Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sonic Overload 3/1/10

Things were going along great with the recording of this show and then I got to the editing process and realized I'd somehow "lost" the first half hour. So I re-recorded it. I suppose there are worse things--like losing the entire two hour show!

Sonic Overload 3/1/10


POSITIVE STATE-We’ll March With Open Arms (Torque)

SCHOOL JERKS-Decline (Cowabunga)
ACID REFLUX-So Confused (No Way)
PAC-MEN-Girls on Boards (Red Tape)
HIGH LIFE-Self Abuse (Cowabunga)
IMPOSTERS-Tourists Are Invading Hermosa Beach (from “Welcome To The Golden State Vol, II,” Cowabunga)
DARK AGES-I Can’t Have Any Fun (demo)

TELECOMMANDE-Telecommande (demo)
THE NETWORK-Spike (Adeline)
QUEERS-Trash This Place (Lookout)
LOLI & THE CHONES-Hot & Bothered (Rip Off)
MANACONDA-Rocks In My Head (demo)

VAASKA-El Dia Que El (540/Todo Destruido)
PROJECT HOPELESS-Crucified Freedom (Not Enough)
SIN ORDEN-Too Punk To Be (Emma Navajas)
DEADSTOOLPIGEON-Motive (Crucial Response)


BLOODY GEARS-The Show (demo)
THE SIOUX-Malfunction Junction (self-released)
THURNEMAN-Allt På Nytt Igen (Sorry State)
FUNERAL ORATION-Motherlode (Hopeless)
NRA-Bunk (BYO)

THE EX-Stupid Americans (Touch & Go)
UNDERTONES-I Gotta Getta (Ryko)
THE JAM-Mr. Clean (Polydor)
MODERN LOVERS-She Cracked (Beserkley)

SEDATIVES-Automatic (Deranged)
SCRAMS-Ralph Rook (self-released)
ELECTRIC EYE-Soul Is What’s Happenin’/Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Dirtnap)
RAM JAM-Gone Wild (Epic)
LEMON PIPERS-No Help From Me (Buddah)


SOCIAL UNREST-Making Room For Youth (New Red Archives)
NO LABELS-HarDCore (from “No Core,” Raw Deal)
RAW DEAL-Wall Of Hate (Victory)
MINOR THREAT-In My Eyes (Dischord)

FUNEROT-The List (Inimical)
ACEPHALIX-Nothing (Prank)
ANNIHILATION TIME-Feel It (Tankcrimes)
EXODUS-Brain Dead (Combat)

FLESHAPOIDS-Nuke The Whales (Trashtones)
DICKIES-Nights In White Satin (A&M)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-No Change (Chrysalis)
THE WALL-Kiss The Mirror (Captain Oi)
DAMNED-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Chiswick)


LEATHERFACE-Dead Industrial Atmosphere (Seed)
THE PREY-Shut Down (demo)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT-Hit Me In The Nuts (demo)
CLOAK/DAGGER-Billions Millions (Jade Tree)
CHALLENGER-Input The Output (Jade Tree)

VILETONES-Just For You (Other People’s Music)
ELECTRIC EELS-Agitated (Homestead)
CONTORTIONS-Dish It Out (from “No New York,” ZE)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Bowling w/Friends (Deranged)

2X4’S-Bridgeport Lathe (Bessemer Process)

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