Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonic Overload 5/18/09

Another show with no specific agenda and ON TIME FOR ONCE, namely a week or so after the original air date. Next up--the Memorial Day show and, after that, a special "tribute" to Ronald Reagan on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Sonic Overload 5/18/09


CELTIC FROST-Nocturnal Fear (Noise)

MELLAKKA-Ei/Oikeus Valita (self-released)
DIRECT ACTION-19AD4 (Bitzcore)
HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH-Amok Bei Aldi (self-released)
WULPSE VARKENS-4 Tata (from “Alle 24 Goed!,” Demolition Derby)
SICKOIDS-Establishment (Agipunk)
HOMOMILITIA-Policja (Nikt Nie Niewie)

HOMOSTUPIDS-Fang vs. Keyman (Fashionable Idiots)
SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY-Radiowaves (Science Of Sound)
JUANITA Y LOS FEOS-Tu Secta Es Guay (Dead Beat)
PIRATE LOVE-In A Dirty Cellar (Voodoo Rhythm)

F-MINUS-We’re All Deadmen (Hellcat)
SPAZM 151-What Happened? (Busted Heads)
MIDDLE CLASS-You Belong (Frontier)
RHINO 39-Xerox 12/No Compromise (Dangerhouse)


SPG-Ignorant Assholes (American Waste/Give Praise)
AMERICAN CHEESBURGER-Confederate Hangover (Rock Bottom)
UTI-Stavrogin (from “Toronto’s Burning,” Schizophrenic)
INSANITY DEFENSE-Pilgrim State (Unsound)

THE HORROR-Status Hiatus (Grot)
DERROTA-Dual (Trabuc)
DEATH TOKEN-Pull The Plug (from “World Hardcore Punk Compilation,” Too Circle)
PISSCHRIST-Pisschrist (Havoc)
WITCH HUNT-Sick Industry (Alternative Tentacles)

RAGING HORMONES-I’m Gonna Slit Yer Throat Tonite (Stardumb)
LOST BOYS-Lost Boys (Shogun)
LATIN DOGS-World Powers (Kazaaamo)
MOTARDS-Hangover (Turkey Baster)
INHALANTS-Kill You (Unclean)
PEECHEES-Well Worth Talkin’ About (Kill Rock Stars)


PUNCH IN THE FACE-Not Here To Make Friends (HQ)
KNIFE FIGHT-Fight (Lengua Armada)
KORO-Acid Casualty (Sorry State)
MCRAD-Acid Drop (Red)
UNTOUCHABLES-Nic Fit (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
GANG GREEN-Rabies (Taang)
FU MANCHU-Nothing Done (Mammoth)

DOGMATICS-Hardcore Rules (Homestead)
DEATH-Rock-N-Roll Victim (Drag City)
PURE HELL-No Rules (Welfare)
LEATHERVEIN-You Are The Problem (Hjernespind)
INEPSY-R’N’R Babylon (Feral Ward)

LAPINPOLTHAJAT-Jos Liskot (Hohnie)
KAAOS-Odotan Maailmanloppua (Havoc)
DEAD MAN’S SHADOW-Bomb Scare (Rondelet)
RED ALERT-In Britain (No Future)
ANTI-PASTI-Hell (Rondelet)


DOTTIE DANGER-Astrae (Punk Noir)
BRATS-Disco Sissy (Arg)
IAN NORTH-Don’t Dance (Aura)
HIGH RISE-Wipe Out (Squealer Revisited)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART-Ashtray Heart (Virgin)

LAST STAND-Scumguns (Taang)
FRONT PAGE-Kick Them (from “Back To Front Vol. 1,” Incognito)
MIRANDAS-Dentist Blues (from "Break The Rules #8," Insekten)
ROCK BOTTOM AND THE SPYS-Death Trap (Break My Face)
STRAY CATS-Crawl Up And Die (Arista)
MOTORAMA-Black and White (Dead Beat)

UNIFORM CHOICE-Screaming For Change (Wishingwell)

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