Monday, January 16, 2017

Sonic Overload 1/9/17

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Sonic Overload 1/9/17


NEO-Tran-Sister (Jet)

A.D. SKINNER-From The Inside (demo)
BEND SINISTER-Crack Up (demo)
LEATHER LUNGS-Scratch & Sniff (demo)
SCORE-Shot/Caught (demo)
LOWEST FORM-Helter Skelter (Iron Lung)
KID CHROME-TV In My Head (demo)

CHATTERBOX-The Visitor (Adventure)
LIVIN’ SACRIFICE-San (Rosa Honung)
FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)
ESSENTIAL LOGIC-Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)
KLEENEX-Ain’t You (Kill Rock Stars)
RAINCOATS-Fairytale In The Supermarket (DGC)


MANIC HISPANIC-Get Them Immigrated (BYO) in memory of Mike “Gabby” Gaborno
SELBY TIGERS-Dolph Indicator (Hopeless)
MONSTERS-Dig My Hair (Voodoo Rhythm)
INHALANTS-Kill You (Unclean)
NARCS-Rot Blood (Cowabunga)
SEX POWERS-I’ll Rip Yer Fuckin’ Head Off (Not Like You)

S.L.I.P.-There’s No Hope For The USA (Sorry State)
DAVIDIANS-Nutmeg (Sorry State)
OMEGAS-Splendid Blaze (Beach Impediment)
ENAMEL-Don’t Care (demo)
S.H.I.T.-Bliss (from “Hardcore—Gimme Some More,” Beach Impediment)
VAAKSA-Destruye (Hardware)

JERRY’S KIDS-Tear It Up (demo)
RAZZIA-B-Alarm (Weird System)
RUDIMENTARY PENI-Radio Schizo (Corpus Christi)
PARTISANS-Blind Ambition (Cloak & Dagger)
SPECIAL DUTIES-Too Much Talking (Captain Oi)


VENENO LENTO-Autoridades Na Cidade (Nada Nada)
RULETA RUSA-Destruye La Television (Solo Para Punks)
LOS MONJO-Cerdos (Todo Destruido)
RAYGUN-Aivopesty Kansakuuta (Kämäset Levyt)
RAYOS X-Soledad (Mata-La-Musica)
S.C.U.M.-American Mould (Psyche Industry)

JAH WOBBLE-Betrayal (Virgin)
4” BE 2”-One Of The Lads (Island)
JOSEF K-Heads Watch (Domino)

VAURIO-Ajatelle (Feral Ward)
ASBEST-Afstrumpet (Hjernespind)
REGRESS-Reagan’s Disease (We’ve Got) (Boot Camp)
APE ATTACK-Useless (No Words/Yellow Dog)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS-Trick Question (Closet Landscapes)
CONCEALED BLADE-Wage Slave (Beach Impediment)
AVO-Gearheads Suck (Even Worse/Kangaroo)


UBIK-Andrew Bolt’s Twitter Account (demo)
WHIPPER-White Glove (Aarght!)
DECRANEO-Siamesas (Crapoulet)
LYSOL-Knucklehead (Total Punk)
WORSE-Fun Size (Deranged)
THE BOX-The Door (Plastic Spoons)

KUDGEL-Neo-Nozzle (Super 8)
SLEEPWALL-Sleepwalkers (Toxic Pop)
WRY-Blueprint To Nero (Forge)
TUGBOAT ANNIE-Jack-Knife (Sonic Bubblegum)

RANK/XEROX-Discipline (Make A Mess)

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