Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sonic Overload 2/9/15

And yet ANOTHER snowstorm. This is getting ridiculous. What’s more ridiculous was listening to one of the local weathermen talking on a radio show last night about how he didn’t believe there was man-made climate change but didn’t want to go into detail. I find it hard to fathom a meteorologist taking that stance, especially since some of them have botched things with the prognostication at times in recent weeks (it’s 8 inches... no, 10 inches... no, 16 inches).

Enough with that. I’m managing to keep ahead of it at least. Thanks to everyone who came down to my 55th birthday show at the Cambridge Elks the other night. If you live around here and skipped it, you really missed out—Dropdead, with Robert Williams from Siege doing a mini-Siege set in addition to their own devastating songs, plus Fuck You Pay Me’s Boston debut and Stranger’s strong goth-tinged punk. And, oh yeah, my old band Shattered Silence played as well and I got through the set without losing my voice or collapsing in a heap. Not bad for an old guy...

Sonic Overload 2/9/15


SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry (Polydor)

REALLY RED-Too Political? (Alternative Tentacles)
AGITATED-Beat The Race (Smog Veil)
MALIGNANT GROWTH-Tired Of Life (from “The Master Tape, Volume 2,” Affirmation)
BROKEN BONES-Seeing Thru My Eyes (Fall Out)
DISCHARGE-Always Restrictions (Clay)

LIFEFORM-Must Be Cool (demo)
PURA MANIA-Rey de Ratas (demo)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Wool (Scavenger of Death)
SOLID ATTITUDE-Smoking Sheets (Sweet Rot)

BARBED WIRE-Weapons Of War (from “Bullshit Detector #3,” Crass)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Memories of State (Feral Ward)
GUTTER GODS-Rut (Cool Death)
AMERICAN HATE-Chain Grading (Not Normal)


ICEAGE-You’re Nothing (Matador)
DEATH WISH KIDS-Traitor (Aerodome)
ESTRANGED-Statue In A Room (HG Fact)
STIFFS, INC.-Sad Song (Onion)

SAIGON-Annihilation (WW III)
FOREIGN BODIES-Cotton Balls (demo)
F.R.A.F.-Fuck The Rolling Stones (demo)
WHITE PAGES-Empty Calories & Male Curiosity (Can’t Stand Ya)
BILLY SYNTH AND THE TURN-UPS-I Dig Your Mind (from “Battle of the Garages,” Voxx)

RESIDENTS-Bach Is Dead (Ralph)
CRAMPS-Human Fly (IRS)
SCREAMERS-Thru The Flames (boot)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS-I Hate My Job (from “Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death,” Ward-9)
RED CROSS-Rich Brat (from “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself,” New Underground)


RETOX-Death Will Change Your Life (Epitaph)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-Straight (Dead Oceans)
LOW LIFE-Down At The Dogs (RIP Society/Disinfect)
IRON YOUTH-Elude (Video Disease)

GRABBIES-I Wanna Be Blind (Proud To Be Idiot)
STREET TRASH-What The Shit (Kapow)
INDIGESTI-Osservati Dall’inganno (TVOR)
AGNOSTIC FRONT-Your Mistake (Ratcage)
STOIC VIOLENCE-Chained (Video Diesase)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-We All Sink (Third Party/Nation of Finks)

SHARK PANTS-Later Alligator (Recess)
ABDUCTEE SD-It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To (Communichaos)
MANHANDLERS-Make Out Bandit (Criminal IQ)
KRUNCHIES-Not-So-Instant Karma (Criminal IQ)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Orientasi Profit Institusi (Bad Hair Life)


KILLDOZER-Hi There (Touch and Go)
SORRY-Not Today (Homestead)
CHUMPS-Cop Shot (Forge)
DAY CREEPER-Nervous Energy (Tic Tac Totally)
CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)

RELATIONSHIPS-I Don’t Know (demo)
NUBEES-Crosswalk (Existential Vacuum)
THUMBSUCKERS-Outside World (Eat The Life)
C.R.A.S.H.-Limits and Boundaries (Post Present Medium)
SHARDS-God’s A Cop (from “Dick’s Picks 4006,” self-released)
SOFT MOON-Far (Captured Tracks)

ADAM & THE ANTS-Press Darlings (Epic)

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