Friday, July 10, 2009

Sonic Overload 6/29/09

The annual salute to America show! And paying (mercifully brief) tribute to some guy who called himself the King Of Pap, er, Pop and a more-deserving tribute to Sky Saxon of the Seeds

Sonic Overload 6/29/09


HÜSKER DÜ-In A Free Land (New Alliance)

PATRIOTS-Land Of The Free (Another Lousy Record)
MELEE-Fuck You To The Red White and Blue (from “DIY or Die,” Suburban Voice)
POISON IDEA-Ugly American (Taang)
WE THE PEOPLE-I Don’t Bleed Red White and Blue (Stop Whining Start Winning)
ZERO BOYS-Amerika (Secretly Canadian)

BURY THE LIVING-Of God and Country (Kangaroo)
HOLY MOUNTAIN-America (No Idea)
ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM-Fourth Of July (Profane Existence)
BORN DEAD ICONS-Colored Rags (Feral Ward)

SMART COPS-Cop Medley (Hell Yeah)
COKE BUST-Countdown To Death (Six Weeks)
BLANK STARE-Bitter Taste (Refuse)
WASTED TIME-Futility (Grave Mistake)


CAPITAL SCUM-Michael Jackson (from “Alle 24 Goed,” Demolition Derby)

MINUTEMEN-Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing (SST)
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-Ritual (Grand Theft Audio)
PESD-Blyski (Trujaca Fala)
YOUNG GODS-TV Sky (Play It Again Sam)

SEEDS-Pushin’ Too Hard (GNP Crescendo) in memory of Sky Saxon
WHITE DRUGS-Girlfriend For Sale (Kunst-Waffe)
THIRD DEGREE-Soy El Diablo (Livewire)
GUNS N’ ROSA PARKS-I Hate Assholes (demo)
OMEGAS-Gimme Oblivion (Powered)
NITAD-När Skeppet Sjunker (No Way)

DIRECT CONTROL-Getting Closer (Feral Ward)
DARK AGES-Radioactive States Of America (Cowabunga)
CRUCIAL CAUSE-Blood Money (Flat Black)
COLD SHOULDER-America’s Son (Cowabunga)
LIMP WRIST-Knuckles (Waiting)
SET TO EXPLODE-Set To Explode (Grave Mistake)


PAINTBOX-Big Ant (HG Fact)
KAIBOUSHITSU-title in Japanese (HG Fact)
FASTS-Die or Die (Sound Pollution)
CLUSTERFUCK-Do The Berkowitz (Vital Center)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Glued (Grave Mistake/No Way)

K-JELL-Struggle and Break Through (October Party)
KOSHER-Bored In America (BYO)
RF7-Left My Arm In Fallujah (Just 4 Fun)
KLAN-Pushin’ Too Hard (from “Best of Rodney on the ROQ,” Posh Boy)
CABARET VOLTAIRE-No Escape (Superfecta)

ZEROS-Hungry (from “Streets,” Beggars Banquet)
GENRAL FOODZ-Be So Funny (Destiny)
JUDAS PRIEST-Rapid Fire (Columbia)
ENGLISH BEAT-Noise In This World (IRS)


TOURISTS-It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way (Epic)
SKIDS-Into The Valley (Virgin)
CHILDREN ON STUN-Hollow (Cleopatra)

SOCIAL UNREST-Red, White and Blue (New Red Archives)
ECONOCHRIST-Fuck Your American Dream (Ebullition)
SCREAM-U-Suck-A/We’re Fed Up (Dischord)
BROTHER INFERIOR-Land Of The Free (Sensual Underground)

GOATS-Typical American (Columbia)

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