Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sonic Overload 6/13/16

An unspeakable incident—50 people dead and over 50 wounded at Pulse, a gay dance club in Orlando. Given that the shooter (or terrorist, because that’s what he was) is of Afghan descent and called 911 before carrying out this act to claim his support of ISIS, we’ll no doubt see an increase, once again, in anti-Muslim sentiment and that plays right into the hands of the Vulgar Talking Yam (credit: Charlie Pierce) running as the Republican presidential candidate. To say nothing of other fear-mongering, bigoted politicians. And they still won’t give one inch on any sort of rational gun control. Also, when these right-wing politicians bleat about keeping the victims, their families and the city of Orlando in their “thoughts and prayers,” realize that these are the same politicians who hate gay people, who want to deny them even the most basic civil liberties.

I can’t add much more than that. I don’t think I want to. R.I.P. to all the victims and condolences to their loved ones.

Sonic Overload 6/13/16


LIMP WRIST-Want Us Dead (Lengua Armada)

KRAUT-Last Chance (Cabbage)
UNDEAD-Social Reason (from “New York Thrash,” ROIR)
GUNS-I’m Not Right (Smog Veil)
NEO POGOS-Third World War (from “Zeven-Vijftig,” Rock Against)
CITIZEN FEAR-We Need Another Vietnam (from “Killed By Death #13”)
I.R.A.-Atentado Terrorista (Tekagaste)

LIFE FUCKER-Life Fucker (Static Age)
HALLELUJAH!-Terror At The Post Office (Maple Death)
WOKLING-Booger (demo)
BIG ZIT-Lotree Tik’t (Not Normal)
DRAGGS-Grime Time (demo)
WHITE FINGER-Love Letter (Finger)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Rise (self-released)

SKULL KONTROL-Satan Is Jesus To Me (Touch and Go)
LEISURE WORLD-Legend Of The Mundane Existence (demo)
BLUE BLOODS-Disco Punk Daddy (self-released)
ISS-Iss (demo)


UNDERTONES-Hypnotised (Sire)
NEATS-6 (from “Propeller Product,” Propeller)
SWINGERS-Counting The Beat (Backstreet)

AUS-ROTTEN-Apathetic (Tribal War)
MANLIFTINGBANNER-God Bless The Poor (Crucial Response)
GERIATRIC UNIT-Permethrin Blues (Boss Tuneage)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Disposable (Grave Mistake)
FIX ME-Cataclismo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LA VOZ-Donde Esta El Amor? (Lengua Armada)
MAD WORLD-Persona (Even Worse/Kangaroo)

ALICE COOPER-Luney Tune (Warner Bros.)
RHIN-Self Righteous Prick (Grimoire)
FASHION-Swells (Yibbidda Yibbidda)
BAD NOIDS-Ticket To Mars (self-released)
FOLDED SHIRT-Eleven and a Bucket (Fashionable Idiots)


HERO DISHONEST-Naapurit (Peterwalkee)
BLACKBALL-Bone To Pick (Sorry State)
VAASKA-La Muerte Es La Paz (Beach Impediment)
THE BROOD-Sinkhole (demo)
KROMOSOM-Wasted Life (Hardcore Victim)
VERMIN-Vermin (Urgent Warning)

EATER-Outside View (The Label)
USERS-Sick Of You (Raw)
URINALS-Scholastic Aptitude (Warning Label)
BAGS-Bag Bondage (Artifix)
BVD-Look Out The Cops (from “I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It,” Epitaph)

RENEGADES OF PUNK-Same Old Shit (Thrashbastard)
KURRAKĂ„-Bailando (Trabuc)
IDIOT TALK-The Virus (Build Me A Bomb)
DUMSPELL-American Girl (demo)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Hate Fuck (demo)


CULTURE SHOCK-Sky High (Alternative Tentacles)
ROUGH KIDS-Life In Danger (Sorry State)
DARK AGES-Vapor (Sorry State)
FLESH WORLD-Sturdy Swiss Hiker (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO EMPATHY-Agrippa (Johann’s Face)

SOLIDS-Cold Hands (Fat Possum)
NEU!-After Eight (Astralwerks)
CHROME-Meet You In The Subway (Subterranean)

SLAMMIN’ WATUSIS-King Of Cha-Cha (Epic)

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