Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sonic Overload 12/31/12--Best of 2012

Each week, when I wrap up recording the show and the last song fades out, I shut off the mixer and say to myself, “another show in the books.” I imagine it’s weird to talk to yourself but, come on, if anyone reading this says they don’t do that, they’re lying. So, finishing this week’s show, it’s time to say another year in the books. Despite the fact that I ended the show with the perennial Embrace song, 2012 wasn’t that bad a year for the most part, at least for me (I know others have different experiences). Listenership seems to be up and I’m happy to hear that because it would kind of suck if I put in all this work and no one was listening.

Another positive was finally replacing my mixer that I’d been using since 2005 and had been on its last legs for the last year or two. Thanks to the support of many listeners, I was able to defray the cost of the unit, a Numark dual CD mixer. It has an iPod dock so that makes it easier to play MP3s although I prefer to play vinyl (and CDs are OK, too). I know not every label can send out promos and I’m still an active record-buyer but the “freebies” definitely help since my record budget is limited.

I think this show represents a pretty wide musical variety. I’ve definitely been shifting away from straight hardcore the past few years, although there’s still plenty of that here but you’ll also hear everything from garage to heavy, 90s-inspired noise to shoegazer rock to post-punk to cold-wave. A bit of everything.
In closing (FINALLY!), I’d like to thank the very nice administrators of the Sonic Overload Facebook page—Jim, Carrie, Chris and Mike. And, last but not least, all of my listners... Happy New Year!

Sonic Overload 12/31/12


CREEM-Think Twice (Katorga Works)

CRACKS-Someone Else To Screw (Slipping Grip)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES-You Can’t Catch Me (Cowabunga)
HOAX-Discipline (Painkiller)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Boys For Sale (Sorry State)
WALLS-Just Complain (Iron Lung)
KABUL GOLF CLUB-Bits Of Freedom (Uproar For Veneration)

NEGATIVE DEGREE-One Horse Town (Offside)
WHITE PAGES-Please Kill Them (Can’t Stand Ya)
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-Wasting Time (Razorcake/Dirt Cult)
BAD DADDIES-Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Want To Die (Central District/Finch)
UTAH JAZZ-Seeing The Eye Doctor (Feral Kid)
HANK HAINT-Problematic (Voodoo Rhythm)

RAPPA-Jigokunoparty (demo)
BRAIN KILLER-War (Framework/Vinyl Rites)
ANCIENT FILTH-Too Young, Fuck Adults (Shock To The System)
POISON PLANET-Border Fences (Third Party)
BUKKAKE BOYS-Weakness (Sorry State)


SLUGZ-Empty Space (Cowabunga)
NARCS-Long Hot Summer (Cowabunga)
MÜLLTÜTE-Pest (HeartFirst)
TV FREAKS-I Can’t Win (Schizophrenic)
SCHOOL JERKS-Problems (Grave Mistake)
TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Poor and Bored (In The Red)
FLIP SHIT-Amerika (Reel Time)

SYNTHETIC ID-Killing Time (1-2-3-4 Go!)
HOLOGRAMS-Memories Of Sweat (Captured Tracks)
CRIMSON SCARLET-Sanctuary (Cool Summer)
ARCTIC FLOWERS-The Wrecking (self-released)

CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)
POOR LILY-Third Rail (self-released)
PLATES-Salvation Morning (Big Neck)
BAD AMERICAN-Dictator (Bad Recordings)


EX-CULT-Don’t Feel Anything (Goner)
UV RACE-I’m A Pig (In The Red)
LAMPS-Learned Hopelessness (In The Red)
SLICES-Greensleeves (Iron Lung)
CEREMONY-World Blue (Matador)

WETBRAIN-What Are We Supposed To Worship? (demo)
COFFIN PRICKS-Group Home Haircut (Stationary Heart)
DEADBEAT ECHOES-Forces (Louder Than War)

CROSS STITCHED EYES-Vile Corpse (Alternative Tentacles)
WHITE LUNG-I Rot (Deranged)
POTTY MOUTH-Hazardville (Puzzle Pieces/Ride The Snake/Feeble Minds)
THE MEN-Please Don’t Go Away (Sacred Bones)


TOKYO STORM WARNING-Spy Hunter (Mind/No Mind)
METZ-Get Off (Sub Pop)
MIND SPIDERS-Wait For Us (Dirtnap)
NÜ SENSAE-Burnt Masks (Suicide Squeeze)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)

BILL BONDSMEN-Overcrowded Control (Fourteegee)
DRY HUMP-Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead (Cowabunga)
BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (Fun With Smack)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Baseball Bat/You (Toxic State)
JOINT D?-(I’m) Haunted (Sorry State)

EMBRACE-End Of A Year (Dischord)

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