Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sonic Overload 6/10/13

No “story time” this week... I could mention that I’m getting sick of the rain, already. We did have a nice weekend but Friday was a complete washout and delayed my and Ellen’s trip to NYC. The traffic sucked at times but we did manage to see Career Suicide, Vaginors and Bloodkrow Butcher (all on this week’s playlist), so I’m not going to complain too much. But now we’re going to have another soggy deluge. So I imagine the final song of the show fits quite well...

Sonic Overload 6/10/13


CAREER SUICIDE-Quarantined (Deranged)

INFEST-Days Turn Black (Draw Blank)
CREEM-Speechless (Static Shock)
ANSWER CRYING-Punkrock Sucks (Tribal War Asia)
HARABALL-Meat ‘n Spirit (Fysisk Format)
LIMP WRIST-Bought Out (self-released)

XRAYS-Six Pack Style (Big Neck)
HOLLYWOOD-19999999 (Big Neck)
DIE ROTZZ-Tombstone Bullets (Die Slaughterhouse)
TITAN BLOOD-Too Much Talk (TB Collective)

THE BROOD-Yesterday’s Insane (demo)
PIG//CONTROL-Kreuz (HeartFirst)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA-Raha On Jumala (Havoc)
TAMPERE SS-Sotaa (Havoc)
CHAOTIC DISCHORD-City Claustrophobia (Dead Ringer)


VAGINORS-Genius (No Patience/Video Disease)
BAD SKIN-We’re Dogs (Bad Vibrations)
BAD NOIDS-Bad Vomit (Katorga Works)
HOUSEWIVES-Who Am I? (R.I.P. Society)
GAY ANNIVERSARY-New In Class (Slovenly)
RICE-Sparrow (Lookout)

RETOX-Congratulations, You’re Good Enough (Epitaph)
SOCIETY NURSE-Self Made Man (Iron Lung)
DOMESTICS-Raw Noise (Kibou/Runny Bum)
STOIC VIOLENCE-Waste of Life (Katorga Works)
XFILESX-Jesus Fish Out Of Water (Trash Art)
LOS CRUDOS-Desde El Barrio (Nada Nada)
RAMBO-Job Stoppers (Six Two Five)
SOMETHING IN THE WATER-Tammany Hall (demo)

THE NORMAL-Warm Leatherette (Mute)
ADAM & THE ANTS-Beat My Guest (Epic)
SLAMMIN’ WATUSIS-King Of Cha-Cha (Columbia)
RAMONES-Go Mental (Sire) in memory of Arturo Vega


IMPACT UNIT-Nightstalker (Big Rig)
SVDB-Chain Reaction (Mystic)
SCREAM-Government Primer (Immortal Nuts)
SNOT-Life~Death (KML)
PAGAN FAITH-Pagan Faith (No Clubs)
SKIZOPHRENIA-No Solution (Kick Rock)

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Hero’s Salute (Armageddon)
CLANCY SIX-The Newest Follows (Blood Beat)
SNITCHES GET STITCHES-Tim Duncan, Cobra, Shark (Empty)
CHALLENGER-Input The Output (Jade Tree)
FUTURO-Destroi Voce (Nada Nada)

SIMPLY SAUCER-Here Come The Cyborgs  (Sonic Unyon)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Sweat City Madness (NMG)
BAYONETTES-Tension (demo)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Break Down The Walls (Deranged)
BANGS-Sweet Revenge (Kill Rock Stars)


SAVAGES-Husbands (Pop Noire)
SOFT MOON-Circles (Captured Tracks)
WOVEN BONES-Some Call It A Grave (Zoo)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-The 99’s (Dead Oceans)

SMOGTOWN-Breakdown Shakedown (Disaster)
RHINO 39-Xerox/No Compromise (Dangerhouse)
X-Johny Hit and Run Paulene (Slash)
MISSION OF BURMA-Academy Fight Song (Ace of Hearts)
aMINIATURE-Foreign Room (Sing Fat)

FLASH AND THE PAN-Walking In The Rain (Epic)

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