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Sonic Overload 12/10/18

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Sonic Overload 12/10/18


BUZZCOCKS-Fast Cars (United Artists) in memory of Pete Shelley

BUZZCOCKS-Boredom (New Hormones)
BUZZCOCKS-Breakdown/Love Battery (from “The Roxy London WC2,” Harvest)
BUZZCOCKS-What Do I Get? (United Artists)

BUZZCOCKS-Oh Shit (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-Fiction Romance (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-Autonomy (United Artists)

BUZZCOCKS-Real World (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-Nothing Left (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-ESP (United Artists)


FLOWER-Distraction From Atrocity (demo)
Q-DQQR (Lumpy)
ZODD-Dystopian Future (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHAIN WHIP-Let’s Bomb East Van (Neon Taste)
HAIRCUT-Boy’s Club (Feel It)
SEM HASTRO-Quem São Vocés (Hysteria)
SKINNED ALIVE-Forced To Die (demo)

SBF-Tarantula Hawk (Neck Chop)
HALLELUJAH!-Terror At The Post Office (Maple Death)
PERVERTS AGAIN-Brute In The Bathroom (Non-Commercial)
SAURIANS-Ivy (demo)
FAG COP-Nailed It To The Cross (Rank Toy)
GASENETA-Rehabilitation (PSF)

HAPPY FLOWERS-They Cleaned My Cut Out With A Wire Brush (Homestead)
CHINESE STARS-Eyes Of The Secret North (Skin Graft)
BOSS HOG-Some Sara (Amphetamine Reptile)
VERTIGO-Big Black Bugs (Amphetamine Reptile)


KAILA STONE-Olive Calling (from “Raise Your Voice Joyce,” Static Shock)
SILLA ELECTRICA-Es Lo Que Hay (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
WLMRT-Deathsticks Ruined My Life (from “Killed By Meth #3,” It’s Trash)
PENETRODE-Death-Life (Neck Chop)
KNOWSO-King Of Things (Neck Chop)
NOTS-No Novelty (Goner)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION-Bad Trip (Schizophrenic)
CODE OF HONOR-People’s Revolution (Subterranean)
SICK PLEASURE-Disintegration (Subterranean)
BELCHING PENGUIN-Blow Your Mind (Burrito)
SUBVERSE-Religious Lies (from “The Hysterical Years ’86-’90,” Manic Ears)

EX-CULT-Shattered Circle (Goner)
BEASTEATER-Slight Oversight (Big Neck)
SLIMY MEMBER-Bomb Blast/Age Old Time (Drunken Sailor)
FLESHIES-You’re All Doomed (Alternative Tentacles)
FUCKED UP-Last Man Standing (Deranged)


BUZZCOCKS-I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-Hollow Inside (United Artists)
BUZZCOCKS-Are Everything (IRS)

PETE SHELLEY-Sky Yen (Groovy)
PETE SHELLEY-Homosapien (Genetic)
PENETRATION-Nostalgia (Virgin)
AMERICAN NUDISM-Fiction Romance (demo)
YEASTIE GIRLZ-Orgasm Addict (Lookout)

BUZZCOCKS-I Believe (United Artists)

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