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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #97, 4/22/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/22/15

WIRE-Reuters (EMI)

RUTS-Babylon’s Burning (Virgin)
WIPERS-Over The Edge (Zeno)
SAINTS-This Perfect Day (Sire)
AGENT ORANGE-Everything Turns Grey (Posh Boy)
EFFIGIES-Mob Clash (Touch & Go)

CAREER SUICIDE-Punitive Damages (Deranged)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Douche Chills (from upcoming album)
DEAD ONES-Big Thinking Bastards (Gloom)
DEATHSQUAD-Walking On Rusty Nails (Bonus Choke)
DESPERAT-For Allman Beskadan (Hardcore Victim)
CRIATURAS-Aranas en el Corazon (Lengua Armada)

HÜSKER DÜ-Everything Falls Apart (Reflex)
FUGAZI-Latin Roots (Dischord)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU-Caress (Headhunter)
ROLLINS BAND-If You’re Alive (Texas Hotel)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Fog Sclope (Toxic State)
LEATHER DADDY-At Night (Failure)
SLUGGA-Parasite (Total Punk)
CRACKS-Yellow Ribbons (Slipping Grip)
OPPOSITION RISING-The Rich Are Killing The Poor (Profane Existence)
ASSHOLE PARADE-Soliders (from “Reality Part #2,” Deep Six)
LOW THREAT PROFILE-The Product (Draw Blank/Deep Six)

REPLACEMENTS-Dope Smokin Moron (Twin/Tone)
OUTLETS-Best Friends (Modern Method)
NEIGHBORHOODS-She’s So Good (live 1980)
MOVING TARGETS-Changing Your Mind (from “Bands That Could Be God,” Conflict)
THE CRUDE-Vacation (from “Hudson Rock,” MCE)
EXTRAS-This Generation Doesn’t Judge Anybody (from “Hudson Rock,” MCE)

DRY HUMP-Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead (Cowabunga)
COPS-I Am Tired and I Want To Go Home (Rob’s House)
CEREMONY-Don’t Touch Me (Bridge Nine)
YOUNG OFFENDERS-South (Deranged)
POOR LILY-Trap Door (self-released)
SLUTEVER-Sun Hot (self-released)

ULTRA-VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Static Shock)
E.A.T.E.R.-Religion (Loud Punk)
LETHAL OVERDOSE-City Limits (Collision Course)
CAPITAL SCUM-We Must Have Guts (from “Alle 24 Goed!,” Demolition Derby)
DEHUMANIZERS-Can’t Sleep (from “Apathy... Never!,” Over The Top)
VICIOUS CIRCLE-Vicious Circle (Reactor)

EJECTOR SEATS-Status Symbol Slump (Collision Course)
PESTS-Kill Her Some More (self-released)
TURBONEGRO-A Dazzling Display of Talent (Burning Heart)
BENDERS-Can’t Tame Me (from “Back From The Grave Volume Eight,” Crypt)

FU’S-What You Pay For (X-Claim)
REAGAN YOUTH-Reagan Youth (self-released)
GORILLA BISCUITS-Competition (Revelation)
DISCHARGE-Fight Back (Clay)
SHAM 69-Questions and Answers (Polydor)
BUZZCOCKS-Everybody’s Happy Nowadays (IRS)

PSYCHEDELIC FURS-So Run Down (Columbia)
DAMNED-Problem Child (Stiff)

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