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Sonic Overload 7/20/20

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Sonic Overload 7/20/20


SNFU-Cannibal Café (BYO) in memory of Ken “Mr. Chi Pig” Chinn 

SNFU-Broken Toy (BYO)
SNFU-Victims of the Womanizer (from “Something To Believe In,” BYO)
SNFU-Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy (from “It Came From Inner Space,” Rubber)
GENETIC CONTROL-Brave New World (Generic)
DIRECT ACTION-Hate Generation (Schizophrenic)

CUMGIRL8-Answer (Muddguts)
EXIT GROUP-Cruel Fog (Castle Face)
HEVRAT HA’HASHMAL-Conveying Goods (demo)
ALL HITS-Blockhead (Iron Lung)
THE COWBOY-El Põno (Feel It)

SNIFFANY & THE NITS-Girl Factory (Thrilling Living)
VANILLA POPPERS-I’m An Adult Baby (Feel It)
C.H.E.W.-Baby Don’t Fear The Reaper (Iron Lung)
SOAKIE-Or You Or You Or You (La Vida Es Un Mus)
AUTOMATIC-Champagne (Stones Throw)


DIDJITS-Killboy Powerhead (Touch and Go)
PLASMATICS-Won’t You (Vice Squad)
NASTY FACTS-Drive My Car (Jimboco)
GIRLSCHOOL-Kick It Down (Stiff)

HERO DISHONEST-Minä Minä Minä (Peterwalkee)
KNIFE FIGHT-Hypocrite (My War)
BOOTLICKER-Defiance (Warthog Speak)
CHAIN WHIP-(I Don’t Wanna Live In A) Fucked Up World (self-released)
COKE BUST-Countdown To Death (Six Weeks)
GAME-Crush (Quality Control HC)

CRUNT-Black Heart (Trance)
GUZZARD-Supersonic Enemy of Evil (Amphetamine Reptile)
KEPONE-Leadbreath (Quarterstick)
CUNTS-He’s A Lady (Ipecac)


LIQUIDS-Don’t Give A Fuck About You (Neck Chop)
SIMILAR ITEMS-The Manufactured Man (demo)
SCHIZOS-Chinese Voodoo (Sweet Time)
GREEN JAG-1503 (demo)
FOSTER CARE-El Abuso (Total Punk)
INSTITUTE-Cheaptime Morals (Sacred Bones)

DOCTORS OF MADNESS-Doctors Of Madness (United Artists)
NNB-Slack (Wave 7)
SUICIDE COMMANDOS-Complicated Fun (from “Big Hits Of Mid-America Volume Three,” Twin/Tone)

DISABLE-False Flag (BrainSlash)
DEATH GASP-Systemic Sickness (Atrocious Madness)
KOHTI TUHOA-Taas Snussa (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SIRKKA-Kuluttava Kone (demo)
MACE-Waves (demo)
SCALLY-Yo No Tengo Modas (self-released)


TUXEDOMOON-What Use? (Ralph)
PASTICHE-Talk Show (P-P)
PASSIONS-I’m In Love With A German Film Star (Polydor)

RUBBER MATE-Floor Licker (Saucepan)
UNIFORM OPERATOR-No Right To Complain (Peterwalkee)
THE CHISEL-Class Oppression (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANDROID-W.W. VI (demo)
SPECIAL INTEREST-Don’t Kiss Me In Public (Thrilling Living)

LOST SOUNDS-Don’t Turn Around (Empty)

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