEGE-Conform (Deranged)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Fuck You Pay Me (Schizophrenic)
SHATTERED SILENCE-Shattered Silence (demo)
STRANGER-Martyr (demo)
NOTS-Monochromatic (Goner)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-I’m So Clean (Dead Oceans)
FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS-Heavy Breather (Dead Beat)
SLEAFORD MODS-Tiswas (Harbinger)
APB-Talk To Me (Link)


BREEDERS-Shocker In Gloomtown (4AD)
JUANITA Y LOS FEOS-Escupe en la Tumba (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SOFTLINES-Too Far (demo)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Tumor Town (Scavenger of Death)
NO LOVE-Dogs//Wolves (Sorry State)

DAVIDIANS-Gimme All ‘Yo Dope (Sorry State)
STRANGE WILDS-Gator Crush (Sub Pop)
SKEMATA-Germ Warfare In The 1500s (Sorry State)
DAMAGED HEAD-From The Cradle To The Grave (Man In Decline)
WETBRAIN (Seattle)-Trench Knife (demo)

LYRES-How Do You Know? (Crypt)
LA PESTE-I Don’t Know Right From Wrong (Matador)
NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home (Ace of Spades)
SHOES-Too Late (Elektra)


TERCER MUNDO-Presión (Cintas Pepe)
HOLOCAUSTO POMADA-I’m Against It (Metadonna)
ANEURYSM-Dio, Priest and Maiden (demo)
BLANK STARE-Better Odds (Refuse)

4-SIDS-Dog Shit (self-released)
ANGRY ANGLES-Things Are Moving (Shattered)
NO WAY-TV Pox (Our Own)
P-NISSARNA-Jugend (Swedish Punk Classics)
DEAD YOUTH-Kern County (from “Buried Alive 2,” Bomp)
THE STALIN-Chicken Farm (Independent)

CLOCKCLEANER-Human Pigeon (Load)
SOUPCANS-No Teeth (Telephone Explosion)
SOCIETY NURSE-Grave (Iron Lung)
HASSLER-Apathy (Beach Impediment)


THE INSANE-Why Die? (Captain Oi)
RAT PATROL-Midlife Crisis (Highly Obscure)
KRAUT-Bogus (New Red Archives)
CHOKING VICTIM-Hate Yer State (Hellcat)
JUDGE-Fed Up! (Schism)

GOOD THROB-Double White Denim (White Denim)
LE FACE-Tylenol Killer (Dead Beat)
LA PIOVRA-Il Punto No Basta (Youth Attack)
UTAH JAZZ-Person Smasher (demo)
EX-CULT-Sid Visions (Goner)

SEX PISTOLS-My Way (Virgin)


TEN YARD FIGHT-Line Of Scrimmage (demo)

7 SECONDS-I Hate Sports (Alternative Tentacles)
SS DECONTROL-Jock Itch (X-Claim)
CHARLES BRONSON-Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song (Youth Attack)
BORN AGAINST-Jock Gestapo (Kill Rock Stars)
VOID-Organized Sports (Dischord)

THE FREEZE-Go Team Go (Modern Method)
LOLI AND THE CHONES-I Hate You Jocks (Repent)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Jock-O-Rama (Alternative Tentacles)
TUNNEL RATS-Patriots Militia (Woundup)
COCKNEY REJECTS-Blood On The Terraces (Captain Oi)

THE BUSINESS-Saturday’s Heroes (Captain Oi)