Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #80, 11/26/14

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DEAD KENNEDYS-Riot (Alternative Tentacles)

SEVERED HEAD OF STATE-Cop On Fire (Ebullition)
HIATUS-Horrendous Police Control (Sound Pollution)
KYLMA SOTA-Takaisin (Raakanaama)
FRENZY-Calls From The Grave (Distort Reality)
SYMPTOM-Wartime Children (demo)
SADIST-Beauty Fades (demo)

HUE & CRY-Just So You Know (demo)
HOT TIP-DNA (demo)
KATHERINE-Nothing (demo)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO-Desperation Desecration (Columbus Discount)
WRIGGLE-Huff Marks (demo)
BAADER BRAINS-Vostok Welcoming Party (Ebullition)

RIKK AGNEW-OC Life (Frontier)
MARKED MEN-Set You Right (Dirtnap)
PEELANDER-Z-Mad Tiger (Swell)
SLAP THE CULTURE-I Hate Anarchy (Cock Suck)
SHITLOADS OF FUCKALL-Park Dale Yardsale (from “Stranglehold,” Triple X)
TEEN CRUD COMBO-Suck It (Deranged)

VIC BONDI-Gaza, Missouri (demo)
TOTAL ABUSE-Breathing Down My Neck (Deranged)
BORN WRONG-Two Faces (Schizophrenic)
CONCRETE CROSS-Convince Me (Man In Decline)
BORN/DEAD-Traitor (Prank)
TALK IS POISON-They Call It Law (Prank)

TOKYO STORM WARNING-Curate My Love (self-released)
SLUG-Borax (from “Jabberjaw—Good To The Last Drop,” Mammoth)
KNIFE THE SYMPHONY-Squatting Warrior (Phatry)
WRECK-Bad Energy (Play It Again Sam)

UNITED SUPER VILLAINS-Another Cop Song (Havoc)
KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS-Good Cop, Bad Cop (Coalition)
URBAN WASTE-Police Brutality (Mob Style)
BGK-Police Crimes (Alternative Tentacles)
BLACK FLAG-Police Story (SST)

FAMILY SECRETS-Secrets Exposed (demo)
BEASTMAN-Nightcrawler (demo)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Kelan Paska Oikaisu (demo)
NITAD-Utboling Pa Livstid (Deranged)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
KICKER-Walking Headache (Inimical)

MEERCAZ-Unlust (Tic Tac Totally)
VAPID-Die (from “Emergency Room, Vol. 1,” Nominal)
SMEARS-Honey Jar (Headhunter)
7 YEAR BITCH-You Smell Lonely (C/Z)
VOODOO QUEENS-Supermodel-Superficial (from “Pop (Do We Like That?),” Too Pure)

MDC-Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn’t Want (New Red Archives)
OLD SARUM-Thanksgiving 2002 (demo)
ALLERGIC TO WHORES-Rituals (Sound Pollution)
DIE ROTZZ-Goring El Matador (from “Gulf Coast Massacre,” Psycho Wolf)
TERMINAL YOUTH-Spoonful of Dependency (To Live A Lie)
OBLVIONATION-No Singalong (Hardware)

ICU-17 Minutes (Put-On)
THE SIOUX-Nothing To Lose (self-released)
LIPKICK-Don’t You Feel It? (Kink)
BRUISE VIOLET-Parasitic Sea (Emancypunk)
SIGNAL LOST-Bow To None (Prank)
KURRAKA-El Sueno Americano (Todo Destruido)

SATAN’S PILGRIMS-Turkey Trot (Empty)
A-LINES-Wrong Way Home (SFTRI)
PUMPERS-Shut Down (from “Denton Denton, USA,” Play Pinball)

EQUALS-Police On My Back (Repertoire)

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