Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sonic Overload 12/29/14--The Best of 2014

When I say it’s end of a fucked-up year, to quote Embrace on one of the last songs played on this week’s show, I really mean it, this time. Still, no time to wallow. It was fun putting this show together. I look at it as the Sonic Overload All-Star game, in a way.

As I scan through the list, it’s a shame that some of the bands represented have broken up—Savageheads, Stoic Violence and Gas Rag, in particular, while Baja Blatz was described to me as a band with an “expiration date” and they were only together a short time this year.

On to 2015... another musical adventure awaits and hopefully the non-musical part of it won’t be so bumpy. Happy New Year!

Sonic Overload 12/29/14


INMATES-Crustdust (Painkiller)

COMBAT ZONE-Untamed (Side Two)
Q-Shqvel (demo)
RASH-Standards (demo)
BORN WRONG-Two Faces (Schizophrenic)
BLOOD PRESSURE-The Facts (Beach Impediment)
REPLICA-Trust (Prank)

WHITE PAGES-No Hair No Flair (Can’t Stand Ya!)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Fight (self-released)
BIG ZIT-Suhbuhb’n Varmun (Not Normal)
X-RAYS-Jameson Shot (Big Neck)
ASYLUM-Riding High (Vinyl Conflict)
NIHILIST CUNT-GMO (Suburban White Trash)

HOT TIP-Electric (demo)
NARCOMAN-PTA (Sorry State)
ARCTIC FLOWERS-Anamnesis (Deranged)
PERFECT PUSSY-Driver (Captured Tracks)
KURRAKÄ-Bailando (Trabuc)


SLEAFORD MODS-Jolly Fucker (Ipecac)
FLEECE-Sheets (demo)
INSTITUTE-Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)

TERCER MUNDO-Ser Nosotros Mismos (Cintas Pepe)
PURA MANIA-1000 Años Despues Del Hombre (demo)
RAKTA-Tudo Que É Sólido (540)
MODERN DELUSION-Lost In Fear (Doomtown)

EX-CULT-Shattered Circle (Goner)
WHITE WHALE-Three (demo)
FACILITY MEN-Down In The Valley (demo)
SILVER SCREAMS-Infinite Mirror (self-released)


GLUE-Enemy (Katorga Works/Video Disease)
GAG-Locker Room (Iron Lung)
LOWEST FORM-Some Horrible Bug (Iron Lung)
S.H.I.T.-Generation Shit (Lengua Armada)
FLACCID-Concrete (Nothing Is Real)
SUNSHINE WARD-Radioactive Chunks (from “Cream Of The Crop,” Best Before 84)

NUKES-Fascist Perverts (Man In Decline)
VALLEY BOYS-Copsucker (Ugly Pop)
OOZE-No Brrrn (Not Normal)
BEASTMAN-Heinous (demo)
LORETTAS-Fucked Up Things (self-released)
BAJA BLATZ-Joe Sly (demo)
FLYKILLS-The Lump (demo)
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS-I Lost My Mind (Space Ritual)

RASPBERRY BULBS-How The Strings Are Pulled (Blackest Ever Black)
DAVIDIANS-Bummer Tent (Deranged)
BRAIN F-Sicks (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
BREAKOUT-Razor Wire (On–High)
KATHERINE-Nothing (demo)


FARANG-If You’re Not Now, You Never Were (self-released)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Hate Fuck (demo)
SNOB-Harassed (self-released)
BAD DADDIES-You Ain’t Right (Negative Fun)
EEL-Combat Amputee Victim (Mind Cure/Konton Crasher)
GAS RAG-Body Bags (Beach Impediment)

A.D. SKINNER-On The Nod (demo)
ANCIENT FILTH-Forced Fed Freedom (self-released)
SAVAGEHEADS-Trained Killer (Twerp/X-Ploit)
STOIC VIOLENCE-Cut Down/Empty Inside (Video Disease)
GOOD THROB-Acid House (White Denim)
IVY-Antsy (Katorga Works)

EMBRACE-End Of A Year (Dischord)
SVT-New Year (415)

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