Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sonic Overload 5/23/16

There’s nothing hip or trendy about the music I play here—or if it is, it’s completely coincidental. I play what I like, without regard to genre, to trendsetter cache, etc. Take or leave it, that’s the way I do the show.

Two more musicians have left us in the past week, both in their 50s and I’m hoping this will the last tributes I have to do for awhile. R.I.P. John Berry (original Beastie Boys guitarist) and Nick Menza (onetime Megadeth drummer)...

Sonic Overload 5/23/16


SWIZ-Ghost (Jade Tree)

TV SLIME-Stabbed (No Friends)
MACE-Sinner (No Friends)
MEMORY HOLE-Gave Up (demo)
ACRYLICS-Nada Nada (demo)
DEPRESSED-Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (demo)
BATHROOM/S-In My Room/Kill A Commie (demo)

RHIN-Unwell (Grimoire)
SHORTY-Coopie and Me (Gasoline Boost)
VALSE TRISTE-Ilman Saattajaa (IfSociety)
UNSANE-Organ Donor (Matador)

VIC BONDI-Ocean On Fire (self-released)
POWERBLESSINGS-Stunt Whale (Manhattan Chemical and Electronic)
WHITE LUNG-Narcoleptic (Domino)


BEASTIE BOYS-Beastie Boys/Riot Fight (Grand Royal) in memory of John Berry
YDI-Out For Blood (Southern Lord)
LAW AND ORDER-Power (Fetal)
GERMS-No God (Slash)
FLIPPER-The Game’s Got A Price (Infinite Zero)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Steak Knife (Triple X)
LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)

BARRICADED SUSPECTS-Trick Question (Closet Landscapes)
IMPULSE-Culture Vulture (To Live A Lie)
MORTO PELA ESCOLA-Marky Ramone (Zuada/HeartsBleedBlue)
ACCIDENTAL GUN DEATH-Life & Death (Blind Spot)
CRAWLERS-Back To The Drawing Board (Stealth Ordeal)
ORGANISM-Hope (Hardware)

THE NOT-Action Man (Not)
BAGS-Trapped (Restless)
STRANGLEHOLD-Cause I’m Gonna (Taang)
BUZZ & THE GANG-All I Want (demo)
LEFT NUT-Everything It Takes To Be An Asshole (One Way)


WILLIAMS, TAYLOR, STRINGER & FRITZ-Dumb As Fuck (from “Cool Bands 3”)
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS-Pee In The Pool (Lumpy)
THEE HEADCOATS-I Wanna Get Fucked (Amphetamine Reptile)
DAY CREEPER-Zonin’ Out (self-released)
(IMPATIENT) YOUTH-Suburban Boy (Lost and Found)

SIX FINGER SATELLITE-Parlour Games (Sub Pop)
GUZZARD-Supersonic Enemy Of Evil (Amphetamine Reptile)
GIRL POWER-Consumers (demo)

BOMB BUILDER-Violent Knife Fight In Capricious System (Gloom)
BRAINWASHED YOUTH-Blow Up This Place (from “Battle Of The Worse Bands,” Noncommercial)
UPSTAB-Punch Police (Way Back When/Even Worse)
UNHOLY THREE-Rust Belt Blues (Donut Friends)
GAS-World Peace (from “The Punx”)
DIRT-Listen Morons (Skuld)


MEGADETH-Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Capitol) in memory of Nick Menza
PARASYTIC-TV Drug (Relapse)
OBSESSOR-Sick Salvation (Tankcrimes)

VANDALS-I’m A Fly (Time Bomb)
KOMMUNITY FK-Fuck The Kommunity (Independent Project)
SLUGGA-Kill Me II (demo)
UNIFORM-Euphoric State (demo)
BOMBER-Gut Reaction (demo)
TRABANT-Fascism Is Sexy (New Disorder)

RAW DEAL-No More Mr. Nice Guy (Victory)

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