Friday, January 18, 2013

Sonic Overload 1/7/13

Happy New Year—back to doing a “regular” show with a mix of old and new music and various styles. I don’t know if every listener likes every song—probably not, but I hope you’ll find something you’ll want to check out. It’s funny—when I post videos on my Facebook page, I always get tons of “likes” for the well-known bands but it seems as though people ignore most of the newer or lesser-known bands I post. Well, that’s their loss! I’m always seeking out new bands and stuff I missed in the past. Who wants to “listen to the same fuckin’ records every single day,” as Hüsker Dü sang all those years ago?

Sonic Overload 1/7/13


JOHN BROWNS ARMY-Playing With Fire (Gloom)

SNFU-(Real Men Don’t Watch) Quincy (from “It Came From Inner Space,” Rubber)
HARPOON GUNS-Hey Man (Square Wave)
SPECIAL FORCES-What’s This (Boner)
SICK PLEASURE-Three Seconds Of Pleasure (Subterranean)
HUL-Vandalisme & Haevaerk (Hjernespind)

CLOAK/DAGGER-New Years Resolution (Jade Tree)
GORILLA ANGREB-Soldat Til Leje (Feral Ward)
LA URSS-Ciudades (La Corporacion)
REPROBATES-Rat Maze (No Way)
BAD TASTE-The Curse (Feral Kid)
NO-TALENTS-J’Suis Punk (Broken)

FUCKING INVINCIBLE-The Hellbound Heart (Atomic Action)
ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS-Catholic Blues (Viral Age)
HASSLER-Enlightened (Schizophrenic)
PISSCHRIST-Never Give Up (HG Fact)
VICTIMS-Your Division (Havoc)


WYMYNS PRYSYN-Let It Snow (Scavengers Of Death)
BITS OF SHIT-Rock Sing (Homeless)
STATIC EYES-Waves (Windian)
SOLID ATTITUDE-Shit Business (Rotted Tooth)
SAILBOATS ARE WHITE-Mercy (self-released)
CITY SCUM-Dead Man (Rich Bitch)

SOFT MOON-Machines (Captured Tracks)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-My Weakness (Dead Oceans)
COLA FREAKS-Dødt Batteri (Local Cross)

JOEL GRIND-Cross Damnation (demo)
NIHILISTICS-Black Sheep (Braineater)
DR. KNOW-What To Do (Mystic)
DIRECT CONTROL-Direct Control (Kangaroo)
POISON IDEA-Thorn In My Side (Fatal Erection)
UNDERTONES-I Gotta Getta (Sire)


BROTHER INFERIOR-Capital Gains (Sensual Underground Ministries)
SICK & TIRED-Society At Half Mast (self-released)
GULAG-No Tengo Dios (Carnus)
TRUNCHEONS-Control (Distort Reality)
RELIGIOUS SS DISORDER-People Not Property (Punks Before Profits)
NOG WATT-Going On (Revenge)

HYENES-Dead Pompidou’z (self-released)
THE MOB-Another Day, Another Death (All The Madmen)
ESKORBUTO-Enterrado Vivo (Munster)
DOTTIE DANGER-Served Two Punisher (TRVS)

RUDIMENTARY PENI-Radio Schizo (Corpus Christi)
PARTISANS-Blind Ambition (Captain Oi)
RF7-Kiss Ass (Grand Theft Audio)
SECRET HATE-Midas Touch (Skunk)


TYVEK-Efficiency (In The Red)
CRANK-Sour (self-released)
DEFEKTORS-Doomsday Girl (Nominal)
KIM PHUC-23 (Iron Lung)

SACCHARINE TRUST-Disillusion Fool (from “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself,” New Underground)
21-645-Copulator (demo)
FORGOTTEN REBELS-Surfin’ On Heroin (Star)
NERVOUS EATERS-Get Stuffed (Rat)
ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS-Guys Are Not Proud (Red Sweater)

SVT-New Year (self-released)

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