Friday, January 29, 2016

Sonic Overload 1/4/16

The term “legend” is bandied about more than it should be but it applies to Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, who passed away last week at the age of 70, mere days after he’d reached that milestone. I’m not going to wax all that poetic about it because Lemmy probably would have just told me to knock it the fuck off. I did a more extensive tribute on last Wednesday’s Stench Radio show and I’ll hopefully get the archive up to date this week so you’ll be able to hear it soon. One set of Motörhead songs this week and a few other tracks from other bands that Lemmy played with.

Oh yeah, Happy  New Year...

Sonic Overload 1/4/16


MOTÖRHEAD-Overkill (Roadracer) in memory of Lemmy

MOTÖRHEAD-Back At The Funny Farm (Bronze)
MOTÖRHEAD-Shoot You In The Back (Mercury)
MOTÖRHEAD-Mean Machine (Profile)
MOTÖRHEAD-Leaving Here (Stiff)

MONOTONY-Wrong (Faux Disc)
ARMITAGE SHANKS-Told You So (Damaged Goods)
BRENTWOODS-Give It To Me Head (Radio X)
WINKS-Trick or Treat (Rip Off)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Mati Di Moskow (Bad Hair Life)
BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS-CIA (Ultrahumans) (Orgone Toilet)


RUDIMENTARY PENI-Radio Schizo (Corpus-Christi)
PARTISANS-Blind Ambition (Captain Oi)
BLITZKRIEG-Warfares Heroes (Cherry Red)
ONE WAY SYSTEM-One Way System (Captain Oi)

BANDAGES-All Extreme Measures (Sorry State)
CLASSHOLE-Commit A Crime (from “The Transcendental Maggot’s Revenge,” Tsuguri)
MORAL PANIC-Your Decline (Heinous Fuck)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me (Deep Six)
KIELTOLAKI-Kulutsrunkkaus (Feral Ward)
DEATH SIDE-Mirror (Feral Ward)

SAM GOPAL-Escalator (Esoteric)
HAWKWIND-Psychedelic Warlords (Cleopatra)
DOCTORS OF MADNESS-Bulletin (United Artists)
CHOSEN FEW-Get In On Life (from “Cry of Atlantis,” Bacchus Archives)


WHATEVER BRAINS-An Object (Sorry State)
PERMANENT MAKEUP-Space Race Is Dead (New Granada)
FANTASMAS-No Soul (Low Life Inc.)
WOODBOOT-Million Dollar Car (Erst Theke Tonträger)
CAR CRASH-Execution (Secret Mission)
HIGH TENSION WIRES-Old Enough To Be Home Alone (Dirtnap)

FULL SPEED AHEAD-Overload (Manic Ride)
EXECUTIONER-Crime Through Corruption (Patac)
SIDE BY SIDE-Dead Serious (Revelation)
CAUSE FOR ALARM-True Colors (Victory)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Jocks and Cops (Feral Ward)
TEAR IT UP-I’ll Make You Regret It (Coalition)
LIFE’S HALT-Race For 97 (demo)
INFEST-Life’s Halt (Deep Six/Draw Blank)


WEIRDOS-Helium Bar (Frontier)
UXA-Tragedies (Posh Boy)
POLICE-Contact (A&M)
WEDDING PRESENT-Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy! (Reception)

GAG-Pretty Boy (Iron Lung)
IDIOTS RULE-Zero Mentality (demo)
RAW NERVE-Dating Problems/Ill Of The Dead (Youth Attack)
BEAST FIEND-Thinking About Death (demo)
PURA MANIA-Tus Ojos (Cvrecs)

HAWKWIND-Silver Machine (Cleopatra)

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