Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sonic Overload 6/21/10

No, your ears don’t deceive you. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Republican (of course) Congressman Joe Barton actually apologized to BP for what he considered a “shakedown” by the Obama administration where they’re setting up a $20 billion fund to help pay compensation to those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He then backed down—somewhat—but the idea that he’d even consider apologizing to those corporate vermin is beneath contempt. And the right-wing lapdogs were all saying he had a point, as well. So the first couple of songs, this week, are dedicated to those tools. And while we’re add it, I’ll dedicate the last song, “Vengeance,” to them, as well—the part about corporate criminals getting away with a slap on the wrist. $20 billion might be more than a slap but there are already reports it might not be enough... so a pox on all of them...

Sonic Overload 6/21/10


TIME BOMB 77-Politicians (GMM)

NO JUSTICE-Political Scheme (Underestimated)
86 MENTALITY-Crash The Gates (Deranged)
RITES-Uphill Both Ways (DeadAlive)
NO TIME LEFT-Indentured Servant (demo)
MILK COFFEE-Get Wig Thrash (from “This Is The Life Vol. 7,” MCR)
TEEN IDLES-Get Up and Go (Dischord)

THE GAIN-You Should Know (Dead Beat)
SCARED OF CHAKA-Time’s Up (Sub City)
WEIRD LOVEMAKERS-Unpopular Loner (Gouramie)
EARACHES-23/Screwtop Wine (Steel Cage)
SGT. 6 ASSAULT-Save It For Another Day (007)

SICK/TIRED-Destruction Anthem (To Live A Lie)
GIVE UP-Human Scum (Peterwalkee)
HERO DISHONEST-Vapaan Liikkumisen Kirous (If Society)
VIOLENT ARREST-Killing For A Living (Boss Tuneage)
LIP CREAM-Terror (Dynamite)


DRI-No Religion (Beer City)
SHORT CHANGED-Manifest Destiny (Rodent Popsicle)
REPERCUSSIONS-Body and Blood (540)
CHRIST ON PARADE-For Your Viewing Pleasure (Pusmort)
ENGLISH DOGS-Max (The Millionaire) (Clay)

GUN CLUB-Devil In The Woods (from “Keats Rides A Harley,” Warning Label)
SOVIET VALVES-Sight That Harms/Gaze That Harms (SmartGuy)
LYLE-Major Deegan (Lost and Found)

BATTALION OF SAINTS-Beefmasters (from “Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In,” BYO)
QUEEN-Sheer Heart Attack (Elektra)
ADAM & THE ANTS-Beat My Guest (Columbia)
JOHNNY & THE SELF ABUSERS-Saints and Sinners (Chiswick)


THE ENERGY-I Won’t Let You Waste Me (Team Science)
LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Jehovas Fittor (Local Cross)
TURBONEGRO-Kiss The Knife (Bitzcore)
NIG-HEIST-The Nig-Heist (from “Chunks,” SST)

URIAH HEEP-Easy Livin’ (Mercury)
SLAMMIN’ WATUSIS-King Of Cha-Cha (Epic)
SWINGERS-Counting The Beat (Backstreet)
BRAINS-Money Changes Everything (Mercury)

HUMAN MESS-No One Will Find Out (No Way)
DEFECT DEFECT-Ex-Punk (Residue)
STUNTMEN-Kick Them Out (Black Hole)
ARCWELDER-Such A Very Long Time (Big Money)
MONSTERLAND-Girlfriend On Drugs (Seed)


DEMICS-Talk’s Cheap (from “Destroy Toronto”)
ROCK BOTTOM AND THE SPYS-No Good (from “Killed By Death #14”)
KFC-Kriminalpogo (from “Bloodstains Across Germany”)
IMPACT-Ribellone (Provinciattiva)
VARUKERS-No Scapegoat (Anagram)

HANGMEN-Faces (from “60s Choice, Vol. 1,” GMG)
KLAN-Pushin’ Too Hard (from “The Best Of Rodney On the ROQ,” Posh Boy)
MX-80 SOUND-Follow That Car (Ralph)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY-Number One (Motherbox)
SLAMBOOK-Hollywood Ten (Lorem Ipsum)

NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengeance (Abstract)

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