Monday, February 13, 2017

Sonic Overload 1/23/17

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Sonic Overload 1/23/17

GIZMOS-Amerika First (Gulcher)

CONCEALED BLADE-Future Killers (Beach Impediment)
CAREER SUICIDE-Break Away (Static Shock)
GENERACION SUICIDA-Circulo Vicoso (Going Underground)
LAS OTRAS-Tragedia (Discos Sense Nom)
SUDOR-Algo En Su Cabeza Hizo Crack (Todo Destruido)
TERCER MUNDO-Viejas Glorias (Cintas Pepe)

UNIFORM-The Killing Of America (Sacred Bones)
RUNNING-We Never Close (Castle Face)
GAY ANNIVERSARY-Lazy Boyz (Slovenly)

INSTANT AGONY-Anti-Police (Half Man Half Biscuit)
LEWD-Polluted Brain (Chuckie-Boy)
EXPLOITED-Attack (Captain Oi)
CRUCIFUCKS-Official Terrorism (Alternative Tentacles)
DEATHWISH-Tailgate (Amory Arms)


AUS ROTTEN-Fuck Nazi Sympathy (Tribal War)

RASH-Swing (High Fashion Industries)
GLUE-Backwards Society (Katorga Works)
DAWN OF HUMANS-Tort.Plorde.Burst (Toxic State)
FRAU-Mira (self-released)
RAPID LOSS-False Bottom (Mata La Musica)

MIND SPIDERS-Fall In Line (Dirtnap)
A FRAMES-Ionic (S-S)
POP. 1280-New Electronix (Sacred Bones)

ONLY ONES-Oh No (CBS) in memory of Mike Kellie
BOOMTOWN RATS-Blind Date (Columbia)
ROBERT JOHNSON-Wreck My Mind (Ensign)
ELVIS COSTELLO-No Action (Columbia)


KONTRAATTAQUE-Estoy Harto (El Grito) in memory of Dirk
LEPROSY-Politics Of Power (Hardcore Victim)
SEXUAL SUICIDE-National Grind (United Riot)
NEGATIVE GAIN-Back From The Dead (Pusmort)
PARANOIA-The Undertaker (Alchemy)
ONSLAUGHT-Onslaught (Power From Hell) (Pusmort)

BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand (S-S)
INSTITUTE-Leathernecks (Sacred Bones)

MOTT THE HOOPLE-Rock and Roll Queen (Atlantic) in memory of Pete “Overend” Watts
NUBIANS-Lamborghini Lyfe (Rice Toys)
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY-Mouth On The Wall (Big Neck)
GAUNT-Breakin Down (Amphetamine Reptile)


REACHAROUNDS-I’m A Flower (Push and Pull)
BANDAGES-Tokyo Carwash (Sorry State)
BEASTEATER-Candy and Fireworks (Big Neck)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-I’m Up You’re Out (Amphetamine Reptile)
MUDHONEY-Touch Me I’m Sick (Sub Pop)

SWELL MAPS-Real Shocks (Alive)
RUDE KIDS-Absolute Ruler (Distortion)
PACK-Riots (Vinyl)
GUILTY RAZORS-Don’t Wanna Be A Rich (Seventeen)


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