Friday, September 7, 2012

Sonic Overload 8/27/12

Plenty to talk about this week, right from the outset—Republican Congressman Todd Akin, who’s running for Senator in Missouri, shows some tremendous ignorance about women’s reproductive systems, as well as regressive viewpoints on the matter of reproductive choice and the latter applies quite a few other Republicans, as well. Meanwhile, their white pride rally, uh, convention happens in Tampa this week and it appears as though they’ve dodged a bullet as tropical storm Isaac will be missing them. I guess God’s looking out for them, unlike those heathen in New Orleans. I recall that when Hurricane Katrina hit that city, Pat Robertson said it was God’s punishment for abortion. Unfortunately, as I type this, it looks like New Orleans is going to get nailed by this storm, as well. So, yeah, I talk about politics a little more this week, but you’ll be happy to know it still doesn’t dominate the show—but I might as well take advantage of my punk rock soapbox.

Sonic Overload 8/27/12


DEAD VIRGINS-Rape Capitol Hill (from “Something In The Water,” Under The Volcano)

CÜLO-Brain Cavity (Deranged)
SCHOOL JERKS-Nothing Else (Riff Raff)
NO MISTAKE-Crossed Words (self-released)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-No, I Won’t (Side Two)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-The Good Times Are Killing Me (Nation Of Finks)
SNOBS-Control (My War)

WHITE PAGES-Forever Unclean (Can’t Stand Ya!)
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-Wasting Time (Razorcake)
NARCS-Slime (Cowabunga)
SLUGZ-Empty Space (Cowabunga)
STREET TRASH-Five Dirty Fingers (No Class)
CELIBATE RIFLES-Jesus On TV (What Goes On)

GUNS-I’m Not Right (Red Hour/Smog Veil)
DIE KRUEZEN-Don’t Say Please (Touch & Go)
AGENT ORANGE-Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (Kangaroo)
YOUTH BRIGADE-Snow Job (Recollect)
TOXIC NARCOTIC-People Suck (Rodent Popsicle)
CHRISTMAS-Dig We Must (demo)


MENSTRUAL TRAMPS-Pro-Choice (self-released)
INSERVIBLES-Pepenadores (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MERDA-Efedrina (Sound Pollution)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Bricks (Toxic State)
PERSUADERS-Low Life (Savage)
WOVEN BONES-Your Way With My Life (HoZac)

BIRTH DEFORMITIES-Mentally Damaged (Cowabunga)
DICTADURA-Talk It’s Your Thing (Stomp)
MODERN PETS-Alert! Alert! (P. Trash)
RIKK AGNEW-OC Life (Frontier)
NIGHT BIRDS-Killer Waves (Grave Mistake)

CRAMPS-The Crusher (IRS)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Fuck You, Norway (Pogostick)


ANGST-Neil Armstrong (Happy Squid) in memory of Neil Armstrong

THE STALIN-Reizoku (Political)
THE MISS-Game Set Match (Morphius)
FOUR ROSE SOCIETY-Hotel Sarajevo (Whitehouse)

FOREIGN OBJECTS-Mammonism (Cut The Cord)
WHITE LUNG-Bunny (Deranged)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-We Follow (Alternative Tentacles)
NÜ SENSAE-Curdle The Cream (Suicide Squeeze)
TUB-Charles Murray (Redd)

REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin-Tone)
WRECKS-High School Anthem (demo)
SCROUNGERS-A Good Solid Education (self-released)
VAINS-School Jerks (from “Killed By Death #9”)
THE FALL-Hey! Student (Matador)


CONTORTIONS-Contort Yourself (PVC)
PLUGZ-A Gain - A Loss (Restless)
PLATES-Salvation (Big Neck)
CHELSEA-Decide (Step Forward)

OUTSIDERS-Calling On Youth (Gift Of Life)
DEPARTMENT S-Going Left Right (Stiff)
ROMEO VOID-White Sweater (415)
RUTS DC-Formula Eyes (Virgin)

HEAVEN 17-(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)

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