Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sonic Overload 7/9/12

Back to the regular programming this week and there’s also a respite from the brutal weather around here. I know that hasn’t been the case in many parts of the country so I hope you’re managing to keep cool. This show probably won’t help you do that, though... yuk yuk yuk. OK, I’ll stop with groan-worthy phrases. Another “overtime” show this week, clocking in at just over 2 hours and 11 minutes and I had to save some songs for next week, as well.

Sonic Overload 7/9/12


USERS-Sick Of You (Raw)

DRY HUMP-Everybody Loves You (Cowabunga)
MALE NURSES-Wanna Play Doctor? (Cowabunga)
CREEM-Think Twice (Katorga Works)
NIGHT STALKERS-Fuck All Night (Who Cares)
RAPPA-Jigokunoparty (demo)

PROSTHETICS-When Life’s Got You Down (self-released)
HUMAN TOILET-The Flirt (Black Thirteen)
OUTDOORSMEN-Stink Up The Bathroom (Psychic Handshake)
GG KING-Acid (Rob’s House)
FAMILY CURSE-Last Days (Drawing Room)

BRAIN KILLER-War/Protest (Vinyl Rites)
STOCKPILE-The Fear (Destroy Me)
EFFLEXUS-Desolation (Radical Punks)
VAASKA-Contra El Racismo (HeartFirst)
AMERICAN CHEESBURGER-1020’s Sweet Moves (No Idea)
DESTINO FINAL-Volvar a Empazar (La Vide Es Un Mus)


OVERKILL-Hell’s Getting Hotter (SST)
RHINO 39-Prolixin Stomp (Nickel and Dime)
CONTROLLERS-Another Day (Dionysus)
WHIPPING BOY-Radio Active Earth (Grand Theft Audio)
SILVERFISH-Pink and Lovely (Touch & Go)

WHITE LUNG-St. Dad (Deranged)
THE INTELLIGENCE-Sailor Itch (In The Red)
DIVISION OF LAURA LEE-Evil Out Of Me (Unter Schafen)

POLES-CN Tower (Nimbus 9)
MANIACS-Chelsea 77 (United Artists)
THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)


RIISTETYT-Elintilaa (Havoc)
THE ABUSED-Loud and Clear (Abused Music)
ANTIDOTE-Life As One (Antidote)
REST IN PIECES-The Spooky Song (Incas)
SAVAGE CIRCLE-Kill Corps (Big City)
FITS-Man At Dawn (Get Back)
EXILED-Artificial Friend (Fountain Of Youth)
ABORTION SQUAD-Your Kind (Who Cares)

NITAD-Raggare Is Still A Bunch Of Motherfuckers (Mourningwood)
BAD DADDIES-Sargent Shriver (CDR/Finch)
UTAH JAZZ-Seeing The Eye Doctor (Feral Kid)
OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)
WOMEN-I’m No Good, You’re No Good (FDS)
R. STEVIE MOORE-Theme from A.G. (Flamingo) in memory of Andy Griffith

JANITOR JOE-Boys In Blue (Amphetamine Reptile)
CRUNT-Black Heart (Trance)
PAVEMENT-From Now On (Drag City)
SLAMBOOK-Hollywood Ten (Lorem Ipsum)


DEAD MILKMEN-Taking Retards To The Zoo (Fever)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Summertime Coffee (Deranged)
CAUGHT RED HANDED-Coffee Riot (Caught Red)
CANADIAN RIFLE-Climbing Down From The Crane (Residue)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
FASTBACKS-Apologies (Popllama)

THE FRONT-Distant Guns (Scheming Intelligentsia)
3-International (Dischord)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengeance (Abstract)
WAH! HEAT-Seven Minutes To Midnight (Castle)

SWIZ-Lie (Sammich)

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