Monday, September 28, 2009

Sonic Overload 9/14/09

Remembering 9/11 and my friend Jane, who died that day. I don't dwell too much on the day's events but, rather, play some of Jane's favorite bands and songs. This week also celebrates free speech, even for the dumbasses who showed up for the latest "teabagger" event on 9/12. Finally, the annual salute (middle finger style) to Hank Williams Jr, who always has me reaching for the remote so I can hit the mute button while he sings that blasted "Are You Ready For Some Football" song. Yeesh...

Sonic Overload 9/14/09


JOHN WAYNE’S SEVERED HEAD-2 Towers & Too Many Flags (self-released)

NEIGHBORS-Poor Country (self-released)
STATE-Country Daydream (Underestimated)
DEATH IS EASY-Trained (Work N Stiff)
HOLDING ON-The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played (Bridge Nine)
BROKEN BONES-Terrorist Attack (SOS)
ANS-Seized By Fascists (Tankcrimes)

TRABANT-Fascism Is Sexy (New Disorder)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-The War At Home (Smartguy)
WIRE-New York City (EMI)
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS-Wow Wow Wow (Adult Swim)
THE BRONX-Cobra Lucha (Write Drugs)

LIPKICK-To Cope (Kink)
RELIGIOUS SS DISORDER-Wasted Passion (Punks Before Profits)
LIBYANS-Erased (Headcount)
SHITTY LIMITS-Show Me (Sorry State)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Fish Boys (Parts Unknown)


DISCHARGE-Free Speech For The Dumb (Clay)

BANG GANG-Stupid People (Marako Mazuri)
PLAID RETINA-Stupidity Disease (Lookout)
BRIEFS-We Americans (Dirtnap)
SPITS-Flags (Recess)
DETENTION-Dead Rock ‘n Rollers (Grand Theft Audio)
JIM CARROLL BAND-Voices (Atco) in memory of Jim Carroll

DISSYSTEMA-Living In a Post 9-11 World (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES-What Did We Expect? (Antagony Media)
FROM ASHES RISE-Reaction (Jade Tree)
STATIONS-Bodies and Borders (Abiology)

DAN WEBB AND THE SPIDERS-The Fall of ’08 (self-released)
ZOOPARTY-The Race Has Begun (ACME)
VITAMIN PARTY-Animal Farm (Get It Out!)
RENTALS-New York (from “We Went and Recorded It Anyway,” Brutarian Quarterly)


NEGATIVE APPROACH-Whatever I Do (Touch & Go)
SOA-Gonna Hafta Fight (Dischord)
WILLFUL NEGLECT-Same Old Bullshit (Neglected)
GRAVEN IMAGE-Fascist State (Modern Rebellion)
BAD ANTICS-Negative (Flat Black)
NATION OF HATE-Cop Shop (Big Heavy World/Breakaway)
BATTLETORN-Cutthroat (Mad At The World)

RED EYED LEGENDS-Je M’appelle Macho (File 13)
TASHTEGO-Arms-We Know How To Use ‘Em (demo)
UV RAYS-Failed Generation (Feral Kid)
THE HUSSY-Snakes (Science of Sound)

SOTATILA-Sotatila Tappaa (Kämäset Levyt)
DISKOIRÄÄ-Regeton (Humildad Y Honestidad)
ASTA KASK-Sex Komplex (Rosa Honung)
CHANNEL 3-Mannequin (Posh Boy)
WEIRDOS-We Got The Neutron Bomb (Frontier)


MAGNOLIAS-Fathers & Sins (Twin-Tone)

BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)
JOY DIVISION-Interzone (Qwest)
COCTEAU TWINS-Wax and Wane (4AD)
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-Do It Clean (Sire)
THE FALL-Prole Art Threat (Rough Trade)

BLOWBACK-Fight Again (HG Fact)
DERRIDA-Myrskyn Silmässä (Tuska & Ahditus)
LEWD ACTS-Black Eye Blues (Deathwish)
PANTERA-Fucking Hostile (Atco)

METALLICA-Whiplash (Elektra)

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  1. I CHANGE THE CHANNEL when that stupid Faith Hill song comes on NBC Sunday nights...