Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sonic Overload 12/8/14

Another week, another cop gets away with murder—this time, it was Daniel Pantaleo, a white police officer in Staten Island whose chokehold caused the heart attack death of a black man, Eric Garner ON VIDEO and a grand jury decided against indicting him. Incidentally, I got his first name wrong—it’s not Joseph or Anthony, it’s Daniel. Truth be told, he doesn’t the courtesy of having his first name used. I didn’t have time to grab some audio about the latest miscarriage of justice. It’s heartening to see widespread demonstrating all over the country, especially in NYC where protesters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m not sure it’ll accomplish anything but people need to wake up and stop letting this happen.

I just found out before recording this week’s show that Brian Goble (aka Wimpy Roy) from the Subhumans and DOA passed away over the weekend from a heart attack. He was only 57. He’s the second member of DOA to pass away this year—Dave Gregg died in March. Tribute is paid to Brian, as well as Ian MacLagan from the Faces and Small Faces, who died last week at 67. R.I.P.

Sonic Overload 12/8/14


SUBHUMANS-Fuck You (Essential Noise) in memory of Brian Goble

SUBHUMANS-The Big Picture (Friends)
SUBHUMANS-Dead At Birth (Friends)
SUBHUMANS-Death To The Sickoids (Essential Noise)
SUBHUMANS-Slave To My Dick (Essential Noise)
DOA-Liar For Hire (Alternative Tentacles)

BILL BONDSMEN-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)
RASPBERRY BULBS-How The Strings Are Pulled (Blackest Ever Black)
ULTRA BIDÉ-DNA vs DNA-c (Alternative Tentalces)
TEEN ARCHER-Casanova Frankenstein (Exo)
RASH-Nuclear Jesus (demo)


CHEM-TRAILS-Maniacal Laughter (Vex)
DARK AGES-No Cops No Christians (demo)
RAW POWER-Police, Police/Destroy (GTA)
CIVIL DISSIDENT-Mirror of Deception (Prank)
NOG WATT-Going On (Revenge)

INMATES-Joe Dolce (Painkiller)
HOLY SHIT!-BFF (Criminal IQ)
A.D. SKINNER-Jacks Apprentice (demo)
BIG ZIT-Goin’ Blind (Not Normal)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-I Lost My Mind (Space Ritual)
BROWN SUGAR-Back To The Future (Feeble Minds/Feral Kid)

MEATMEN-1 Down 3 To Go (Touch and Go)
ZERO BOYS-Civilization’s Dying (Panic Button)
DETENTION-Dead Rock ‘n’ Rollers (GTA)
GERMS-We Must Bleed (Slash)
YOUTH GONE MAD-Ode To Darby (from “Buried Alive,” Smoke Seven)


SINISTER SIX-Go Away (Empty)
STUMP WIZARDS-Fire Mine (Skyclad)
DEFORMITIES-Sometimes I Wish For My Own Death (self-released)
COACHWHIPS-Prisoner 119 (Narnack)
FUCK ME DEAD-Mechanize Me (CTR)
ACTIVATIONS-Radio On/Attack (Big Neck)
LOOKERS-We Don’t Care (Trick Knee)

SEX DWARF-Avnazifiering (Konton Crasher)
ELECTRIC FUNERAL-Order From Disorder (Southern Lord)
INFERNÖH-Gamdregel (demo)
GLAM-Duelo De Titanes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TERCER MUNDO-Ser Nostros Mismos (Cintas Pepe)

MALEFICE-Overboard (DSI)
DEAD YOUTH-Radiation Fallout (from “Sudden Death,” Smoke Seven)
TARGET OF DEMAND-Plastic Bullets (Happy Hermit)
UNDERDOGS-Dead Soldier (Riot City)
RIOT/CLONE-Death To Humanity (from “The Very Best of Punk & Disorderly,” Anagram)
CHAOS UK-Selfish Few (Dead Ringer)


CLEAVERS-Bug (from “Trap Sampler,” Trap)
OPERATION S-Operation Suicide (Wild Wild)
UV RACE-Nuclear Family (S-S)
NO AGE-Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop)
WRY-Blueprint To Nero (Forge)

BUZZCOCKS-You Know You Can’t Help It (IRS)
PROFESSIONALS-Just Another Dream (Virgin)
THE DOLL-Trash (Beggars Banquet)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-The Young Ones (Captain Oi)
STEPMOTHERS-Don’t Kill The Beat (Posh Boy)
FACES-Stay With Me (Warner Bros.) in memory of Ian MacLagan

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