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Sonic Overload 2/20/17

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Sonic Overload 2/20/17


ANTI CIMEX-When The Innocent Die (Distortion)

SUBURBAN HOMES-Conformity In The UK (Total Punk)
TVTV-I’m Trouble (Episode Sounds)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Subversif (Torture Garden Picture Company)
STRAIGHT CRIMES-Yr A Shithead (demo)
CRUELSTER-Dumb Fuck (Turbine Piss)
SICK THOUGHTS-Creeping You Out (self-released)

MALE PATTERNS-Depression (demo)
S.L.I.P.-Boys In Blue (Sorry State)
REPTOIDES-Extermino (World Gone Mad)
FIREWALKER-Don’t Cross Me (demo)
DUMSPELL-Distract Me (demo)
TOTALOVE-Luna Ilena (demo)

FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-They Lie We Die (One Little Indian)
ICONS OF FILTH-Your Military (Mortarhate)
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-A Prayer and a Bomb (GTA)
ABBA-Waterloo (Atlantic)


DANGUS TARKUS-Backseat Love (Dig)
VANITY CREEPS-Coney Island (demo)
KICKING SPIT-Way Out (Tankcrimes)
CHRIST ON A CRUTCH-Life Everlasting (Over The Top)
CITIZENS ARREST-Fortress (DeadAlive)
FINAL CONFLICT-Apocalypse Now (Pusmort)

PISSED JEANS-Cold Whip Cream (Sub Pop)
GLAD HUSBANDS-Tennis (Whosbrain)
USA NAILS-Oven Degreaser, Lisa (Too Pure)
VILE BODIES-Indentured (demo)
BLANK SPELL-Echo Chamber (demo)

SOUND OF DISASTER-Tank Realistisk (Really Fast)
DS-13-Arm The Victims (Deranged)
SKITKIDS-Lycklig Idiot (Kick N Punch)
WOLFPACK-The End? (Farewell)
BATHORY-Holocaust (Under One Flag)


MOMMY-N.Y. Presbyterian (Toxic State)
TV SLIME-Severed (self-released)
TV FREAKS-Co-Worker Blues (Schizophrenic)
COWS-Walks Alone (Amphetamine Reptile)

STRESSHOLD-Surf (demo)
PROCESS OF ELIMINATION-Won’t Comply (Abnormal Broadcasting)
SBF-Paused (demo)
BREAKOUT-Different View (demo)
RIZOMA-It Feels So Good To Kill My Neighbors While Listening To The Stooges (Fast & Loud)
CRUDE HUMOR-Power Trip (Not Normal)

MIGHTY IONS-George The Animal Steele (Dino) in memory of George “The Animal” Steele
COFFIN BREAK-Kill The President (C/Z)
ARCHIE & THE PUKES-I Got Worms (from “Destroy All Art” Rock N’ Roll Parasite)
BLUE SWEDE-Hooked On A Feeling (EMI)


SAINTS-(I’m) Stranded (Sire)
FACILITY MEN-Down In The Valley (demo)
COUTEAU LATEX-Morphée (Goner)
MALA LECHE-Pantellas (demo)

RAKTA-Tudo Que é Solido (540)
RATA NEGRA-Dientese Sombre El Metal (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHAMELEONS-The Fan and The Bellows (Hybrid)
TOTAL MUZAK-Salt I Såret (from “Bosse Sound,” Dionysus)

LEATHER NUN-Prime Mover (Subterranean)

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