Monday, September 14, 2009

Sonic Overload 9/7/09

The Labor Day show, not only paying tribute to working men and women but also that fixture of the holiday, Mr. Jerry Lewis.... well, sort of.

Sonic Overload 9/7/09


PAINT IT BLACK-Labor Day (Jade Tree)

ANTI-Working In A Factory (Grand Theft Audio)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-Working Class Pride (Pusmort)
REJECTORS-Work Machine (Public Safety)
MDC-I Hate Work (RRadical)
MC RAD-Sundial (Red)
MARGINAL MAN-Missing Rungs (Dischord)

GOVERNMENT WARNING-Slave Labor (Feral Ward)
RAT BYTE-My Boss Is A Jerk (FNS/Party Time)
ACID REFLUX-Customers Fuck Off (No Way)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-Five O’Clock (Reflex)
THE STRIKE-Kicking Ass (Johann’s Face)

PULSES-Factory (Dirtnap)
MINUTEMEN-Working Men Are Pissed (SST)
PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)
MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)
SORRY-Stop (Homestead)


DEAD MILKMEN-Labor Day (Restless)

JERRY’S KIDS-Uncontrollable (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
JERRY’S KIDZ-Marionettes (Test Site)
MEATMEN-Crippled Children Suck (Touch & Go)
FANG-Destroy The Handicapped (Boner)
POISON IDEA-Crippled Angel (Taang)

FOR THE WORSE-Working Class Myth (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE-Working Class Ass (from “Start A Riot,” Clean Plate)
CRASS-The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off (Crass)
SUBHUMANS-Work Experience (Bluurg)

THE JAM-Smithers-Jones (Polydor)
COCK SPARRER-Working (Taang)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-Petty Wage (New Red Archives)
PIST-Black and Blue Collar (Elevator)


NEW BOMB TURKS-Fingernail Chomp (Crypt)

BLOODY GEARS-Bite The Hand (demo)
CELEBRITY ROAST-Rising Wages, Dropping Names (Creep)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Calling In (demo)
CRINGER-Workaholic (Vinyl Communication)
DISSENSION-Why Work For Death? (Metal Storm)

CAREER SUICIDE-Part and Parcel (Deranged)
BLACK SS-Have Some Self-Respect (Reaper)
TRIPLE THREAT-Easy Target (Bridge Nine)
LOS OLVIDADOS-Assassin Of Youth (Alternative Tentacles)
NAKED RAYGUN-Surf Combat (Quarterstick)

UPSTAB-9-11 Hoax (Way Back When/Even Worse)
LIMECELL-We Need A Raise (
WRETCHED ONES-Lady Boss (Headache)
FEEDERZ-Burn Warehouse Burn (Broken)
NUBS-Job (from “Killed By Death #5”)
THE LAST-Slavedriver (Bomp)


ANS-I Killed Poncho (Tankcrimes)
SKITKIDS-Uppvaxt Till Svin (Not Enough)
MELVINS-Honey Bucket (Atlantic)
PUBLIC ENEMY-She Watch Channel Zero?! (Def Jam)

DS-13-Work Sucks (Enslaved)
RAT BASTARDS-Slavery Wages (Kangaroo)
BRING DOWN THE HAMMER-We Are The Machines (Know)
BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Kill Rock Stars)
GUIDED BY VOICES-The Official Ironmen Rally Song (Matador)

LOST GENERATION-Never Work (Grand Theft Audio)

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  1. Great show. Another good "work" related song is "Joe's the Best" by Raw Power.
    John in Ithaca.