Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #26, 10/9/13

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/9/13

TOTAL CHAOS-Punk No Die (Epitaph)

VIOLENT NUNS-The CIA Is After Me (from “Bands That Don’t Give A Shit About Being God,” Social Napalm)
COMPLETE WASTE-Sustain (Give Praise)
BAD SKIN-We’re Dogs (Bad Vibrations)
URBAN BLIGHT-Cut Back (Slasher)
LA PIOVRA-Fait? Deng! (demo)
JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS-I’m At My Wit’s End (Mangrove)
LE SHOK-I Know You’re Ready (GSL)

CORPSICLES-Big Doings (from “Killed By Death #9”)
GENERICS-Freedom 6 Feet Down (self-released)
VIDIOTS-I Get Around (River 3)
THEE UNDERTAKERS-America’s Dream (Grand Theft Audio)
BAD RELIGION-Latch Key Kids (Epitaph)

BILL BONDSMEN-Disaster Prone (Local Cross)
BRATFACE-How Do You Like Me Now? (Fan Attic)
RED RED RED-On A Line (Big Neck)
NITAD-Levande Död (Deranged)

CRISPUS ATTUCKS-Schools Of Assassins (Soda Jerk)
BROTHER INFERIOR-Profit & Loss (Sensual Underground)
BORN AGAINST-Jock Gestapo (Kill Rock Stars)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-I’ve Got Mine (Affirmation)
REALLY RED-I Refuse To Sing (CIA)
STRIKE UNDER-Context (Wax Trax)

NAKED HIPPY-Work (Smile or Die)
FRANTIX-New Questions (Afterburn)
BAD NOIDS-Happy Endings (Katorga Works)
CHINESE BURNS-Oh How I Struggle (Must Destroy Mankind)
CABARET VOLTAIRE-Nag Nag Nag (Rough Trade)
CHROME-You’ve Been Duplicated (Cleopatra)

BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE-25 Years (Todo Destruido)
BRAIN KILLER-The Breaking Wheel (Deranged)
TRAUMA-Fear Us Now (Feral Ward)
RUIN-Fly The Black Flag (Agipunk)
LIFE CRISIS-Silent Acceptance (Deep Six)
OVER MY DEAD BODY-Patriotic Cattle Call (Indecision)

CHEAP TRICK-He’s A Whore (Epic)
GBH-Slut (Clay)
NASAL BOYS-Die Wuste Lebt (Swisspunk)
REGISTRATIONS-I Wanna Fuck Somebody (demo)
OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)
PLATES-Pop Country Blow Jobs (Feral Kid)

POOR LILY-Justice Kennedy Has A Cold (self-released)
RED CARD-Self Laugh (Useless Chords)
RHYTHM PIGS-Can’t Change The World (C/Z)

RAW DEAL-Wall Of Hate (demo)
NÖ PÖWER-Completion (Sorry State)
RUNNAMUCKS-I Gotta Move (Six Weeks)
NUCLEAR CULT-Zeit Für Gefühle (Warm Bath)
MAD COW DIZEAZE 182-Piss Dungeon (from “Death To Hardcore, Death To Reagan,” xMike Fitzgeraldx)

SWEET-Action (Capitol)
NAKED RAYGUN-Treason (Quarterstick)
THE DARK-On The Wires (Fresh)
EXPELLED-Dreaming (Captain Oi)

TENPOLE TUDOR-Three Bells In A Row (Stiff)

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