Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sonic Overload 5/26/14

Memorial Day already, so I play the perennial songs about the costs of warfare. And when I saw the news reports of President Obama’s surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan, it got me thinking that he shouldn’t have to be taking those trips because, well over 5 years into his administration, one would think the troops should already be home.

Department of corrections—I said Special Duties did “Dead Soldier.” It’s by Special Forces and is noted as such on the playlist.

Sonic Overload 5/26/14


PROLETARIAT-Decorations (Taang)

SOLGER-Dead Solger (Empty)
SPECIAL FORCES-Dead Soldier (Boner)
NEGATIVE FX-The Few, The Proud, The Dead (Taang)
KORO-Dear Sirs (Sorry State)
VOID-War Hero (Dischord)
TOXIC REASONS-War Hero (Beer City)

SUNSHINE WARD-Ranch Hand (demo)
RASH TONGUE-Taught/Taut (demo)
STERILIZED-Sterlized (Warthog Speak)
SHARDS-God’s A Cop (from “Dick’s Picks 4006,” self-released)
VIOLENT MINDS-Smash Their World (Deranged)
SKEMATA-Encroaching (Sorry State)

BA’AD TRIP-Queen Of The Left Hand (demo)
A.D. SKINNER-Least Of It (demo)
ZIPPERHEAD-Rotting In City (demo)
LEATHER DADDY-Clones (demo)
CHALK CIRCLE-Scrambled (Mississippi)
MYDOLLS-Soldiers Of A Pure War (CIA)


MULLTUTE-Exzess (HeartFirst)
PEACEBASTARD-The Sirens (from ‘Berlin Tristesse,” HeartFirst)
PIG//CONTROL-White Standard (HeartFirst)
NUCLEAR CULT-Seniorenwelt (HeartFirst)
VIDEO DISEASE-Make Me Pure (Cowbunga)
RAT BASTARDS-Contaminated Minds (Will E. Survive)
GENERATION EXCREMENT-I’ll Be Back, You’ll Be Fucked (Will E. Survive)

SICK THINGS (Australia)-Committed To Suicide
SICK THINGS (UK)-Antisocial Disease (Raw)
A-GEN 53-Lila (from “This Is Austria, Not Australia”)
USCH-LTO (from “My Girlfriend Was A Punk”)
ANOUSCHKA ET LES PRIVES-Control (from “My Girlfriend Was A Punk”)

BREAKOUT-Choice Of Words (On-High)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Tak Bisa Tahan (Bad Hair Life)
WHITE FANG-I Hate Anything (Central District/Finch)
HIT ME BACK-Not For Us But For Them (Hate The 80’s/625)
KILL YOUR IDOLS-Dread (None Of The Above)
SWINDLE-Chaos Kids (Grilled Cheese)


ANCIENT FILTH-Forced Fed Freedom (self-released)
BRAIN KILLER-War (Framework/Vinyl Rites)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Hero’s Salute (Armageddon)
NAUSEA-Johnny Got His Gun (Alternative Tentacles)
KEGCHARGE-Medal Of Honor (Hardcore Holocaust)
BORN DEAD ICONS-War (Partners In Crime)

TV FREAKS-Co-Worker Blues (Schizophrenic)
INSTITUTE-Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)
EX-CULT-Venice Illusion (Goner)
CHIN-CHIN-Desires Only (Mississippi)

EU’S ARSE-Cibernauti (Black Water)
HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE-Kiss Your White Ass Goodbye (Coldfront)
NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS-My Neighbours (from “Hate Your Neighbours,” Pussy Muncher)
TURBONEGRO-Black Rabbit (Bitzcore)
ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl (from “Nuggets,” Rhino)


PERFECT PUSSY-Driver (Captured Tracks)
RATSAK-Bullhead (12XU)
HOAX-Drive (self-released)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Conspiracy Theories (Grave Mistake)
CONFINES-Mediocrity Rules (demo)

RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes (415)
SUSPECTS-Swords Of The Fallen (Torque)
THE CONTRARY-Soldier (Welfare)
LOST CAUSE-Firing Line (High Velocity)
ANTI-I Don’t Want To Die In Your War (GTA)

TYVEK-Blocks (In The Red)
FATALS-Flamin Babies (P.Trash)

NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun (from “SF Underground,” Subterranean)

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