Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sonic Overload 4/26/10

Arizona has passed a draconian, racist bill meant to curb “illegal” immigration, signed by Governor Jan Brewer. It basically requires people to carry proof of US birth and criminalizes being an undocumented immigrant. If you don’t have your “papers” with you, you can be arrested even if you’re a “legal” resident. While I was typing up the playlist before recording the show, I was listening to an interview by radio host Thom Hartmann with investigative journalist Greg Palast, who claims that the passage of this bill may have been prompted by other motives. I mention the interview on the show (and there are a couple of audio clips also concerning the passage) but go to Palast’s site to read the story:

It wasn’t intentional but around half of the songs on this week’s show are by non-US bands from around the globe—the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and maybe I’m forgetting one or two. To use a hoary cliche, trying to break down the barriers... punk and hardcore remain an international phenomenon and after the passage of Arizona’s law, it just reinforces the desire to look beyond our own borders. It also reminds me that some overseas bands have had difficulty getting into the States to tour and this country is poorer for it...

Sonic Overload 4/26/10


LOS CRUDOS-Illegal Y Que (Lengua Armada)

SIN ORDEN-Minutemen (Emma Navajas)
MOUTH SEWN SHUT-We’re All Immigrants (Profane Existence)
CRAWLERS-Kill The Elephant (Blind Spot)
DEATHSQUAD-Repent (Bonus Choke)

KNIFE IN THE LEG-5 Of Us Makes 10 Clenched Fists (Inimical)
GET RAD-I Want To Kill A Priest (Gilead Media)
SPASTIC PANTHERS-Wasteland (Handsome Dan)
GERM ATTAK-Sarin Gas Attack (Loud Punk)
THUG-One Man’s War (Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace)
GUILTY FACES-Sick With Hate (Deranged)

LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Positivit Tänkade (Local Cross)
BILL BONDSMEN-Disaster Prone (Local Cross)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Swearing Sammy (Fashionable Idiots)
CHEATER SLICKS-Chaos (Godawful)
GROINOIDS-Empty Skull (I-Deal)


BROWN SUGAR-Deportation (Feral Kid)

VALSE TRISTE-Luontokappale (If Society)
VIOLENT ARREST-Heretic (Deranged)
NEGAZIONE-Sogni & Bisogni (Subvert)
BANNLYST-40,000 Døde Barn (X-Port Plater)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Architektura Totality (Not Very Nice)
CLOAK/DAGGER-Lower Estrada (Jade Tree)

EMPTY VESSEL-Poison (Blind Spot)
WELFARE-I Wanna Be You (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-I’m Up You’re Out (Amphetamine Reptile)

PIST-We’re The Pist (Eugene)
THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal (Captain Oi)
ATTAK-Today’s Generation (No Future)
DEMOB-No Room For You (Grand Theft Audio)


RIISTETYT-Ihmissoihtu (Riistetyt)
KVOTERNINGEN-Ett Svek (Feral Ward)
SOTATILA-Vituiks Meni (Havoc)
ORGANISM-Self (Hardware)
DESTINO FINAL-Ahogate (La Vida Es Un Mus)

NOMOS-Omar Hammami (demo)
TRAUMA-Policy Of War (demo)
FY FAN-Untitled (Adult Crash)
ESKORBUTO-Enterrado Vido (Munster)
LA UVI-Ya Esta Bien (Rotten)
SLIME-Nazis Raus (Aggressive)

DEATHCAGE-Corrupted Pigs Of War (Schizophrenic)
IRON MAIDEN-Murders In The Rue Morgue (Capitol)
MANIC HISPANIC-Get Them Immigrated (BYO)


GANG GREEN-Rabies (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
MEATMEN-I Sin For A Living (Touch & Go)
GWAR-U Ain’t Shit (Shimmy Disc)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fistpuppet)
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)
DISTRACTORS-Don’t You Just Know It (Dime Store)

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES-Repressed (Fashionable Idiots)
WHITE LOAD-Talk (Local Cross)
CLAW TOE-Ingrown Ego (Criminal IQ)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Factory Forehead (Press)

THE STRIKE-Shots Heard Round The World (Victory)

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