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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #60, 6/18/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 6/18/14

POSSESSED-Death Metal (Combat)

GOOSEBUMPS-Best Friend (Katorga Works)
LOWEST FORM-Dropping Bad Boys (Iron Lung)
BAD FLAT-Six Walls (self-released)
COLLUSION-Tried My Hardest (demo)
VIOLENT END-Blood Bubble (Lengua Armada)

SEPTIC DEATH-Control (Pusmort)
GENERICS-There Are No Virgins Anymore (self-released)
SAVAGE CIRCLE-Kill Corps (Big City)
WHITE TRASH-Wake Up (Local Anesthetic)
JFA-Cokes & Snickers (Alternative Tentacles)
STALAG 13-Selfish (Dr. Strange)
YOUTH KORPS-Don’t Throw Rocks (Crucial Response)
LIXOMANIA-Violencia and Sobreviviencia (Speedstate)

GUITAR WOLF-Jet Satisfaction (Okami)
SOUPCANS-Parasite Brain (Telephone Explosion)
IDIOT TALK-The Virus (Build Me A Bomb)
SHARK PANTS-Chukis (Recess)
EARACHES-23/Screwtop Wine (Steel Cage)
ORPHANS-Save Them From Me (Unity Squad)

BAD DADDIES-Teenage Hell (Negative Fun)
DOMESTICS-Machine (Dusty Curtain Face/Kibou)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Bozo Bozone (self-released)
EMPTY ROOM-Americans With Guns (demo)
BLACK PANTIES-Mississippi (Spotted Race)
LA MISMA-Fado (from “Cream Of The Crop, Vol. 1,” Best Before 84)
FLACCID-Conscience (from “Cream Of The Crop, Vol. 1,” Best Before 84)

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE-Fuck What Fireworks Stand For (Bridge Nine)
TRUE NORTH-Rocknroll (No Idea)
COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN-15 Minutes On A Forklift (No Idea)
AMERICAN STEEL-Graveyards (Lookout)
HEROIN-Undertaking (Gravity)
HUMAN INVESTMENT-Human Conspiracy (Rotten Propaganda)

KURRAKA-RRAAAH (self-released)
DISSEKERAD-Maktmissbruk (Man In Decline)
NEUTRON RATS-Death Deservers (Loud Punk)
TRAUMA-Soma (Bulkhead)
BESTHOVEN-Running To The Shelter (Final Attempt)

RF7-Bu Yao (Smoke Seven)
THE INSTIGATION-No Way Out (self-released)
BREAKOUT-Razor Wire (On-High)
HUE & CRY-Sabotage (demo)
IN SCHOOL-Apocryphal Scum (demo)
LES BATON ROUGE-Chloe Yurtz (Elevator)

FLASH AND THE PAN-Walking In The Rain (Epic)
NO TREND-For The Fun Of It All (No Trend)
BLACK BUG-Shard Of Glass (HoZac)
HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “State Funeral,” Artcore)
XEROX-Revision (Hard Art)

GIRL POWER-Consumers (demo)
ZERO ZERO-Watch Out (demo)
WRANGLER BRUTES-Maternity Ward (Kill Rock Stars)
VALSE TRISTE-Lihaa, Lihaa, Jauhelihaa (self-released)
ASTRONAUT CATASTROPHE-Violent Actions (from “Solidarity,” DeadAlive)
LAUGHIN’ DOGS-Stranger Inside (Ding Dong Ditch)

SEAWEED-Kid Candy (Sub Pop)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPTS-Sturdy Wrists (Headhunter)

NOTA-Summer of ’82 (Rabid Cat)

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