Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sonic Overload 5/30/16

Memorial Day... where I prefer to play music about aftermath of the US’s aggressive military policy, while trying not to disrespect those who died “defending” our country. I’m not going to go on some long, tedious dissertation about American foreign policy but, instead, expressing it through the music I play on this show.

Sonic Overload 5/30/16


TOXIC REASONS-War Hero (Beer City)

THE PROLETARIAT-Decorations (Taang)
ANTI-I Don’t Want To Die In Your War (GTA)
LOST CAUSE-Firing Line (High Velocity)
SOLGER-Dead Soldier (Empty)

NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun (from “SF Underground,” Subterranean)
FREE BEER-Premature Enlistment (Alternative Tentacles)
GOONS-Toy Soldiers (Reptilian)
SUSPECTS-Swords Of The Fallen (Torque)
SAMPLES-Dead Hero (No Future)

KEGCHARGE-Medal Of Honor (Hardcore Holocaust)
HELLBOUND-Bloodshed (Civilisation)
LEPROSY-No More Warfare (Hardcore Victim)
SUNSHINE WARD-All This For War (Feral Ward)
THE FIX-Off To War (Touch and Go)


SYNTHETIC ID-Blind Spots (Castle Face)
FLOWERS OF EVIL-Morning After Pill (Deranged)
HOUSEWIVES-Special Power (R.I.P. Society)
NO APPROACH-Neuro Divergent (demo)
VIOLENCE CREEPS-Backhand (from “No Friends No. 3”)

RHINO 39-Prolixin Stomp (Nickel and Dime)
CONTROLLERS-Another Day (Dionysus)
GEARS-Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo (Hepcat)
STEPMOTHERS-All Systems Go (Posh Boy)
SVT-Modern Living (415)
TSOL-Property Is Theft (Posh Boy)

CONCEALED BLADE-Wage Slave (Beach Impediment)
BLOOD PRESSURE-Need To Control (Beach Impediment)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS-Red State (Closet Landscapes)
CHAIN RANK-You’re Next (self-released)
VIOLENT REACTION-Bored To Death (Revelation)
CARDIAC ARREST-Fed Up, Burnt Out (Kangaroo)
MACE-White Knight (demo)


TEENAGE HEAD-Tearin’ Me Apart (demo)
MIGHTY IONS-George “The Animal” Steele (Dino)
TRANSPLANTS-Suicidal Tendencies (Dionysus)
CLOVERBOTTOM-Cottage Cheeseheads (Toolbox)
X-X-You’re Full Of Shit (Drome)

FIRMEZA 10-Emergencia (self-released)
PLEASURE INDUSTRY-Compactor (demo)
NEUTRAL FIXATION-Generation Primer (Tampered Reels)
BILL BONDSMEN-Dead Kings (Mastermind)


BIRTHDAY PARTY-Sonny’s Burning (4AD)
WHITE ZOMBIE-Ratmouth (Caroline)
T-TOPS-Ralphie (Big Neck)
TOTAL ABUSE-Eighteen (Deranged)
RETOX-I’ve Had It Up To Here, I’m Going To Prison (Epitaph)

TRAGEDY-Not Fucking Fodder (Tragedy)
PARANOID-Kaihou (D-Takt & Råpunk)
CRESS-Monuments (Flat Earth)
CREWD-Soldier Of Fortune (Bemisbrain)
SPIZZENERGI-Soldier Soldier (Rough Trade)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Tin Soldiers (Chrysalis)

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