Friday, August 8, 2014

Sonic Overload 7/28/14

I'm back with a new Monday show after taking a week off. Even though we got back from our trip to Maine  on Monday afternoon, I decided I still needed a week off and I still did the Wednesday Stench show. Not much to add this week. I play a fair amount of new records and demos this week, plus the usual hodgepodge of recent and vintage material.

Sonic Overload 7/28/14


R’N’R-I’ve Had It (DeadAlive)

DOGMATIST-They Cut It In Flesh (Adult Crash)
GLUE-Enemy (Katorga Works)
FRAU-Orca (Static Shock)
UDUSIC-Orchitis (demo)
KATHERINE-Get Out (self-released)
BAJA BLATZ-Fuck Street Harassment (demo)

GAG-No Hope, No Change (Iron Lung)
SOKEA PISTE-Kriittinen Tila (Peterwalkee)
PORD-Pools’n’Chicks (Solar Flare)
OCTOBER FILE-Heroes Are Welcome (Candlelight)


BOSTON STRANGLER-The Long Goodbye (from “Stomp-I-Lation,” Stupid)
PEACEBREAKERS-Whatever You Want (from “Stomp-I-Lation,” Stupid)
SAVAGEHEADS-Extremist (X-Ploit)
COMBAT ZONE-Run and Hide (Side Two)
ARMY OF JESUS-East of 35 (BSD)
TOTAL FURY-I Win, You Lose (Dan-Doh)

SONNY VINCENT-Jealousy (Big Neck)
SICK THOUGHTS-Coming Over (Going Underground)
QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE-25 Hour Hoods (from “Flowers From The Dustbin Vol. 1,” Ripost)
LE FACE-Catholic Cunt (Dead Beat)
CONDOMINIUM-I Don’t Hate Any Of You (Dead Beat)

BLACK GUST-Trapped In Static (Doomtown)
DIVIDED MINDS-Strangers (Doomtown)
SLEEPWALL-Sleepwalkers (Toxic Pop)
SQUIRREL BAIT-Kid Dynamite (Homestead)


LOWEST FORM-Miracle (Iron Lung)
EEL-Combat Amputee Victim (Mind Cure)
WARTHOG-Prison (Iron Lung)
CATHOLIC GUILT-Futile Attempts (Doomtown)
PREGNANCY SCARES-Facelift (Deranged)
VIOLENT END-Blood Bubble (Lengua Armada)

CHILDREN ON STUN-Hollow (Cleopatra)
CABARET VOLTAIRE-Splitsecond Feeling (Rough Trade)

GILLOOLY-Catch Me Off Guard (More Power)
PISSING MATCH-Snap! (More Power)
FUCK ME DEAD-Closer To The End (CTR)
RAZORHEADS-Thick Fog (demo)
CIVILIZED-Wallflower (Youth Attack)
RÜZ-Nothing Better To Do (Lumpy)
MOTÖRHEAD-Tales Of Glory (Bronze)


ART YARD-The Law (Ride The Snake)
PONY-Prize Fighter (Homestead)
YOUNG OFFENDERS-Regret/Repeat (Deranged)
POSIES-Grant Hart (DGC)
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do (Captain Oi)

NERVE AGENTS-War Against (Hellcat)
CANCER BRIDES-Return (Brass Jacket)
EX-CULT-Venice Illusion (Goner)
VIDEO-The Husband (Play Pinball)
SAVAGES-Husbands (Matador)

SPECIALS-Ghost Town (Chrysalis)

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