Friday, November 9, 2012

Sonic Overload 10/29/12--HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It was a dark and stormy morning, afternoon and night. Despite the deluge of Hurricane Sandy, I hunkered down in the studio (aka the downstairs part of my house) to put together this year’s Halloween Sonic Overload. Some new selections this time, to go along with all the classics, favorites and the like. I hope everyone on the eastern seaboard manages to get through the hurricane with as little damage/disruption as possible although it does look pretty rough out there. Take care and have a safe and happy Halloween...

Sonic Overload 10/29/12


SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-The Only Scary Thing About Halloween Is Your Fucking Face (from “Songs For The Witching Season,” Creep)

MISFITS-Halloween (Caroline)
ROSEMARY’S BABIES-Talking To The Dead (Ghastly)
GRIFFIN-The Phantom Of The Shocker (Money Talks)
ZEKE-Season Of The Witch (Dead Teenager)
ANGRY RED PLANET-Mummy From Hollywood (Angry Red)
ROGUE NATIONS-Dracula Fucked You (Suicide Watch)

THEE OH SEES-Corrupt Coffin (Castle Face)
HOLLYWOOD-(Scary) Cemetery (Big Neck)
SPITS-Halloween Fun (In The Red)
RIPPERS-Demons and Witches (Screaming Apple)
MUTOID MEN-Ly Canthrope (Rumbletowne)
DWARVES-Real Creepy (Recess)

BAN THIS-Creepy Crawl (Stress To Death)
SUBCULTURE-I Heard A Scream (Fartblossom)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Victims of The Vampire (Captain Oi)


OBSESSOR-The Demon (Tankcrimes)
BONES BRIGADE-Zombie Attack (Coalition)
THE PROWL-217 (DeadAlive)
SUICIDE PARTY-Crawling In The Grave (DeadAlive)
STREET TRASH-Demon Screams (No Class)

DISRUPTERS-The Evil Dead (Radical Change)
GG KING-Witching Hour (Rob’s House)
INFECTIONS-Zombie (Rip Off)
MUMMIES-I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight (Estrus)
GBH-Necrophilia (Clay)

SONICS-The Witch (Etiquette)
MONOCLES-The Spider and the Fly (from “Pebbles Vol. 2,” ESD)
CRAMPS-Zombie Dance (Zonophone)
MONSTERS-I See Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm)
NOMADS-Where The Wolf Bane Blooms (What Goes On?)


BROKEN TOYS-Smash Some Pumpkins (Trashtone)
THE FREEZE-Halloween Night (Dr. Strange)
CIRIL-Herman (Know)
UNDEAD-I Want You Dead (Stiff)
JONESES-Graveyard Rock (SFTRI)
HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE-Screaming Green Devil (Sin City)

MARKED MEN-Ghosts (Dirtnap)
HEX DISPENSERS-Channel 13 Is Haunted (Alien Snatch)
LEE HARVEY OSWALD BAND-Getting Wasted With the Vampires (Touch & Go)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Evil Party (Headhunter)

MUCKRAKER-Ghosts (demo)
ENDTABLES-Trick Or Treat (Self-Destruct)
PERSONALITY CRISIS-Vampire’s Dream (Risky)
NIGHT BIRDS-Midnight Movies (Grave Mistake)


BRAINEATERS-I, Braineater (Wrong World)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Vampires In Heat (Florida’s Dying)
WINKS-Trick or Treat (Super Secret)
DEAD HIPPIE-Living Dead (Pulse)
INSULTS-Zombie Lover (Brain Transplant)
TALL DWARFS-The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (Homestead)

MISFITS-Bloodfeast (Caroline)
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Halloween (Polydor)
TSOL-Code Blue (Frontier)
FLESH EATERS-See You In The Boneyard (Ruby)
SCRATCH ACID-Monsters (Touch & Go)

DREAM SYNDICATE-Halloween (Slash)

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