Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sonic Overload 2/11/13

You might wonder, “what‘s up with all those songs about doing awful things to the Pope?” Well, Pope Benedict XVI has announced he’s stepping down at the end of the month, after a Papal reign that started in 2005. He’s 85 and has been in poor health and wasn’t considered to be a long-term Pope, as it was. He’s also taken the church in a much more conservative direction, continuing to be hostile to homosexuality, reproductive choice and conception. Meanwhile, there was a cover-up, for a long time, of the sexual molestation of children by Catholic priests, something that’s only recently been addressed and there’s a long way to go. And I don’t see the next Pope being any sort of progressive because, except for the brief reign of Pope John Paul I, the last half century has pushed the church further to the right. So, yeah, that’s why I played all those Pope songs.

And things are slowly getting back to normal after the blizzard that dumped two feet of snow on us over the weekend. No major problems for us, just two-plus hours outside plowing the driveway. Ah, winter in New England. Gotta love it...

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day. This week’s Sonic Overload is chock full of love songs. OK, a few love songs. Enjoy...

Sonic Overload 2/11/13


PAGANS-What’s This Shit Called Love? (Drome)

HAMICKS-I Don’t Believe In Valentine’s Day (Big Jerk)
HUMPERS-Plastique Valentine (Epitaph)
DEAD BOYS-What Love Is (Sire)
HEARTBREAKERS-I Wanna Be Loved (Track)
THE EAT-Catholic Love (Alternative Tentacles)

CHAOS CHANNEL-(Magic Bullet) That Works To Feed The Pig (SPHC)
S.H.I.T.-Muscle Mag (demo)
NÖ PÖWER-No Peace (Sorry State)
KRÖMOSOM-Systematic Death (Havoc)
DISORDER-Maternal Obsession (Anagram)

BROKEN PRAYER-What Did You Expect? (Sorry State)
EMPTY ROOM-Americans With Guns (demo)
CRIMINAL CODE-Specimen (Inimical)
IN SCHOOL-Stand Up Or Die (demo)
PERMANENT MAKEUP-Not A Riot (New Granada)


BILL HICKS-The Pope (Ryko)
KING-Antipope (from “Children Of The Damned,” boot)
PRATS-Disco Pope (Rough Trade)

NINE SHOCKS TERROR-Remove The Pope (Sound Pollution)
ADRENALIN OD-Pope On A Rope (Buy Our Records)
RPA-Shoot The Pope (from “Killed By Death #5”)
I SHOT CYRUS-Cyrus Shot The Pope (Six Two Five)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT-Hang The Pope (Combat)
INSULT-The Pope’s A Fake (Know)
LÄRM-Crucify The Pope (Coalition)

XADDAX-Lives On Nerves (Skin Graft)
BLOOD RED-Konsequence Kandy (BHF)
COLD SWEAT-Burn Everything (Manic Ride)
CENOBITES-Hostage (Discorporate)


JUDGE-The Storm (Revelation)
TOXIC NARCOTIC-We’re All Doomed (Go Kart)
JOEL GRIND-Black Order (self-released)
GROINOIDS-Empty Skull (Boston’s Finest)
ADOLESCENTS-Self Destruct (Frontier)

YOUNG MOTHER-Smart Kids (Telephone Explosion)
SOUPCANS-Altered States (Telephone Explosion)
NICE FACE-You’re So Dramatic (HoZac)
CATHOLIC SPRAY-Drift With Satan (Born Bad)

TROGGS-I Can’t Control Myself (Fontana) in memory of Reg Presley
SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry (Polydor)
PRIMATES-Venganza (Thought Crime)
ASEXUALS-Too Slow (First Strike)


MY BLOODY VALENTINE-You Never Should (Sire)
SOKEA PISTE-Pimeää Voimaa (Ektro)
SEVEN FEET FOUR-Auto Emotion (Coalition)
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAS-Fading In And Out (self-released)
AUTISTIC YOUTH-Same Problem (Blackwater)

CRIME-Hot Wire My Heart (Swami)
STATUES-Adult Teeth (Deranged)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Doper (Parts Unknown)
ESSENTIAL LOGIC-Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)

IGGY & THE STOOGES-Raw Power (Columbia)

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