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Sonic Overload 7/14/14

Erdelyi Tamas, who was known to the world as Tommy Ramone, passed away last week at the age of 65, the last living member of the original Ramones lineup. While listening to the six Ramones songs that start the show (as well as the closing song, “53rd and 3rd,” which has long been my favorite Ramones song), it’s striking how this music was once considered extreme but now sounds quite accessible. Thing was the Ramones were always accessible to the musically-adventurous, those who were sick of the excess and pomp of 70s music and wanted to get back to basics. The Ramones were never my favorite band although I did become a lifelong fan from the first time I heard “Beat On The Brat.” R.I.P. Tommy.

Sonic Overload 7/14/14


RAMONES-Cretin Hop (Sire) in memory of Tommy Ramone

RAMONES-Beat On The Brat (Sire)
RAMONES-Commando (Sire)
RAMONES-I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement (Sire)
RAMONES-Carbona Not Glue (Sire)
RAMONES-Rockaway Beach (Sire)

WRONG HOLE-Jake (Pleasence)
INSTITUTE-Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)
FARANG-If You’re Not Now You Never Were (self-released)
BREAKOUT-Relative (demo)

KURRAKA-Raah (demo)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Wine Bag Lady(eez) (demo)
RASH TONGUE-Limit Me (demo)
LEATHER DADDY-Get Out (demo)
ANCIENT FILTH-9/11/73 (self-released)
FLACCID-No Space (Nothing Is Real)


CRUNT-Black Heart (Trance)
JANITOR JOE-Boys In Blue (Amphetamine Reptile)
OIL-Ban The Forbidden Beat (Coalition)
PAVEMENT-From Now On (Drag City)

BLOOD PRESSURE-The Facts (Beach Impediment)
RESIST CONTROL-Lost Weekend (Feral Kid/Peterwalkee)
HERO DISHONEST-Nälkälakko (Peterwalkee)
VALSE TRISTE-Elamankaari (self-released)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-House Of Broken Hogs (self-released)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Rough on Rats (from “Ground Zero,” Toxic State)

ELECTRIC DEADS-Fish In A Pool (Noise & Distortion)
INDIREKT-Shell Helpt (GTA)
KALASHNIKOV-Laederhalse (Hub)
COCADICTOS-Carne Para El Exterminio (Bazophia)
EXTERNAL MENACE-No Views (Loud Punk)
EAST COAST PANIC-East Coast Panic (Red Tape)


TEAR IT UP-I Don’t Need To Be Saved (DeadAlive)
A NEW ENEMY-Boneless (Panice Attack)
FORWARD TO DEATH-The Hourglass (17cm)
DRAIZE-Degenerate (Bad Teeth)
OBLIVIONATION-Bought and Sold (Hardware)
STAGNATION-Excentrique Noise Style (Into)

FITS-Man At Dawn (Get Back)
EXILED-Artificial Friend (Fountain of Youth)
REPLACEMENTS-Dope Smokin’ Moron (Twin/Tone)
CITY-X-Politi-Militaer (GTA)
SOCIAL SUICIDE-Born Again (from “Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack,” Crackle)
JUDAS PRIEST-Hot Rockin’ (Columbia)

SONNY VINCENT-Snort My Snot (Big Neck)
X-RAYS-Drinking For My Baby (Big Neck)
FIRE RETARDED-Brain Burger (Big Neck)
NITZ-Everyone Must Die (Reptilian)
ÜBER KRØPPLING-Stenge & Strubelyde (Blood Sausage)
STREET TRASH-Back Of The Room (No Class)


DOA-Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)

THE BUSINESS-Smash The Discos (Captain Oi)
ROTTERS-Disco Queen (Dionysus)
WAX MUSEUMS-Disco Ball (Tic-Tac-Totally)
VIBRATORS-Disco In Mosco (Ratrace)

GLUE-Opportunist (Katorga Works)
Q-Shqvel (demo)
CIVILIZED-Downcast (Youth Attack)
RÜZ-Drug Cult (Lumpy)
WHITE WARDS-Healthy Body (Iron Lung)

SILVER SCREAMS-The Evidence (self-released)
BRAIN ATTACK-Markets (Dirt Cult)
FIVE DAY MESSIAH-Consumer Base (Paco Garden)
ARCTIC FLOWERS-Amanesis (Deranged)

RAMONES-53rd and 3rd (Sire)

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