Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sonic Overload 1/28/13

Another show skewing towards older music. Well, all five (yikes!) decades are represented, going back to the 70s. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of new records of late. It’s been slow so I’ve been digging into the archives. I hope those of you who suffered the awful cold snap the past week got through it OK and that your heating bills don’t bankrupt you. I’m really dreading next month’s bill. Enjoy!

Sonic Overload 1/28/13


CRAZY SPIRIT-Snakes (Quality Control HQ)

GREEN BERET-Violence Is Their Currency (Side Two)
DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE-Can Peace Exist/Women and Children (Vex)
GLAM-Vestidos De Muerte (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BORED-Hate Me On My Back (demo)
DUCT TAPE SURGERY-Disobey (demo)
SUCKED DRY-Shit For Brains (Less Slow, More Go)

KAJUN SS-Know Your Place (Therapeutic)
DUCKY BOYS-Hooked On Junk (from “Staring Down The Barrel”)
CATBURGLARS-Banger (Criminal IQ)
DIRTY SWEETS-Dance Party Massacre (Rip Off)
SGT. 6 ASSAULT-Give It Another Day (007)
DEATH TRAP-No Hicks (Feral Kid/Warm Bath)

PISSED JEANS-Bathroom Laughter (Sub Pop)
SOCIETY NURSE-Oblivion (Iron Lung)
CONFIDENCE MEN-Karma Plague (Art Fraud)
AVON LADIES-Power Failure (Katorga Works)
INTERFUSE-Twig & Leaf (Tragic End)


COMBAT ZONE-Fed Up (demo)
FLACCID-Concrete (demo)
CROSS RAGE-Full Of Shit (No Way)
KNOCKDOWN-What’s Left? (Youngblood)
SUICIDE FILE-I Hate You (Indecision)
R’N’R-I’ve Had It (Cadmium Sick)

MOONSHINE-2Hell2Nite (demo)
I EXCUSE-How Can We Make An Empty Bottle Without Killing Anyone? (Newest Industry)
AS FRIENDS RUST-Like Strings (Doghouse)
INSURGENT-CPA Dream (Traffic Violation)
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES-Style Over Substance (Crack)

SPECIAL DUTIES-Too Much Talking (Captain Oi)
MAU MAUS-Clampdown (Pax)
SWELL MAPS-Vertical Slum (Mute)
DISSIDENTS-Modern Emotions (Smog Veil)
DISHRAGS-I Don’t Love You (from “Vancouver Complication,” Sudden Death)
GAYTIME-Free Yourself From Emotional Eating (1:12)


NEEDLES-You’re Dead (Iron Lung)
OLDE GHOST-Fatalists (Handstand)
1.6 BAND-Sticks To The Skin (Gern Blandsten)
TAR-Walking The King (Amphetamine Reptile)

CONSTANT MONGREL-Be Crystal (R.I.P. Society)
BENT SHAPES-Brat Poison (Cake Time)
COMSAT ANGELS-Home Is The Range (Renascent)

CHUMPS-Cop Shot (Forge)
KILLDOZER-Hi There (Touch and Go)
VISION/DECAY-Insomnia (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)


DV8-Guns On The Right (from “No One Left To Blame”)
F.U.2.-F.U.2 (1-2-3-4, Go!)
HUBBLE BUBBLE-Pogo Pogo (Radio Heartbeat)
VIBRATORS-Judy Says (Epic)
BOOMTOWN RATS-Blind Date (Columbia)
ROBERT JOHNSON-Wreck My Mind (Infinity)

ARCTIC FLOWERS-Ascension (from “Terminal Decay,” Artcore)
CRIPPLE AND CASINO-Do My Job Right (Radio Is Down)
PIGS-Whitewash (Solar Flare)
EX-CULT-Knives On Both Sides (Goner)

JOE JACKSON-Got The Time (A&M)

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