Friday, August 23, 2013

Sonic Overload 8/12/13

Digging once again into the library for some familiar and less-familiar songs, along with some new stuff. Not a ton because the mail was slow last week but I think it’s a decent assortment. In fact, I know it is. No false humility here! I’ll stop now...

Sonic Overload 8/12/13


RAW DEAL-Wall Of Hate (demo)

DEATH HYMN NUMBER 9-I Have Been Snookumed (Alternative Tentacles)
TERROR VISIONS-Today I Abused My Love (FDH)
CRETIN GIRLS-It’s Dead (demo)
COLA FREAKS-Slukket (Hjernespind)

BRAIN HANDLE-Out Of Touch (No Way)
ANTHRAX-All The Wars (Southern)
RUDIMENTARY PENI-Sacrifice (Corpus Christi)
EVEN WORSE-Contaminated Waste (Grand Theft Audio)
F TROOP-We’re the Young (from “You Can’t Argue With Sucksess,” Mystic)
PUTRID GIRLS-1234 (from “Party or Go Home,” Mystic)

VAASKA-Estado Policial (HeartFirst)
IMPALERS-Turn Me Loose (Beach Impediment)
NOMAD-Politics (Toxic State)
GLAM-Cara De Mierda (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CISMA-Lavazza (demo)
DIRTY BS-Chronic Infection (Slasher)
MUCH WORSE-Saturation (No Way)


TRIP 6-Just Us (Grand Theft Audio)
FRONT LINE-Front Line (Beach Impediment)
BARBIE AND THE HOOKERS-I’m Dead (Conformist Inc.)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Summertime Coffee (Deranged)
SCHOOL JERKS-Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces (Cowabunga)
TV FREAKS-Co-Worker Blues (Schizophrenic)

DZK-Juventude (from “Ronda Alternativa,” Devil Discos)
SAD BOYS-Ha-Glue-Cinations (Toxic State)
OUTS-Get Creeped! (demo)
FLACCID-Repetition (demo)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS-1.2. Song (Pogo 77)
DISCOCKS-Long Live Oi! (Knock Out)

IAN CLARK-Revolving Door (demo)
MEICES-Alex Put Something In His Pocket (Empty)
POSIES-Grant Hart (DGC)
FLESHIES-Rosa (Alternative Tentacles)
THE REACTION-The Kids Arrived (from “We Went and Recorded It Anyway,” Brutarian Quarterly)


NO FOR AN ANSWER-Imperfection (Hawker)
NEGATIVE FX-Feel Like A Man (Taang)
R’N’R-What’s Your Damage? (from “Stab To Kill,” Stab & Kill)
CAUSTIC CHRIST-Can’t Relate (Havoc)
HAIL MARY-Why Pay More? (Vermiform)
BRAIN ATTACK-Markets (Dirt Cult)

WAR BRIDES-Cuff (self-released)
NEGATIVE PRESS-Pastors Son (Inimical)
GRAND MAL-Fear To Feel (Fountain Of Youth)
RIFLE SPORT-Angel Tears (Reflex)

MIGHTY IONS-Time To Get Outta This Place (Dino)
ANGRY SAMOANS-You Stupid Asshole (Triple X)
VENENO LENTO-Anadando Pela City (Nada Nada)
GARBAGE STRIKE-Pariah (demo)


TV21-Snakes and Ladders (Deram)
ART YARD-The Law (Ride The Snake)
LONGINGS-Put To Death (demo)
ANASAZI-Bone Collector (Toxic State)

MÖRPHEME-Ounu No Rensa (Prank)
BURIAL-Seeing Red (Hardware)
RUIDO-Democracia (Know)
MORTARBLAST-It’s You (Disobey)

CLASH-Bankrobber (Epic)

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