Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sonic Overload 8/4/14

Another pretty healthy dose of new recordings this week, although I do pause to note the 40th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon, still the only president to step down in the middle of his term. What’s interesting is some of his policies would probably be considered downright socialist by the current gang in the Republican party.  Of course, many, if not a large percentage of his actions were reprehensible. I imagine that’s true with any politician but he managed to get caught.

So much for the history lesson... time to listen to the punk rock.

Sonic Overload 8/4/14


FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Tube Disaster (One Little Indian)

HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS-In Space (Katorga Works)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Coneliness Coneliness Coneliness (demo)
PREGNANCY SCARES-Master Race (Deranged)
BLAZING EYE-No Outside (demo)
WRIGGLE-Small Town, Big Idiot (Sorry State)
BEASTMAN-Heinous (Jelly Music)

PORD-What Are Tuesdays For? (Solar Flare)
PURA MANIA-1000 Años Despues del Hombre (demo)
FACILITY MEN-Down In The Valley (demo)
SPERM-Pure Spirit, Kali Yuga (demo)
BANQUE ALLEMANDE- Herzlichen Gluckwunsch Toll Toll Toll (S-S)


RAW POWER-State Oppression (Toxic Shock)
G.I.S.M.-Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter (Dogma/City Rocker)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Kiss Of Death (from “Cleanse The Bacteria,” Pusmort)
MALINHEADS-Wargame (Thought Crime)
HEIMAT-LOS-Slam (Ratbone)

WHITE PAGES-Pill Popper (Can’t Stand Ya!)
BAJA BLATZ-Joe Sly (demo)
NIXE-The Man Under My Bed (from “Zeven-Vijftig,” Rock Against)
LOGNHALSMOTTANGNINGEN-Ett Strategiskt Vacum (Emotional Response)
MR. YUK-Bitch (FOE)
BEDLAM-Hated You Then and Hate You Now (Buy Our Records)

OUTCASTS-Magnum Force (GBH)
LEPER-Visiting Grandmother (demo)
CRAMPS-The Crusher (IRS)
URINALS-Sex (Warning Label)


WARTORN-Unfinished Blueprint (Southern Lord)
KRANG-No Arbiter (Sacred Plague)
THE BROOD-Cut Them Down (demo)
KURRAKÄ-Tortura (Trabuc)
NO STATIK-Never Be A Martyr (self-released)

FIENDS-Die Bob Die (Bemisbrain)
DESPISED-Probation (Kangaroo)
CRACKS-Someone Else To Screw (demo)
NUKES-Fascist Perverts (Man In Decline)
KIROTTU-Uusi Vietnam (Panikkia)
SHOT DEAD-To My Face (from “Boston: A Punk and Hardcore Compilation,” Rodent Popsicle)

GENERAL INTEREST-Out With A Bang (demo)
YATSURA-Pow R. Ball (Primary)
GRAY MATTER-Chutes and Ladders (Dischord)
TUBERS-High Tide It’s Inside (No Idea)
HOLOGRAMS-ABC City (Captured Tracks)


ANS-Nixon’s The One (Overdose on Records)
ISM-Nixon Now More Than Ever (self-released)
DAVID FRYE-Nixon Sings The Blues (Buddah)

WASTE MANAGEMENT-Progression (from “Stomp-I-Lation,” Stupid)
FARANG-Constrictor (demo)
RAD-Corporate Drugs (Sacramento/Phono Select)
NIHILIST CUNT-Feedoff (Suburban White Trash)
OMEGAS-Ravages Of Age (High Anxiety)
VIOLENT END-Lashing Out (Lengua Armada)
DEATH TOKEN-Exploding Grave (Adult Crash)
THE OATH-We? (Youth Attack)

POISON CONTROL-Slums of Punk Rock (Deranged)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-Good Fuck Good Night (Dead Beat)
OUT WITH A BANG-Wasted Needle (Criminal IQ)
RF7-She’s Not My Jesus (Smoke Seven)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS-I Am My Own God (Beer City)

FOLDED SHIRT-Always Born That Way (Proud To Be Idiot)
CATHETERS-Been There Before (Sub Pop)
RED TAPE-Dogfite (New Age)

OUTSIDERS-Calling On Youth (Gift Of Life)

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