Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sonic Overload 1/9/12

We’re on the eve of the first presidential primary, in New Hampshire. And you’re not getting any up-to-the-minute coverage here. Maybe next week. As I’ve said recently, there will be NO shortage of material to use on here. I’m just waiting a bit.

I close the show by marking David Bowie’s 65th birthday (yikes!). I’m currently in the middle of reading the latest biography about Bowie, Starman, by Paul Trynka. The author points out that “Jean Genie” is a pretty blatant ripoff of the Yardbirds’ cover of “I’m A Man” and it’s hard to argue. It doesn’t mean it’s not a great song, though—Bowie definitely adds his stamp to it. A great video of Bowie performing the song on the BBC show “Top Of the Pops” just surfaced and you should check it out on YouTube. Something else I noticed, while recording the show, is that the Fatal Microbes song I played borrows from the riff of the Bowie song “Panic In Detroit” (from Aladdin Sane, the same album as “Jean Genie”). Everything gets recycled, I guess—and the Microbes song creates something different, as well.

Play loud, as always...

Sonic Overload 1/9/12


BL’AST-Only Time Will Tell (SST)

NO STATIK-Clean Swift Sunshine (Prank)
MERDOSO-Shook Ones Part III (Prank)
IMPALERS-Blinding (Todo Destruido)
CRIATURAS-Nunca Va A Cambiar (Trabuc)
COMES-Baca Moss (Dogma)
RORSCHACH-Impressions (Gern Blandsten)

CAPTAIN BEYOND-Mesmerization Eclipse (Capricorn) in memory of Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Boston Babies (Captain Oi)
GROUND ZERO-Nothing (self-released)
THE POP-Animal Eyes (Automatic)


ANCIENT FILTH-Too Young, Fuck Adults (Shock To The System)
DRY HUMP-All You Can Be (SexCult)
DIVINE RIGHT-Carrier (Residue)
DESTROYED NATURAL BEAST-24 (from “Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage,” Under The Surface)
SKITKIDS-Allvetande Messerschmidt (self-released)
NIGHTBRINGER-Live Fast, Die Strong (self-released)

PUMPERS-Shut Down (from “Denton Denton, USA,” Play Pinball)
CHINESE BURNS-Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE-Problem Child (Coldfront)
WINNING LOOKS-Breakdown (Waiting)
TYRADES-I Hate Your Wave (Broken)

CREEM-Sick Of You (Katorga Works)
NATURAL LAW-Little Kicks (Katorga Works)
SOCIOPATHETIC-Blind Optimism (demo)
HARPOON GUNS-Speed Disease (demo)
SLAP THE CULTURE-I Hate Anarchy (Cock Suck)
TEAR IT UP-Through Being Cute (Deranged)
THE PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)


STRETCH MARKS-Dog’s World (Head Butt)
RAZZIA-B-Alarm (Weird System)
CITY-X-Avis (Grand Theft Audio)
ABRASIVE WHEELS-Attack (Riot City)
RUDIMENTARY PENI-Radio Schizo (Corpus Christi)
DEEP WOUND-Dead Babies (Radiobeat)

MEAN JEANS-(Let’s Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out (Big Neck)
CRUDDY-Negative World (12XU)
PLATES-Under Suspect Tutelage (Big Neck)
LEATHERFACE-Dead Industrial World (Roughneck)

NUNS-You Think You’re The Best (Bomp) in memory of Jennifer Miro
NUNS-Getting Straight (demo)
CYNICS-Way It’s Gonna Be (Get Hip)
OUTCASTS-I’m In Pittsburgh and It’s Raining (Collectables)
BLONDIE-Living In The Real World (Chrysalis)


GOD BOWS TO MATH-Blues For Blind Lemon (Muzai)
THE MEN-Oh Yoko (self-released)
KIM PHUC-Heathens (Iron Lung)
POWERBLESSINGS-In The Men’s Room Of The Sixteenth Century (Manhattan Chemical and Electric)
BEERWÜLF-On My Way Home From Work (Flower Of Carnage)

TIGHTS-Bad Hearts (Cherry Red)
PUNCTURE-Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)
DIABLESSE GRUPP 6-Född I Far (from “Varning For Punk,” Distortion)
KLEENEX-Ain’t You (Kill Rock Stars)
ESSENTIAL LOGIC-Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)


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