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Sonic Overload 7/29/19

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Sonic Overload 7/29/19


DOVE-Ambivalence (from “Bouncing Babies,” Fountain Of Youth)

POBREZA MENTAL-Nowhere To Go (Toxic State)
MACK ENEMY-False Alarm (demo)
CRIMINAL WAVE-White Wash (Xerox)
SAP-Short Stick (demo)
GUTTER-Caught Up In The Shit (demo)
DROIDS BLOOD-Unreality (Drunken Sailor)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION-Get Lost (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION-19A.D.4 (Schizophrenic)
INFERNO-7 Jahre/Ein Tag Im Schatten (Rise & Fall)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Kiss Of Death (from “Cleanse The Bacteria,” Pusmort)
CIVIL DISSIDENT-Vacant Race (Prank)
WILLFUL NEGLECT-E.M.S.& D. (Neglected)

JUDY AND THE JERKS-Cyclops Baby (Thrilling Living)
DOTS-Alpha Cat (Dirt Cult)
NEO NEOS-Hitler Wuz A Nazi (Neck Chop)
KING CHUBBY-Fuck Life, Let’s Punk (demo)
MOZART-Miserable Adult (Iron Lung)
KIDS OF ZOO-Yabba Man (Adagio830)


PIGBAG-Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag (Y)
ELTON MOTELLO-Pop Art (Passport)
LENE LOVICH-New Toy (Stiff)

BROTHERHOOD-No Tolerance (Crucial Response) in memory of Ron Guardipee
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Dead Weight (Painkiller)
DROPDEAD-Warfare State (Armageddon)
PUNCH IN THE FACE-At War With Everybody (Lengua Armada)
ALERT! ALERT!-Awesome, We’re Going To Shred (from “KCDIY,” Cassette Kill/Big Brown Shark)
SKIZOPHRENIA-Attack! (Kick Rock)

BELFEGORE-All That I Wanted (Elektra)
ROGUE MALE-All Over You (Elektra)


PUSSY GALORE-Cunt Tease (Shove)
DISTRACTORS-Don’t You Just Know It (Dime Store)
FUNERAL CONE-Hey Babe (100% Breakfast)
RESOURCE NETWORK-Superiority Complex (demo)
IAN CLARK-Revolving Door (demo)
THE NERVOUS-Kopfweh (Nervous)

GIRLS-Jeffrey I Hear You (Hearthan)
WILLIE “LOCO” ALEXANDER-Dirty Eddie (Northeastern)
UNDERTONES-Hypnotised (Sire)

READ YELLOW-Model America (Fenway)
COLLATE-Selective Memory (Market Square)
MOD VIGIL-Million Dollar Downstroke (Fozmo)
SHUX-Wolfman’s Eyeballs (demo)


PISSER-Breaking Chains (Schizophrenic)
U-NIX-Liberal Hardcore (Feel It)
HAIRSPRAY QUEEN-Love Enough (Atomic Action)
CRANK-Sour (self-released)
CONDOMINIUM-Teeth (self-released)

ADOLESCENTS-Kids Of The Black Hole (Frontier)
VKTMS-Ballad of Pincushion Smith (from “SF Underground,” Subterranean)
NUNS-You Think You’re The Best (Bomp)
X-White Girl (Slash)

PASTICHE-Talk Show (P-P)

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