Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sonic Overload on Old FX Punk Radio--show #26, 9/21/16

Only three sets this week... technical problems... listen live every Wed. from 9 to 11 PM eastern... www.oldfxpunkradio.com

Sonic Overload on Old FX Punk Radio, 9/21/16

R’N’R-I’ve Had It (DeadAlive)

NO SIR I WON’T-No More Poetry (demo)
LOSER LIFE-I Want The World (Life’s A Rape)
MYSTIC INANE-Grease Inna Hair (Negative Jazz)
BRAIN F≠-Sleep Rough (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
SHOPPERS-III (Drugged Conscience)
DOWNTOWN BOYS-Rich Boy (One Percent Press)

REALLY RED-Too Political? (Alternative Tentacles)
RF7-Kiss Ass (GTA)
RHINO-39-Sleepwalkers (Triple X)
DICKIES-You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) (A&M)
REZILLOS-Cold Wars (Sire)

THE PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)
FRIED EGG-Mixed Feelings (Negative Jazz)
NURSE-The Anchor (Scavenger Of Death)
NANDAS-Butterfly Exhibit (Toxic State)
SAILBOATS ARE WHITE-Unfair Nitemare (from “Destroy Music—Start Your Own Band,” Schizophrenic)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Tanpa Masalah (Bad Hair Life)

VICIOUS CIRCLE-Bloodrace (Not Like You)
UBR-Pustota (Rest In Punk)
COMES-Baca Moss (Dogma)
CONFLICT-Fester (Unjust)
NOG WATT-Going On (Revenge)
CHAOS UK-Senseless Conflict (Riot City)

PATSY-Insidious Kind (Total Punk)
EX-CULT-Mr. Investigator (In The Red)
FOSTER CARE-Bury Me (Total Punk)
SEX POWERS-Dive Bombs (Not Like You)

THE NEED-Mind Split Open (Aggravation Overdose)
DEATH OF SAMANTHA-Coca-Cola & Licorice (St. Valentine)
DAY CREEPER-Nervous Energy (Tic Tac Totally)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)
JOSEF K-Heads Watch (Domino)

PSO-Keepin’ It Real (Not Like You)
SCUZZ-Space Creep (Loud Punk)
NERV-Discipline (self-released)
ANS-A Suit, A Tie and A Gun (Gnarly Slaugther)
BONES BRIGADE-Adult Crash (Fight Fire With Fire)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Shut Up, Fuck You, Die (Insurgence)
MURDER DISCO X-Nothing New (Profane Existence)

THE MOB-Another Day, Another Death (Broken)

CODE OF HONOR-New Era/And We Fight (Subterranean)

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