Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sonic Overload 10/8/12

Columbus Day—for the third year in a row, I start the show with a public service announcement, for which I downloaded the audio, urging people to reconsider the celebration of Columbus Day since, in essence, it’s a celebration of genocide. As with many events in history, they’ve been whitewashed and the truth obscured. I’m sure many of my beloved listeners already know about it, but you should definitely read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States for a much different take on what’s happened on this continent since 1492. And, if you’re a parent, there’s a version for younger people, as well.

I’ll be off for vacation next week and will return on 10/22. First time I’ve missed a week in four years. Why not go on the archive and check out some of the older shows while you’re waiting for the next one.

Sonic Overload 10/8/12


DEFECT DEFECT-Stolen Ground (Residue)

LOS JODIDOS-500 Anos De Mentiras (from “Ratas Di Ciudad (Southkore)
LOS CRUDOS-500 Anos (Lengua Armada)
ONxALERT-Mending 500 Years (from “Bridging Oceans,” Third Party)
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-Q: And Punks? A: And Punks (No Options)
FORWARD TO DEATH-Ask Your Doctor (Perfect Victim)
HEROIN-Undertaking (Gravity)

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Ocean Beach Party (Falsified)
MIDNITE SNAXXX-Like Lightning (Raw Deluxe)
THROWAWAYS-Summer Song (Handsome Dan)
NARCS-R.O.T. Blood (Cowabunga)
CONTAMINATORS-Closet Junkie (Going Underground)
SLUGZ-Full Time Nothing (Cowabunga)

OFF!-I Got News For You (Vice)
SPITS-Live In A Van (Recess)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Face Jam (Sorry State)
OMEGAS-Fevered Freedom (Painkiller)
MAD MEN-Mad Men (self-released)
WHITE LOAD-Endless Bummer (Spin the Bottle)


SECRET PROSTITUTES-Publikasi Prostitusi (Bad Hair Life)
KFC-Kriminalpogo (from “Bloodstains Across Germany”)
LEGIONAIRE’S DISEASE-I’d Rather See You Dead (Lunar Lab)
SLOBS-You’re A Sick Rat (from “Viva La Vinyl #3,” Dead Beat)
STRETCH MARKS-Dog’s World (Head Butt)
NIG-HEIST-Love In Your Mouth (Drag City)

HANK HAINT-Problematic (Voodoo Rhythm)
ROCKET SCIENCE-Burn In Hell (Voodoo Rhythm)
MOTARDS-Put Me Down (Bag Of Basters)

DEAD BOYS-Won’t Look Back (Sire)
SUBHUMANS-Big Picture (Friends)
DEFECTS-20th Century (WXYZ)
BLITZ-Propaganda (No Future)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE-The Heat (Feral Ward)


45 GRAVE-Black Cross (Goldar)
LEGAL WEAPON-Waiting In Line (Arsenal)
TUBEWAY ARMY-Blue Eyes (Beggars Banquet)
PIXIES-Break My Body (4AD)

STOCKPILE-Body Politic (Destroy Me)
HAUTE COUTURE-Haute Couture (Shogun)
DESPERAT-Vi Förstör Vår Jord (Beach Impediment)
VITAMIN X-Ready To Burn (Tankcrimes)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S-P.R.O.B.L.E.M (Doomtown Sounds)
SOD-Kill Yourself (Megaforce)

ALLOY-Unafraid (Bitzcore)
GOD AND TEXAS-Incoming (Restless)
CIRCUS LUPUS-Pacifier (Dischord)
KEPONE-Pointless (Quarterstick)


CHINESE BURNS-Kiss Fist (Windian)
CONSTANT MONGREL-Four Legs (R.I.P. Society)
AVON LADIES-Cyanide Lactater (Katorga Works)
PUFFY AREOLAS-Take My Place (HoZac)
CEREMONY-Everything Burns (Matador)

RAMONES-Commando (Sire)
CHEAP TRICK-He’s A Whore (Epic)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
TENEMENT-Viscous (Cowabunga)
SUPERCHUNK-Lying In State (Merge)
FUNERAL ORATION-Dayfall (Hopeless)

RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)

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