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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #132, 1/20/16

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 1/20/16


LIVIDS-Nerve-Wrecked (Oops Baby)
KLAUS-Marine A (demo)
KILL-A-WATTS-Snotty Bastard (Yakisakana)
BUGS AND RATS-Boys Are Dumb (Feeding Tube)
ROSE CROSS-Barn Burner (Dead Tank)
RÜZ-Drug Cult (Lumpy)
FLIP SHIT-Peace Talk (demo)

YOUNG GODS-Dame Chance (Play It Again Sam)
COCTEAU TWINS-In Our Angelhood (4AD)
TELECOMMANDE-Telecommande (demo)
NINPULATORS-Career Coma (demo)

DRONEZ-Predator Drones (self-released)
BLANK SPELL-Proof (World Gone Mad/Cruel Noise)
GAG-Pretty Boy (Iron Lung)
POP. 1280-Phantom Freighter (Sacred Bones)
JESUS & MARY CHAIN-Jesus Fuck (Rhino)

SIEGE-Conform (Deep Six)
DEADLINE-M.A.D. (Peterbilt)
BEAVER-Trendy (Choice Cuts)
JACK SHIT-Follow The Leader (from “We Got Power: Party or Go Home,” Mystic)
BELCHING PENGUIN-Dead People Can’t Drive (Burrito)
DRI-I Don’t Need Society (Beer City)
LOST CAUSE-Firing Line (High Velocity)

MONGOLOID-Attends (demo)
REAL LOSERS-She Was Dumb (Squirrel)
WOODBOOT-Smash Your Face (Erst Theke Tonträger)
CONEHEADS-Way Things Am (Erst Theke Tonträger)
FUZZBOX-Console Me (Geffen)
BLOWFLY-Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho? (Alternative Tentacles) in memory of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid

NEO-Tran-Sister (Jet)
JOE JACKSON-Got The Time (A&M)
TIGHTS-Howard Hughes (Cherry Red)

BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Schwarz Vor Schwerzer Wand (S-S)
THE MISS-French New Wave (Morphius)
BIG CRUX-Boys To Men (Iron Lung)

KNIFE FIGHT-Burning Bridges Pt. 1 (My War)
MIND CONTROL-Robot (Forward)
COKE BUST-Countdown To Death (Six Weeks)
GIVE UP-Just Another Adult (Peterwalkee)
SCHOLASTIC DETH-Kill ‘Em With Politics (625)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Fuck That (Insurgence)
VIOLENT ARREST-Our Dearly Deported (Boss Tuneage)
THE HORROR-Fuck The Romans (Chainsaw Safety)

ATTACK SS-Where Is The Future? (from “What A Hell Fukushima,” Human Recovery Project)
JAWS-I Did This All Myself (MSI)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Punk-Polisi (demo)
THE SYSTEM-Repetition (Skuld)
BUTTOCKS-Army Life (Weird System)
JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)

ELECTRIC EYE-Soul Is What’s Happening (Dirtnap)
UNSANE-Blame Me (Amphetamine Reptile)
RATS IN THE WALL-Take Two (demo)
THUMBS-Ribbon Men (Adeline)
JOHNS-Cemetery (Peterwalkee)

CAPTAIN BEYOND-Mesmerization Eclipse (Capricorn)

Sonic Overload 1/18/16

2016 is off to a terrible start for losses in the music world. Following the passing of Lemmy, David Bowie and my old friend Filip Fuchs from See You In Hell, the past week has brought the deaths of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid, Dale “Buffin” Griffin from Mott the Hoople and I also just found out about the death of Glenn Frey from the Eagles. I’m not an Eagles fan and it’s highly unlikely you’ll hear one of their songs on here (I’ll admit I like “Victim Of Love”) but maybe I’ll play an Eagles cover version later this week if I can find a non-wretchworthy one.

Not much to add—I really don’t want to ponder my own mortality any more than I already have lately.  But who’d believe that Keith Richards would outlive all of ‘em?

Oh yes, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I mark the occasion, as always, by playing a few segments of his speeches and an interview from the final year of his life, as well a few appropriate songs.

