Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sonic Overload 4/11/11

Yes, I rant a bit around the middle of the show—fed up, as usual, with the new budget being hammered out by Congress and Obama, barely averting a government shutdown. In brief, it’s obvious that Obama is willing to kowtow to the Republicans’ slash and burn economic policy. That means cuts to programs meant to protect the most vulnerable people in this country. What else is new? A radical agenda and Obama’s unwillingness to stand up the Republicans during the first two years of his administration has led us to this point. And when I hear Obama considering cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, I’m waiting for his announcement that he’s joined the Republican Party. OK, that’s a stretch but no matter how far to the center or right he moves, the teabaggers will still try to label him a socialist. And they’ll continue to destroy any progress that’s been made over the last 100 or so years, especially what’s left of the New Deal.

But enough of that—you’ll hear it on the show although the invective is held to a relative minimum. You’re here for the punk rock and that’s what you’ll get...

Sonic Overload 4/11/11


RIOT SQUAD-Society’s Fodder (Rot)

GORILLA ANGREB-Soldat Til Leje (Feral Ward)
SCHOOL JERKS-Ready To Die (Cowabunga)
BLACK CLOUDS-5 Years Behind My Time (Ride The Snake)
COMAS-Overrated (Therapeutic)
OUT WITH A BANG-Hurt Yourself (Fashionable Idiots)
DESPISED-Probation (Kangaroo)

DEEP SLEEP-Live Forever (Grave Mistake)
NOTHING BUT ENEMIES-Another Day Of Nothing (Welfare)
THE EXPLOSION-Sick Of Modern Art (Tarantulas)
SUBMACHINE-Bull In A China Shop (CI)
L.E.S. STITCHES-Stuck In A Phase (Eyeball)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-Windspitting Punk (Fat)

DEMINISHING DEVICE-Politics (King Of Drunk)
DRY HUMP-Culture Fuck Experience (Shogun)
PYROKLAST-The Crisis Has Begun (Profane Existence)
DIRECT ACTION-Hate Generation (from “Primitive Air-Raid,” Psyche Industry)
PANTERA-Fucking Hostile (Atco)


UNDER PRESSURE-Black Bile (Fashionable Idiots)
R’N’R-What’s Your Damage? (from “Stab To Kill,” Stab and Kill)
BITTER-Redemption/Resurrection (Lost & Found)
TIME BOMB 77-Politicians (GMM)
SEPULTURA-Slave New World (Epic)

DAMNATION KIDS-Runaway (P.Trash)
WONGS-Got A Urge (Rip Off)
DRAGS-Anxiety (Empty)

TSOL-Abolish Government (Posh Boy)
CIRCLE JERKS-World Up My Ass (Frontier)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Institutionalized (Frontier)
VANDALS-I’m A Fly (National Trust)


UNSANE-Organ Donor (Matador)
PISSED JEANS-False Jesii Part 2 (Sub Pop)
BEAR PROOF SUIT-Fourth World (Urban Pirate)
GROINOIDS-Empty Skull (Boston’s Finest/Fatalist)
THE FREEZE-Nazi Fun (Dr. Strange)

LA VOZ-Donde Esta El Amor? (Lengua Armada)
SWEET TOOTH-Pig Pen (Cowabunga)
TOTSUGEKI SENSYA-Why (Lengua Armada)
STATE POISON-State Poison (Kick Rock)
LES THUGS-Poison Head (Sub Pop)

X-RAY SPEX-Art-i-ficial (Sanctuary)
DICKIES-Waterslide (A&M)
SOFT BOYS-I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp (Ryko)
POLICE-Truth Hits Everybody (A&M)


THE MOVE-Do Ya (United Artists)
STARZ-X-Ray Spex (Capitol)
ULTRAVOX-Young Savage (Island)
NILS-Fountains (Psyche Industry)
AMERICAN STANDARD-Superficial (Power House)

RESTARTS-Weekend N16 (Rodent Popsicle)
ZOOPARTY-General Cutter (ACME)
HIGH TENSION WIRES-Wax Lips and Blood On The Telephone (Dirtnap)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-I’ll S Your D (P.Trash)
JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)
SOUP DRAGONS-Whole Wide World (Sire)

MOLLS-White Stains (Skids)

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