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Sonic Overload 5/9/16

John Stabb (born John Schroeder), the vocalist for Government Issue (and some bands after that), passed away from stomach cancer over this weekend. He was only 54 years old and had just been diagnosed earlier this year. I was a fan of this band from the time I heard their tracks on the “Flex Your Head” compilation and “Legless Bull” 7” and, with each subsequent release, they were constantly evolving as a band. I think they hit their peak with their self-titled fifth album aka “GI V,” where the combination of hardcore energy and pop hooks blended perfectly.

I didn’t know Stabb that well... we’d been acquainted since the 80s when I saw them play a number of times and did an interview with them for Suburban Voice (there was an earlier interview in the zine done by Gordon from WDC Period). But he seemed like a genuinely nice person and was certainly a unique personality. So I spend half of this week’s show playing his music and I’ll throw in a few more songs on the Wednesday show on Old FX Punk Radio.

Rest in peace, Mr. Stabb

Sonic Overload 5/9/16


All songs by Government Issue

Sheer Terror (Dischord)

Warzone Casualty (Spontaneous Combustion)
Insomniac (Spontaneous Combustion)
Religious Ripoff (Dischord)
Fashionite (Dischord)
Rock ‘n Roll Bullshit (Dischord)
I’m James Dean (Dischord)
Sheer Terror (Dischord)

Hey Ronnie (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
Lie, Cheat & Steal (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
Teenager In A Box (Dr. Strange)
Twisted Views (Fountain of Youth)
Hall Of Fame (Dischord)
Lost In Limbo (Dischord)
Plain To See (Dischord)
Religious Ripoff (from “Flipside Vinyl Fanzine,” Gasatanka)

Blending In (Fountain Of Youth)
Understand (Fountain Of Youth)
Time To Escape (Fountain Of Youth)
Joy Ride (Fountain Of Youth)
Written Word (Fountain Of Youth)
Mad At Myself (Fountain Of Youth)


MÖRPHEME-Tennka (Prank)
SYMPTOM-Dead Inside (demo)
DÖDLÄGE-Sea Of Radiation (Sacred Plague)
VAASKA-Hysteria (Beach Impediment)
WARHEAD-Absorb Shocks! (Blood Sucker)
BURIAL-Insanity (HG Fact)

COLUMBIAN NECKTIES-Why Change Your Moves? (Sounds Of Subterrania)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-What (Amphetamine Reptile)
YOUNG LOSERS-All Gone (from “Destroy All Art,” Rock n’ Roll Parasite)
ZODIAC KILLERS-Die Tonight (Rip Off)
NARCS-Revenge Of The Gremmies (Real Time)
NOIDS-Hours (demo)

PIRATES-I Can Tell (Warner Bros.)
GIRLSCHOOL-Take It All Away (Castle)
DAVE & ANSEL COLLINS-Double Barrel (Trojan)


QUANGO-Living In A Shithole (Danger)
SWELL MAPS-Midget Submarines (Mute)
BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Keine Regierung (S-S)
DVA DAMAS-Nightshade (Downwards America)

SUPER UNISON-On Repeat (Deathwish Inc.)
BILL BONDSMEN-Punchline (Mastermind)
BAD FLAT-This Special Place (self-released)
MANIPULATION-Back Of The Yards (Sorry State)

RAKTA-Intenção (Nada Nada)
LOW LIFE-Dogging (RIP Society/Disinfect)
THE PASSAGE-Competition (Cherry Red)


All songs by Government Issue

Visions and ? (Fountain Of Youth)
They Know (Fountain Of Youth)
It Begins Now (Fountain Of Youth)
Man In A Trap (Giant)
Hole In The Scene (Giant)
Strange Wine (Giant)


Stabb’s other bands

HISTORY REPEATED-The Sound (Rusty Knuckles)
EMMAPEEL-The Hurting Closet (Tragic Life)
BETTY BLUE-Club Pretentious (Diesel Boy)
GLEE CLUB-Disguise (A Lie) (from “Bouncing Babies,” Fountain Of Youth)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Last Forever (Fountain Of Youth)

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  1. Al-thanks for doing a 2 part tribute to John Stabb. I played bass on "The Sound" single, the band was called Sleeper Agent! at the time of that recording. I wrote a tribute to John if you would like to check it out here: