Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #114, 8/26/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 8/26/15

DEATH ANGEL-Bored (Enigma)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Painful Mountain (Toxic State)
RASPBERRY BULBS-Light Surrounds Me (Blackest Ever Black)
INSTITUTE-Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)
SAVAGES-Husbands (Matador)

DEATHWISH-Balance Of Power (Beer City)
THE SHINING-Ze Komen Ook Biz Jou (Pick Up)
BLACK ARMY JACKET-Primitive Crawl (Brainscan)
PMRC-Your America (Motorchest)
MOTÖRHEAD-Victory or Die (UDR)

VCR-Murder City Rules (demo)
BLOBS-Garbage Police (demo)
KAJUN SS-Bored Of Life (Therapeutic)
BREAKOUT-Allied Forces (demo)
CÜLO-Adult Life Is No Fun (Deranged)

VARIX-Out Of Reach (Fashionable Idiots)
GRUK-Teach ‘Em (demo)
SAFE INSIDE-M.E. (Black Matter)
SEX BUNKER-Fred Hampton Will Have His Revenge On Chicago (demo)
VACANT STATE-Where’s The Line? (Warthog Speak)

SALEM 66-Shimmery Fish (demo)
BÖRN-Auõn (Total Negativity)
CEMETERY-Worms (Mass Media)
NERVOUS TREND-Dead End (demo)
FADING OUT-Shadows (Drag City)

DECADENCE-Slam (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
SPECIAL FORCES-Death and Havoc (demo)
SUBURBAN MENACE-Get Outta My Way (from “All Your Ears Can Hear,” AYECH International)
PRECIOUS SECRETS-I Wanna Know (from “Amuck,” Placebo)
HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “State Funeral,” Artcore)

RIXE-Larmes de Crocodile (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BITCHINREALITY-What Reality? (demo)
BA’AD TRIP-I WAS Yer Baby (demo)
MAC BLACKOUT-Voodoo Doll (Dead Beat)
NERVOUS GENDER-People Like You (Subterranean)

NAZTI SKINZ-Race War (Youth Attack)
REPOS-Flame Still Burns (Youth Attack)
NEEDLES-Comatose (Lengua Armada)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-Cry Me A Fuckin’ River (Unholy Thrash)
SHITTY LIMITS-When Humans Shout At Dogs (Motorchest)
DIODES-We’re Ripped (CBS)

PARIAH-Running For Cover (Posh Boy)
UK SUBS-You Don’t Belong (Captain Oi)
LEPER-Shoot Me Up With Violence (demo)
ROXY MUSIC-Editions Of You (Atco)

CRUCIAL YOUTH-Positive Dental Outlook (New Red Archives)
GRUDGE-Grudge (Jism)
JUD JUD-Fast Song (No Idea)
BUNNY SKULLS-AHC/False X (self-released)
LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Juice Stomp (Moo-La-La)

VOIVOD-Voivod (Futurist)

MEN WITHOUT HATS-Security (Stiff)

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