Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic Overload 10/13/14

"Celebrating" Columbus Day in the usual Sonic Overload style. By the way, if you're looking for the Stench Radio show for 10/15, it doesn't exist. I took this week off.

Sonic Overload 10/13/14


DEFECT DEFECT-Stolen Ground (Residue)

MANLIFTINGBANNER-Red Sabbath/Treason (Crucial Response)
SEX DRIVE-On The Run (Crucial Response)
HARD STRIPES-Copout (Vinyl Conflict)
CRETINS-Tunnel Vision (Vinyl Conflict)
SWEET TOOTH-Pig Pen (Cowabunga)

TREATMENT-Underneath The Eye (demo)
FLYKILLS-Street Meat (demo)
DEFORMITY-Bastards (demo)
MODERN CONVENIENCE-Such a Party (facebook Gangsta) (demo)
BIG ZIT-Suhbuhb’n Varmun (demo)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Fight (self-released)
FAG COP-Nude Boy (Rank Toy)

URBANOIA-Ingen Utvei (Solar Funeral)
HALSHUG-Krig (D-Takt & Rapunk)
HAVITTAJAT-Aina (demo)
ASYLUM-Vicious Cycle (Vinyl Conflict)
ORGANIZED SPORTS-Lash Out (Bulkhead)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Shut It Down (Deranged)


TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Oi! (Total Fucker/Pogo & Cry)
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Spike Your Hair With Beer (Headcount)
BLANKS 77-Punx and Skinz (Nasty Vinyl)
CRUCIAL UNIT-Let’s Unite The Punx and Skinz, Put ‘Em On A Boat, Send ‘Em Off The Sea and Sink Those Fuckers (Crucial Blast)
INMATES-Crustdust (Painkiller)
LIMECELL-You’re Not Punk, You’re Dirty (Steel Cage)

SICK THOUGHTS-Don’t Wanna Live (self-released)
ARCHIE & THE PUKES-I Got Worms (Centsless)
VAGUESS-Your Baby (self-released)
HENTCHMEN-Automatic (Italy)
ACTIVATIONS-Get Back (Big Neck)

DEATH WISH-Condemned For Life (Disclaim)
NEOS-(Almost) Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song (Ratcage)
SOCIAL UNREST-General Enemy (New Red Archives)
DEFECTS-20th Century (WXYZ)
RED ALERT-Rebels In Society (No Future)
ADICTS-Joker In The Pack (Anagram)


ONxALERT-Mending 500 Years (from “Bridging Oceans,” Third X Party)
CONTROL DE ESTADO-Licencia Para Matar (IFB)
CRUCIAL CAUSE-Blood Money (Flat Black)
RATOS DE PORAO-Stress Pos Traumatico (Alternative Tentacles)

SHOES THIS HIGH-Mental Whiff (Siltbreeze)
SECOND LAYER-Fixation (Cherry Red)
GREYS-Use Your Delusion (Carpark)
RETOX-This Should Hurt A Little Bit (Three.One.G)

BAD DADDIES-You Ain’t Right (Negative Fun)
MIDNIGHT CRISIS-Normaali (Rinderherz)
RAVAGE FIX-Alles Scheisse (Rinderherz)
SAVAGEHEADS-Wrong Side Of The Law (Twerp/Xploit)
UX VILEHEADS-Figured Out (Sorry State)


INSERVIBLES-Paralizada (Shogun)
RAKTA-Take Your Time (Nada Nada)
ZOUNDS-War/Subvert (Broken)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Poison Street (Capitol)

UBR-Strah (Je Vecen) (Rest In Punk)
GREEDY BAMBI-no title (from “Punks Are Fuckin’ Making Fuckin’ CDs,” Pogo 77)
THE FIX-Celebre (Touch & Go)
SECRET HATE-Rixadik (Skunk)
WASTED YOUTH-Fuck Authority (LA)
MAGNOLIAS-Fathers & Sins (Twin/Tone)

ROXY MUSIC-Editions Of You (ATCO)

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