Monday, August 1, 2011

Sonic Overload 7/18/11

More cool music for a hot day. That’s a lame opening line. Actually, it’s not oppressively hot, just humid. Thing is I could record this show in my underwear and no one would know the difference. For the record, clothing was worn during the recording of this installment. And I went through the CD and LP racks and 7” boxes a little more this week to dig out some songs that haven’t been played in awhile. Hope you like it...

Sonic Overload 7/18/11


BLACK FLAG-I’ve Heard It Before (SST)

BROWN SUGAR-Cocksmoker (Feral Kid)
BILL BONDSMEN-Dear Debt Collector (Dead Beat)
TOTAL TRASH-Violence (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
OBN IIIS-Do My Thing (Tic-Tac-Totally)
SWORN LIARS-Krank (Big Neck)

BAD DADDIES-Not That Kind of Girlfriend (Finch)
MOTORAMA-Plastic Song (Vida Loca)
PREDATOR-Dancing Queen Bitch (Douchemaster)
ATOMSMASHERS-Get Out That Door (Rip Off)
LOS ASS-DRAGGERS-Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia (Crypt)

STUPID BABIES GO MAD-Violent Hit Man (Diwphalanx)
NO SIDE-No Insane (ACME)
SOLITARY NEGLECT-Systematic Indoctrination (demo)
IRRITATORS-Safety Begins In The Home (demo)
OUT COLD-People Like You (ACME)
SICK OF IT ALL-Pay The Price (Revelation)


OUTDOORSMEN-Tell Your Folks I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
SUGAR SHACK-Blabbermouth (Estrus)
GONE BAD-Midnight Love (self-released)
LES BATON ROUGE-Somersault (Elevator)
CRIMSON SWEET-Queen City V.A. (On/On Switch)

360’S-Illuminated (Link)
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY-Spinning Round (Cherry Red)
MY BLOODY VALENTINE-Feed Me With Your Kiss (Sire)

THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS-You’re Gonna Die (Revenge)
VILETONES-Screamin’ Fist (Other People’s Music)


HERÄTYS-Verenpunainen Huominen (Not Enough)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Tricks (Armageddon)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Od Narozeni (Insane Society)
E150-Azul (Don’t Belong)
ESKE-In The Shadows (demo)
DAN-Cut The Cord (Meantime)

AEROSMITH-Nobody’s Fault (Columbia)
SEDATIVES-Superstitious Minds (Deranged)
BOYS LIFE-It Came From Here (SECO)

KAKKA-HÄTÄ-77-Jumalan Nimeen (Stupido)
APA-Tomorrow’s Empire (TKO)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Fuck You, Norway (Pogostick)


LURKERS-Hey You (Captain Oi)
SPITTIN’ TEETH-Second Generation (from “The Siren,” Posh Boy)
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do (Island)
STIMULATORS-Loud Fast Rules (from “Back To Front, Vol. 1”)

LEATHER-Relapse (Jade Tree)
POLLUTION-Smut STS (C6 Recordings)
UNSANE-Vandal-X (Matador)
CEREMONY-All The Time (Bridge Nine)
CHINESE STARS-Eyes Of The Secret North (Skin Graft)

HELMET & HOUSE OF PAIN-Just Another Victim (from “Judgment Night,” Epic)

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