Sonic Overload 1/18/16


STEPMOTHERS-Where Is The Dream? (from “Rodney on the ROQ, Volume 2,” Posh Boy)

7 SECONDS-I Have A Dream (BYO)
BLIGHT-The Dream Was Dead (Touch and Go)
PUBLIC ENEMY-By The Time I Get To Arizona (Columbia)

STRUTTER-Forced Entry (demo)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Eat The Life (Wicked Witch)
BIG ZIT-Untitled 6 (demo)
LONG PIGS-Convenience Addict (demo)
RAD-So Say All (Sacramento)
NERV-Good Reasons (Lagerville)
DESPERAT-Garanterat Mangel (Hardcore Victim)

DEATHWISH-Tailgate (Amory Arms)
VOLCANO SUNS-Bright Orange (demo)
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY-Vice Presidente (One Dimensional)
ZULUS-I Can’t Wait To Tell You The News (Greenworld)


BLOWFLY-I Wanna Be Fellated (Alternative Tentacles) in memory of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid)
X-Suck Suck (Amphetamine Reptile)
MISFITS-We Bite (Plan 9)
GRABBIES-John Wayne (Proud To Be Idiot)
HUMAN ERROR-Mig-21 (from “Save Me From Ordinary”)
OFFBEATS-Sad (Smog Veil)
BIG BOYS-No (Touch and Go)

BARGE-Stabbed In The Back (from “Adult Crash 2,” Vinyl Conflict/Six Feet Under)
MORAL PANIC-Strife (Heinous Fuck)
FLACCID-Wrong (Nothing Is Real)
BLOODKROW BUTCHER-Voice Of Leaders (demo)
BRAIN KILLER-When Will It Stop? (demo)
KIELTOLAKI-Ihmisraunio (Feral Ward)
TØRSÖ-According To The Opulent (Sorry State)

CORTINAS-Fascist Dictator (Step Forward)
SNIVELING SHITS-Terminal Stupid (Damaged Goods)
IVY GREEN-Another Subculture Going Bad (Pogo)


CRETIN GIRLS-It’s Dead (demo)
SLEAFORD MODS-From Rags To Richards (Harbinger)
NOH MERCY-Caucasian Guilt (Superior Viaduct)
VYLLIES-Purple Gorilla (Mital-U)

LUBE-Smooth (demo)
SUBSISTENCH-Plastic Lies (demo)
TERROR VISIONS-You Look So Pretty In Red (FDH)
BLOBS-Victim (demo)
FNU RONNIES-Ain’t No Place (from “Fresh Cuts & Cigarette Burns,” Criminal IQ)

BOOMTOWN RATS-Blind Date (Columbia)
ROBERT JOHNSON-Wreck My Mind (Infinity)
ELVIS COSTELLO-(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Ryko)


MOTT THE HOOPLE-All The Way From Memphis (Columbia) in memory of Dale “Buffin” Griffin

SUPER UNISON-Photorealism (demo)
CRIMINAL WAVE-Anxiety (Xerox)
THIS SHIP WILL BURN-So Frowned The Mighty Combatants (Thrashbastard)
COP DE FONA-Estic Perdut (Yellow Dog)
FRONTERRORIZMO-Sistema Terrororista (from “Amargado De La Vida”)
ALERTA ROJA-Democracia (Lengua Armada)

POP. 1280-Chromidia (Sacred Bones)
USA NAILS-Sonic Moist (Smalltown America)
KUDGEL-15 Second Crush (Super 8)
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY-Monkeys On Juice (Red Rhino)

4” BE 2”-One Of The Lads (Island)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #131, 1/13/16

Sorry to say that I somehow deleted the files for this week's show so there's no download available but here's the playlist anyway. Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern.

A tribute to David Bowie...

Diamond Dogs (RCA)

Rebel, Rebel (Ryko)
Black Country Rock (Ryko)
Cracked Actor (RCA)
White Light/White Heat (Ryko)

EATER-Queen Bitch (The Label)
NERVE AGENTS-Suffragette City (Mankind)
ZEN GUERRILLA-Moonage Daydream (Sub Pop)
STEREO TOTAL-Heroes (Blow Up)

VIOLENT REACTION-Victim In Pain (Adult Crash)
BURN YOUR BRIDGES-Rebellion of One (from “Social Thrash Demolition,” 625)
INSULT-Useless Piece of Shit (Know)
SECRET SEVEN-Not Fast Enough (Trash Steady Syndicate)
WRECKAGE-White House Spokesperson (demo)
FPO-We’re Not In ‘17/’77/’99 (Third Party)
LETS GROW-Man Is The Measure of All Things (Refuse)

TEARDROP EXPLODES-Ha, Ha, I’m Drowning (Mercury)
FLUF-Long Beach (Headhunter)
DERELICTS-Boxed In (Empty)
8 BARK-Piece of Cake (Underdog)

KILSLUG-6 (Sick) (At War With False Noise)
USA NAILS-I Cannot Drink Enough (Smalltown America)
MEERCAZ-Unlust (Tic Tac Totally)

UNITED MUTATION-Sensations Fix (from “Alive and Kicking,” WGNS)
NAKED HIPPY-Trend (Smile or Die)
TAR BABIES-Economy Pact (Lexicon Devil)
SOCIETY DOG-Title Role (from “SF Underground #2,” Subterranean)
RED TIDE-It’s More A Feeling (Toxic Shock)
VISION/DECAY-Insomnia (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)

