Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sonic Overload 3/24/14

Once again, extra Sonic Overload—a ten minute bonus this time. I know, I’m spoiling you! I start off with something a wouldn’t call a tribute but more of a “see ‘ya, good riddance” to Westboro Baptist “Church” founder Fred Phelps. Those are the scumbags and lowlifes who used to picket people’s funerals with the “God Hates Fags” signs and the like. I begin things with a news clip and an appropriate musical selection. And that’s probably more attention than that crowd ever deserved, since they thrived on publicity so I think I’ll move on...

This week’s show goes out in memory of Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus from GWAR. He was found dead in his home over the weekend and was only 50 years old. Some really sad news. Rest in Peace...

Sonic Overload 3/24/14


RAMONES-Glad To See You Go (Sire)

IMPALERS-Fight ‘Em All (Beach Impediment)
SKUDS-Hellbound (self-released)
LEPROSY-Politics of Power (Hardcore Victim)
VAGINORS-Total Nonsense (No Patience/Video Disease)
CHAOS CHANNEL-The Bird, Singing At Non-Reality (SPHC)

MÜLLTÜTE-Schlinge (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
DECRANEO-Vida Ideal (Discos MMM)
MILKMAN-Crap Circles (Kangaroo)
CONCRETE CROSS-City For Sale (Man In Decline)
ANCIENT FILTH-Dying For The Weekend (self-released)

BLACK PANTIES-Made Out Of Bugs (demo)
VICIOUS IRENE-Piss Me Off (self-released)
MANHANDLERS-Die Love Die (Criminal IQ)
MAKERS-Temper Tantrum (Estrus)
DEL-VETTS-Last Time Around (Dunwich)


VALLEY BOYS-Down The Hole (demo)
ALL OUT PANIC-Shut The Fuck Up (self-released)
FUTURE BINDS-Notion (demo)
VARIX-Body In Mind (Fashionable Idiots)
GLAM-Duelo De Titanes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ACID REFLUX-Oh Good, There’s An Applebee’s (No Way)

GWAR-The Saliminizer (Metal Blade) in memory of Dave Brockie
GWAR-Ollie North (Shimmy Disc)
DEATH PIGGY-Minute To Live (Slave Pit)
SUBURBAN MUTILATION-Daddy Was A Nazi (Beer City)
MCDONALD’S-Miniature Golf (from “Process of Elimination,” Touch & Go)
DECADENCE-Skin The Hippies (demo)
UNTOUCHABLES-Nic Fit (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
SOA-Gangfight (Dischord)

SUBSETS-Make You (Do It Again) (Granado)
SCROUNGERS-Come The Raw Prawn (self-released)
COLA FREAKS-Nej! (Local Cross)


GUTTERMOUTH-Asshole (Nitro)
YAWP!-Pinochet (Kangaroo)
FACE UP TO IT-More Than Music (Network of Friends)
MÜTANT-Lie or Die (Schizophrenic)
MOMENT OF YOUTH-Destroyed Everything (Firestarter)
SMASH YOUR FACE-Loose Times, Light Times (Prank)

FAILED STATES-Life Of Leisure (demo)
THE NURSE-Rireyura (SS Recordings)
CLAW TOE-Kamikaze (Criminal IQ)
MOORAT FINGERS-Ugly (Radio Blast)
ZOMBOS-Vulva Death (demo)

ALLEY CATS-Give Me A Little Pain (Dangerhouse)
URINALS-I’m A Bug (Warning Label)
SHITLOADS OF FUCKALL-Park Dale Yardsale (from “Stranglehold,” Triple X)
MACHINES-True Life (from “Killed By Death #2”)
BILLY BONES-The Cowboy Way (Doctor Strange)


SALVATION-The Tethered Man (Youth Attack)
BRAIN HANDLE-Been Done (Fashionable Idiots)
TWENTY SEVEN SHOTS-Lies (self-released)
STALAG 13-Conditioned (Doctor Strange)
46 SHORT-Walk Away (Know)
HOLDING ON-35 Minute Rule (Havoc)

NICK LOWE-So It Goes (Stiff)
BOYS-Cop Cars/Keep Running (Captain Oi)
ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)
BROWN LOBSTER TANK-Green (Doctor Strange)

CARS-Moving In Stereo (Elektra)

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