Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sonic Overload 5/16/11

 Are you ready for Judgment Day? Ready for The Rapture? According to some people, this weekend is the time, May 21, 2011. The righteous will be “saved,” the rest of us are fucked. Or something like that. Perhaps this really is the last Sonic Overload. I’ve tried to put together something memorable and selected some special songs for the occasion. See you next week—I hope!

Sonic Overload 5/16/11


WARZONE-Judgement Day (Fist)

DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Face Jam (from upcoming 7”)
LEATHER-Relapse (Jade Tree)
CRIME WAVE-Get With The Sickness (Agro-Wax)
KNIFE THE SYMPHONY-Squatting Warrior (Phratry)

SHIRKS-Cry Cry Cry (Grave Mistake)
BURNING SENSATION-I Feel Disgust (Vertex)
GUNNAR HANSEN-Phil’s Song (Schizophrenic)
DEAN DIRG-Cause I Can (Hardware)
OMEGAS-Sex Hero (Parts Unknown)
DEAD VIRGINS-Rape Capitol Hill (from “Something In The Water,” Under The Volcano)

ROACH MOTEL-I Hate The Sunshine State (Destroy)
ADRENALIN OD-Clean and Jerk (Chunksaah)
MEDIA DISEASE-Religion (from “Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack,” Outside)
GANG GREEN-Kill A Commie (Taang)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Sheer Terror (Dischord)
PRETTY THINGS-Judgement Day (Fontana)


MUTOID MEN-Ly Canthrope (Rumbletowne)
DIPERS-Bed Bugs Are Back (demo)
DAVILA 666-Ratata (In The Red)
TYVEK-Summer Things (Siltbreeze)
MANSON YOUTH-Let’s Call it A Day (Dr. Strange)
BLIGHT-Prophet of Doom (Touch & Go)

LIEUTENANT-Put A Cork In It (Peterwalkee)
JANITOR-Suffocation By Filth (Agro-Wax)
POINTBLANK-The Hunter, Part 1 (demo)
JUDAS FACTOR-The Last Days Of The Titanic (from “Mindset Overhaul,” Wreck-Age)
VIOLENT NUNS-The CIA Is After Me (from “Bands That Don’t Give A Shit About Being God,” Social Napalm)
DEATH OR GLORY-Your Choice (Crucial Response)
HERATYS-Ostovoimaa (Not Enough)

PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Banned From The Pubs (Dr. Strange)
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances (from “Red Snerts,” Gulcher)
LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)


SCABBURGER-no title (from “Speed Trials: Worst Bands Of West Michigan,” Punks Before Profits)
STOCKPILE-Erosion (from upcoming 7”)
BOMBS AWAY-Waiting For History To Change (self-released)
DISASTER STRIKES-Sick To Death (Overdose On Records)
CONFINES-Downward Harmonization (Labor Of Love/Side Two)
PORTRAIT OF POVERTY-Anxiety Attack (Sudden Death)

NERORGASMO-Io Sono La Tua Fine (El Paso Occupato)
BOTTLES & SKULLS-Party Crasher (Sickroom)
BAR FEEDERS-Toolshed (Fast Music)
CRIMINALS-Parlez-Vous Fuk You? (Lookout)
ONE TON SHOTGUN-Don’t Mess With The Amish (Atomic Action)
ROMULANS-Judgment Day (from “We Got Power: Party Or Go Home,” Mystic)

NAZTI SKINZ-Race War (Youth Attack)
DETOX-Child For One (Flipside)
DI-Living In The USA (Reject)
NIGHT BIRDS-Killer Waves (Grave Mistake)


TUFF DARTS-(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste (Sire)
DAMNED-Problem Child (MCA)
DEMOB-No Room For You (Grand Theft Audio)
VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud (Captain Oi)
THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal (from “Oi! Greatest Hits Volume One,” Dojo)

BODYSNATCHERS-Frantic (from “Bloodstains Across Australia”)
WASPS-Teenage Treats (Cherry Red)
UNWANTED-Withdrawal (Raw)
DVA DAMAS-Man Skin Pants (Psychic Handshake)

CLASSIC RUINS-1 + 1 > 2 (Ace Of Hearts) in memory of Kevin Glasheen

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