HELTA SKELTA-55MM (Deranged)
TV FREAKS-Thirteen (Deranged)
CROCODILES-Refuse Angels (Fat Possum)
FOSTER CARE-Viva La Muerte (Jack Shack)
FUZZTONES-Bad News Travels Fast (Skyclad)

SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Boston Babies (Decca)
GROUND ZERO-Nothing (self-released)
SECOND LAYER-Fixation (Cherry Red)
FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)

SEE YOU IN HELL-Kupredu (Not Very Nice) in memory of Filip Fuchs
SEE YOU IN HELL-Anonym (Insane Society)
SEE YOU IN HELL-V Zajeti (Insane Society)
TELEX-Generace (Kukisaka)
KRITICKA SITUAC- Elias Kozak (from “Epidemie,” Multisonic)


Sonic Overload 1/11/16

For the second week in a row, I pay tribute to a musical icon who has passed away. It took me awhile to begin to appreciate David Bowie’s music—that happened in the 80s, although I’d liked songs here and there and was blown away hearing “The Jean Genie” in 1972—or, more accurately, seeing this video of it on a syndicated show. I never dug that deeply into his catalog and so I play my favorites on the show today, with a few alternate takes of songs thrown in, plus some cover versions.

I also pay tribute to Filip Fuchs, who passed away from cancer last week. Filip was from the Czech Republic and had played in a number of bands over the years, including See You In Hell and Mrtva Budoucnost. He also ran a record label and had written a book on Czech hardcore and contributed to zines, including Maximum Rocknroll. I finally got to meet Filip in 2011 when See You In Hell made it to Boston. He has a big smile in every picture I took of him during their set and you could tell he was having the time of his life. I’m glad I had the chance to meet him in person. R.I.P.

Sorry this show is so late—life gets in the way, sometimes.

Sonic Overload 1/11/16


A tribute to David Bowie

Width of a Circle (live at the BBC)

Queen Bitch (RCA)
John, I’m Only Dancing (Ryko)
Hang On To Yourself (RCA)
Suffragette City (RCA)

All The Young Dudes (with Mott The Hoople) (Columbia)
Panic In Detroit (RCA)
Jean Genie (RCA)
Look Back In Anger (RCA)


SEE YOU IN HELL-Utok (Not Very Nice) in memory of Filip Fuchs
SEE YOU IN HELL-Lode (Not Very Nice)
MAD PIGS-Ve Svym Svete (Voltage)
MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST-Jaderná Vize (Papagáj?v Hlasatel)

CEMETERY-Worms (Mass Media)
RAKTA-Tudo Que e Solido (540)
RULETA RUSA-Divina Providencia (Trabuc)
MUNDO MUERTO-Ni Dios, Ni Patria (Charged//Distorted)

LOLLIPOP-Slow Drip (Amphetamine Reptile)
LORD HIGH FIXERS-Poppa Hoodoo (Scooch Pooch)
CYNICS-Baby, What’s Wrong? (Get Hip)
STUMP WIZARDS-Reel to Reel (Get Hip)


DOCTOR MIX AND THE REMIX-The Supermen (Rough Trade)
CLIT 45-Cracked Actor (BYO)
LET IT BURN-Hang On To Yourself (Coalition)

NEUTRAL FIXATION-9th Fixation (Tampered Reels)
WACO FUCK-Drums First (Standards)
CONTAMINATORS-III (Going Underground)
CRUELSTER-Release My Body (Turbine Piss)
DAGGER EYES-Smash (P.Trash)
STRUTTER-Lunch Lady (demo)

NIHILISTICS-Black Sheep (Brain Eater)
HÜSKER DÜ-Real World (SST)
THE FREEZE-Sickly Sweet (Modern Method)
POISON IDEA-Give It Up (Fatal Erection)
BLACK FLAG-My War (demo)


JOINT D?-False Flag (Sorry State)
SOVIET VALVES-Crossover Angst (Vertex)
DIVORCED-Furniture Removal Machine (Untapped Resources)
BROWN SUGAR-Deportation (Feral Kid)

HALO OF FLIES-No Time (Amphetamine Reptile)
GG ALLIN-Drink, Fight and Fuck (Blood)
ROTTERS-Sit On My Face, Stevie Nicks (Dionysus)
DISHRAGS-I Don’t Love You (from “Vancouver Complication,” Southern Death)
THE CURSE-Shoeshine Boy (Other People’s Music)
HOWARD WERTH-Obsolete (Dangerhouse)

DAVID BOWIE-Heroes (Ryko)