Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #51, 4/9/14

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OUT COLD-Like Clockwork (Kangaroo)

OBLIVIONATION-Poston (Man In Decline)
DAMAGED HEAD-I Hate My Neighbourhood (Man In Decline)
COKE BUST-Red Line (Grave Mistake)
POISON PLANET-Pleather Jacket Attitude (CTW)
TEAR IT UP-When Will It Stop (Havoc)

NEGATIVE FX-Feel Like A Man (Taang)
THE FREEZE-Sickly Sweet (Modern Method)
SOA-Draw A Blank (Dischord)
VIOLENT APATHY-Society Rules (Lost & Found)
BROKEN-Fat Lying Bastard (Magilla Guerilla)
MUNDO MUERTO-Malditas Ratas (Mata La Musika)

BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS-Weirdos On The Street (Red Lounge)
VIOLATIONS-Physicians (demo)
THUMBSUCKERS-No Relation (self-released)
SAVAGEHEADS-Starve (demo)
BLOODKROW BUTCHER-Tribes of Survivors (demo)

MINUTEMEN-Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (SST)
YOUTH BRIGADE-Moral Majority (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
PREVARICATORS-Jesus H. Falwell (Disrupted)
PAGANS-She’s A Cadaver (Crypt)

BRAIN F≠-Empty Set (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
BAD DADDIES-Regress (Central District)
NÜ SENSAE-Burnt Masks (Suicide Squeeze)
RUNNING-Why Can’t You Be In Running (Castle Face)
A-FRAMES-Test Tube Baby (S-S)

KILLJOYS-Johnny Won’t Go To Heaven (Raw)
REZILLOS-Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Sire)
HELLACOPTERS-Tilt City (Get Hip)
HIVES-Outsmarted (Gearhead)

AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Avis (Hjernespind)
RUINATION-Sacrifice Not Suicide (+/-)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-Poison Planet (Gloom)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Green Manalishi (Toxic Shock)
SWIZ-Machine Gun Etiquette (Jade Tree)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (Empty)

TEENGENERATE-Grown Up Wrong (Crypt)
VEE DEE-Friendly Radiation (Criminal IQ)
IMPEDIMENTS-Stoned To Bed (HappyParts)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Throwaway Girl (Modern Action)
NUKES-Give Up (Man In Decline)

THE FALL-Bingo Master’s Breakout (Step Forward)
BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)
STATE-No Illusions (Statement)
RAW POWER-Fuck Authority (Toxic Shock)

NUKE CULT-Mental Defective (demo)
S.H.I.T.-Collective Unconsciousness (Iron Lung)
DISSEKERAD-Skiten Ar Slut (Man In Decline)
DECONDITIONED-Play It Safe (Banal Existence)
OBSESSOR-In Fear Of The End (Tankcrimes)
NO STATIK-We All Die In The End (Prank)

? AND THE MYSTERIANS-“8” Teen (Cameo)
ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (Edsel)
ANGEL CITY-Take A Long Line (Epic)

FINAL CONFLICT-Shattered Mirror (SOS)

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