Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sonic Overload 8/23/10

A brief summary--The start of the show features some audio from Dr. Laura Sclessinger followed by the Limp Wrist song. The audio speaks for itself. She self-inflicts her latest case of foot-in-mouth disease, then she plays the victim card by saying her first amendment rights have been violated. I don’t think that’s the case and I also don’t think that’s the last we’ve heard of her—unfortunately.

One mistake: I got an artist wrong. “Cisza” is by Deportation, not Peace or Annihilation, as I said on the show

Sonic Overload 8/23/10


LIMP WRIST-Limp Wrist vs. Dr. Laura (Cheap Art)

FU’S-My America (X-Claim)
DYS-Wolfpack/Bible (Taang)
GANG GREEN-Sold Out (Taang)
JERRY’S KIDS-Tear It Up (demo)
SS DECONTROL-How Much Art (demo)
ANTIDOTE-Real Deal (Bridge Nine)

J CHURCH-Ayn Rand Is Dead (Spiral Objective)
RINGERS-Lame Jokes and Sneers (Art Of The Underground)
CLOSET FAIRIES-Pork N’ Beans (demo)
INSERVIBLES-Inservibless (Shogun)
BAD VIBES-You’re My Fucking Problem (Steel Cage)

NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Scan Rodman (Shogun)
FUCKED FOR LIFE-Grave Routine (demo)
MANIPULATION-Violence (Fashionable Idiots)
GOUKA-Program (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
AGROTOXICO-Morra Por Seu Governo (Dirty Faces)


RIKK AGNEW-OC Life (Frontier)
UNDER AL KRITIK-Forrykt (Bad Hair Life)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT-Heavy Hand (Bacon Towne)
TOTAL CONTROL-Retiree (Iron Lung)
IDIOT HUMANS-Not You (Smog Veil)
FARTZ-Idiots Rule (Alternative Tentacles)

KISS-Love Her All I Can (Casablanca)
DICTATORS-Science Gone Too Far (Asylum)
CHELSEA-Decide (Captain Oi)
DAMNED-So Messed Up (Stiff)
O-LEVEL-Pseudo Punk/O-Level (from “Year Of The Rats”)
REZILLOS-Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In (Sire)


ACEPHALIX-Beast From The Heart (Prank)
VOETSEK-White Ain’t Right (Six Weeks)
FULL SPEED AHEAD-Living In Debt (Manic Ride)
DISPARO-Estancarse Es Morir (Trabuc)
DIENTE PERRO-Muerte En Patineta (demo)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Carbomb (from “Northern Aggression,” Insurgence)
PAHAA VERTA-Krapula (Bad Hair Life)

PYROKLAST-Villains Of All Nations (Profane Existence)
RATTUS-Paskantakka Housuthinne (Barbarian)
CIA-Violence (More Than A Witness)
REFLEX FROM PAIN-Media Control (Death Threat)
RABIES-Captain Fun (Sorry State)

GIRLS-Jeffrey I Hear You (Hearthan)
WIRE-Dot Dash (EMI)
LORI GREEN-I Really Don’t Care (demo)


RESTARTS-Outsider (Rodent Popsicle)
CONVERSIONS-Specifics (Ride The Snake)
WHITE WHALE-We’re Dead (self-released)
RED DONS-Failure (Deranged)
MASSACRE-Lost In Space (demo)
MALINHEADS-Hoax (Thought Crime)

TV21-Snakes and Ladders (Deram)
ZOUNDS-Can’t Cheat Karma (Broken)
LEATHERFACE-Trenchfoot (Roughneck)
DESCENDENTS-Bikeage (New Alliance)
SWINGERS RESORT-Movies (Swinging Singles)

JUDAS PRIEST-Running Wild (Columbia)

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